Story Codes: MF, Consensual

by Beau Reagen

She wandered down the lane window shopping as the boutiques were closing their doors. It was late enough
that this was to be expected but she was still excited for the night. Being Tuesday evening, the streets weren’t
very crowded and most stores were empty. She came upon a shop with distressed, white doors and frosted
windows. The light wood floors and dim, studio track lighting were quite inviting. An old fashioned bell rang as
she opened the door and she was greeted by a man staring at a rack of dresses. He was smartly dressed,
black slacks and a deep blue dress shirt.  He wasn’t tall or overly attractive but he had a clean cut look she
found appealing.

“Well hello there! Come in, come in! Please set your things down!  I’m Bailey, have you ever been in before?”
“No” she replied. “I’m just out doing some shopping. Your shop is quite lovely! I’m Ashlynn.”

She set her bags and purse down on a small leather couch in the corner. There was a white fur throw across
that contrasted the black, supple leather.

“Oh, it’s not mine, I’m just helping out a friend. She buys the dresses and I just help sell them. Is there
anything in particular you like?”

Ashlynn was perusing, walking slowly through the displays. She liked the way her heels clacked on the wood
floor and she became excited as reached out and touched some of the fabrics. The lights dimmed and she
shot Bailey a puzzling look.

“Sorry about that, they’re on an automatic timer. Let me see if I can fix it.”

“Oh  that’s fine, I’m really just browsing.”

As Bailey walked around the counter, fumbling at switches on the wall, she saw a gorgeous dress in the
corner. She walked over and began feeling the fabric. It was dark plum with thin, stretchy material. At this point
she became aware of music inside the shop. She looked up and realized she was standing under a speaker in
the wall. She heard footsteps coming toward her, and turned to see Bailey giving her the same puzzled look
she had given him before.

“I couldn’t figure out the switches, I’m sorry about that, but I see you like that dress. Did you want to try it on?”
“No, I mean it is very pretty, but I don’t know.” She didn’t want to be a bother. “I know you’re closing.”

“Oh, it’s no bother at all. I mean yes, the shop is closed, I flipped the sign earlier, but I have no plans. But also,
that dress wouldn’t flatter you at all.”

Ashlynn was taken aback. She didn’t hide it well, as Bailey continued to talk.

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re incredibly attractive, but that dress isn’t for you.”

The next hour flew by as the two journeyed to ever corner of the store. He pulled out skirt after maxi, after
cocktail, all of them numbers that she necessarily wouldn’t have chosen but made her feel incredibly sexy.
They were back to the corner near the sofa as she slipped on a black pleated skirt. She had given up walking
to the dressing room, instead settling for Bailey turning his head while she shimmied in and out of her clothing
while trying to be cognizant of the windows in front.

“It works, but you’re not wearing the right top for it.”

She wasn’t aware that he had turned around, realizing she must have been staring at herself in the mirror too
critically. She was wearing a cream, long sleeved sheer top. It had little flower details sewn in.

“When you start at your heels, and your legs, the skirt matches the shape and flow to your hips.”

She was caught off guard when she felt his fingertips tough her thighs on either side. As he brought them
upwards she tensed as he came to the threshold of her skirt, and semi-relaxed when he crossed it staying on
the outside. They came to the top of the skirt, and he traced the edge to her front, his arms encircling her. He
was barely taller than her; she couldn’t see the bottom part of his face in the mirror, standing behind her. His
fingers retraced and found the edges of her shirt, and began pulling it up. Ashlynn let him take it completely
off, and she was left wearing the white spaghetti strap shirt and her bra, a nude push-up with black lacing
across the bottom. She was not one for a white skimpy top and bright red bra. She had some sense of
decency and taste.  

“See, this shirt still follows the flow and brings it all together. You have hips and you shouldn’t be afraid to
show them off.”

His hands wrapped around the crown of her hip bones and gently squeezed. At that she was done. She
backed herself against him, reached behind her head and held his face, her other hand reaching for his back
and pulling herself closer. She looked and the mirror and burned with excitement and arrogance. She saw the
way her hips were swaying, her ass caressing the front of his thin slacks. She was in a trance until she saw he
was watching, too.  She abruptly turned and started pushing him toward the couch. Windows be damned, she
needed to be fucked. She sat him down, and knelt to her knees. He reached for the fur throw and held it out.
“Use this, so your knees don’t hurt.”

