Vegas party
Story Codes: MF, Group Sex, Consensual

Vegas party
by Verno

It was Friday night, Jill was a bit restless, and for that matter so was I. We had been married almost six
months, the relationship looked like a winner, both jobs were going well, but our social life, for want of a
better word, sucked. The thing is, we got married when we did because I had a promotion that took me
to a new town, a new state for that matter, and getting established in two new jobs had taken
precedence over networking a new web of friends.

      We were really starting to feel old. This wasn’t what we had pictured married life to be like But
maybe it was. We had friends, but they were a lot like us, immersed in the drudge of getting a family
established. All work and no play was making Jill a dull girl, as the saying goes.

      “One of the guys said something about a party we might be interested in,” I offered, “But another
said that we wouldn’t be interested at our age. Don’t know what he meant be that. I don’t think these
guys are into anything dull. They said it was a Vegas Party, whatever that means. They wouldn’t say
anything more, and I didn’t want to push it, If we’re not wanted, we’re not wanted.”

      “Vegas party. Sounds like the kind of tonic we need. I wonder what makes it a Vegas Party, “Jill
mused. “I hate to be thought of as too much of a kid for something. So I guess we’re stuck with a

      And we would have been, if we hadn’t run smack into Tom on our way to the car. He had an
envelope he was delivering to me to peruse in case I ‘got bored’ during the weekend. Its not great being
the junior guy, but okay that somebody at least thought I was adult enough to deal with whatever it
entailed. I mentioned that we were off the flicks by default, with nothing else to do. I knew the subject in
the homework, and already knew the couple calls I was going to have to make tomorrow, so no problem.

      Tom clucked his sympathy, “You can come to a party with us, if you like. It might a bit of shock,
though. Some pretty wild things get got up to.” As he was talking I could see he was eyeing Jill rather
speculatively, not exactly ogling, but liking what his peripherals could pick up. I was glad later that I hadn’
t been offended.

      Jill perked up her ears, stuffing my homework into her purse, “Wilds things. Sounds like fun. Vic
said it was a Vegas party. What makes a Vegas party? “

      Tom considered her for a moment, “You’ve heard the term, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in
Vegas’? Jill nodded. “The thing is, things happen at parties, and they don’t really need to be talked
about outside the party. You know, guy girl things.” Tom waited for a reaction, “Shall I make a phone
call? Nothing happens that you don’t want, as long as you’re not easily shocked by, shall we say, non-
prudish play.” He had his phone out as he regarded us.

      Jill clapped her hands and jumped up and down, doing marvellous things to her bosom. “This
sounds a lot like parties we went to back home. Can we, Vic?”

      Tom was already on the phone before I could say a thing. Not that I had any problems. Tom had
turned away from us and was talking in low tones to somebody, the host I suppose, and all I could get
was, “Wait till you check her out.” I wasn’t too bothered by that. I was used to Jill being gawked at. Law
of the jungle, look good and you’re going to get looked at. I was all for it.

      Tom turned back to us, “You’re in kids. Jerry and Anne are looking forward to meeting you. Nine o’
clock OK? Dress is how you like, whatever you want to project on the crowd. You’ll see all kinds, maybe
even some skin. Good luck with that homework.” And he was gone.

      And we were back in the flat doing a quick change, Jill putting on a dress she had been despairing
of ever wearing again. No chance of us being fashionably late for this one. Finally some play time for
the young tycoons! Nine found us pushing the doorbell of a rather upscale suburban house, the sort of
thing we could see ourselves in with maybe a lottery win or two.

      At first we were in awe of the spread as Jerry welcomed us in and showed us around a bit. Anne
was still getting ready, and only a few couples were there, but they looked inviting and friendly. Jerry
was a bit older and pudgy, but you didn’t get a spread like this in your rooky year. There were enough
younger people already to make us feel at home. Not as young as us, but close enough.

      I was aware Jill and I were being checked out, but that was to be expected. We were the new kids,
right? Then Tom was there, with Cathy, and suddenly it seemed the place was full. As Tom had said,
everyone came as they felt like, no dress code. Jill’s slinky dress was bit more uptown than most, but
her body was hot in coveralls. She couldn’t be out of place anywhere men had eyes. Then suddenly
she was gone, and when I picked her out of the crowd, she was being towed around by a rather
fetching lady and I thought, ‘OK, We have arrived and are accepted. Lets party’.