He never once questioned what was happening, and his concern, no matter how small, turned her on more.
With his assistance she unbuttoned the bottom few buttons of his shirt and slid his pants down. She was
between his legs, kissing his right thigh and slowly rubbing her lips inward. She stopped at the base of his
cock, kissing the skin just to the side of his balls. He was already hard and she was more than impressed with
the presence of his penis. It wasn’t abnormally huge, but she was expecting smaller with his stature. She
smiled as his head leaned back on the couch. She opened her mouth wide and put the tip of her tongue on
his testicle and enveloped it with her mouth. She let her lips glide together in a kiss, and after his leg began to
tremor and he moaned, she repeated the action on the other side. She grabbed the base of his cock and
licked from between his balls, up the shaft, and started making circles around his head. She looked at his
penis, admired the hue of his skin, looking at every vein. She started at his tip with her lips pursed in a kiss
and slowly forced his cock in her mouth. She kept a loose grip, he was large enough that her fingertips didn’t
come together. She fit half of him in her mouth before he tickled the back of her throat. She stayed there,
letting her spit run freely to her hands, and began massaging up and down. The slicker he became, the
harder she squeezed. She began working her mouth up and down, sucking tight to keep her lips pressed
hard, and continued stroking. She had been leaning forward on her left hand, but she brought that up and
began tickling his balls with her fingertips, beckoning them in a come-here motion.

That was too much. He pressed his hand along her jaw line.

“If you keep that up, I won’t last very long.”

“Well, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing.”

She had never made a man come orally before, and the thought did excite her. She continued working his
cock, milking the bottom shaft and sucking through the head. At times she would grip the base and slide her
mouth down as far as she could, deep-throating his cock and pulling it out, gasping for air. At a certain point,
she felt his legs start shaking again. She looked up and saw him pulling his brown, curly hair. His hands were
at his temples. She then felt him come, slowing her pace and suckling him more with every upward pump. She
quickly swallowed as he exploded in her mouth, looking up at him when she thought no more was left.

When she stood up, he leaned forward and grabbed around her waist. She slid her skirt and panties down
and crawled on top. Bailey then firmly pushed her to the side, laying her down on the couch. He had to lean
forward and move her shopping bags off, allowing her to scoot back to the arm rest. She was happy he was
still rock hard, expecting him to retreat after orgasm. He bent his head down and buried his mouth in her
pussy. She wasn’t expecting him to push so hard, recoiling as he sucked up her lip in his mouth. He brought
his head back slowly, letting it slid out. He then set upon licking, tracing up one lip, across her clit and down
the other. After a few of these circles, when he felt her hips writhing in sync, he flattened his tongue across the
bottom of her pussy. The tip tickled her back door, and he slowly pushed and licked up to her clit. He brought
his arms up, bringing her legs with them, and rested one hand on her hip and his right hand on her mound. He
kept his face flattened against her, his mouth open, and slid his tongue up and down her clit. She was too
excited, and came much quicker than she usually did. She fell back moaning in aftershocks, when he crawled
on top of her. The surprise of him entering her almost brought her to orgasm a second time. He kept his arms
around her legs, bringing them higher as he rested his fist at her hips. He was rocking away, dipping his hips
into her fast and gentle, careful not to slam into her. He slowed his pace and withdrew. She held her hands to
her breasts.

“Oh, my god that was amazing.”

“Are you done? I was just repositioning. We can stop if you want.”

This puppy-dog need for approval overshadowed the fact that he wanted to keep going. He was absolutely
grateful for her performance earlier, and intended on returning the favor. He stood and motioned for her to
join him on the side of the couch. Before she could bend over the arm, he grabbed her around her biceps and
pulled her torso back to his. His cock rubbed between her cheeks, and she arched her ass, assisted by her
heels, so he could enter her from behind. He wrapped an arm around her stomach, and another across the
top of her breasts, and began slowly and forcefully sliding into her. He pressed his hips tight on hers, pinning
her between him and the couch. After squeezing again he released his grip and placed a hand between her
shoulder blades, willing her to bend over the arm rest. She laid herself out, stretching her arms and hands as
far as she could toward the other side. He steadied himself by grabbing her hips and begun ramming her. Up
until now, they had been having sex. Now he was fucking her. Her arms rubbed against the leather and her
pussy was burning from the thrill. She began to orgasm again and she heard him moan in reaction. Her
muscles tightened around his cock, constricting in pleasure. His grip tightened, his pace quickened, and she
felt him pulling her tight. This made her slowly see white in her eyes, and she lost feeling everywhere but
between her legs. She felt like a canon was forcing inside her coaxing her to come every few thrusts. She
grew week in the knees and eventually felt a familiar tugging in the pit of her stomach. It grew and traveled to
her hips, where she bucked and came hard, spraying all of his cock.

This was too much. He moaned again, pulling her shirt up to her neck, pulled his cock out and came all over
her back. He rubbed his dick against her ass and she felt it drip down her lower back. He stood for a moment
with his legs shaking until he snapped to attention and walked to the counter. He brought back a roll of paper
towels and began wiping his spray off her back and down her hips. She took a few minutes to recover and he
bent over kissing her shoulder blades and rubbing her back. She finally stood and put the skirt back on, sans

After seeing her clothed, he began dressing himself. She then pulled a credit card from her purse.

“I think I’ll take the skirt.”

“Good decision, it looks incredible on you.”

© 2014 Beau Reagen

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