      I found myself in the company of Cathy. Tom was nowhere in sight, but it didn’t seem odd, or if it
did, we came here expecting to find things different. I wasn’t worried about the ‘Vegas” thing, but I bet
these people would be surprised at some of the things our old crowd got up to. Not drinking games
anymore. No-one needed a puke party. But we still did some rowdy things. At least we thought they
were rowdy. So we were good for anything that went down here.

      Cathy took me on a more extensive tour of the house. Seemed like no part of it was off limits, and
there were many parts. We looked in on a spa room, centred by huge hot tub. I gulped when a lady
climbed out and I saw she was naked. Maybe not so much naked as casually nude. She didn’t seem
that much out of place here. The couple in the tub had bathers on, but even as I watched the lady
peeled down her top.

      In answer to a rather pointed remark, the nude did a suggestive little dance. Cathy was watching
me carefully, and it was obvious she was looking for a reaction. I made a point of not giving her one, but
I’m not sure I fooled her. Then suddenly Jill was in the room, still in the tow of her new friend. They both
had tall drinks, and when the lady nodded to the tub with a question, Jill nodded enthusiastically. Her
eyebrows shot up as her friend quickly peeled off right there, easy when she wasn’t wearing anything
under her little dress

      Jill looked around with a bit of panic in her eyes. Then when lightning didn’t strike in the form of a
mad rapist leaping on the girl, she grinned and boldly let her dress slip off her shoulders. All she had
left was her bikini panties. On a tall girl they are much sexier than a thong. My opinion, of course. But
she did pull the eyes, even with her friend beside her.

      I think she actually had fun peeling down her panties knowing strangers were watching, because
she made a very good show of it. Maybe she had seen how the nudes little dance had affected the
onlookers. Then she boldly stepped down into the tub, triumph almost showing on her face.
“Want to join them?” Cathy asked impishly, her fingers playing with the buttons of her blouse.

      “Lets let Jill have her fun without making it look like I’m shepherding her,” I said, “Show me some
more of what’s going on.”

      She was good for that. As we left the spa, we were passed in the hall by the nymph I had first seen
emerge from the tub, being led down the hall and into a room by a naked guy. So, nudity good other
than in the spa.

      “Ooooh, Eve is horny tonight. She’s only been here 30 minutes and she’s already going to get laid.
Want to go watch? It’s OK, she likes an audience. Sides, I want to see who the guy is this time. See if its
anyone I know.”

      This was wild, but I let myself be pulled in, and found there was already a couple well into it. Eve
apparently liked this arrangement, as she quickly found a place for them on the kingsize. It was quite a
turn-on, I can tell you. I wondered what Jill would say if she knew this was going on. It dawned on me
that maybe I was going to be asked to be part of it, and played some mental acrobatics wondering how
to handle that, if it came up. One thing for sure, one thing was trying to come up. Normally I don’t mind.

      “Not quite ready for that step, lover?” Cathy’s tone wasn’t teasing, just understanding.
I did my best to be Joe Cool, “Not till I see how Jill is doing. This is big doings for us, you know.”
Cathy seemed very pleased that I hadn’t actually said no. “Well, lets find her. I know everywhere a girl
might hide.”

      She led me quickly back to the spa where we had left Jill in the tub, but she was gone. So was her
dress she had thrown on a bench. Well, she would be gone, wouldn’t she? She wouldn’t still be in there
after half a hour. But her panties were still there. Odd, that. We cruised around a bit, through two
separate dance areas, into a garden, back toward the famous hall, when suddenly Jill found us. Her
little friend was gone, but she was happy and giggly.

      “Victor,” she said coyly into my chest, “I’m being a bit naughty.” A pause, “Well, really quite

      A bit a quick mental arithmetic told me she hadn’t had time to be all that naughty. Even the nymph
and her friend were only just into it. And she had taken time to put on her dress, right?
“I’m being naughty too, angel face. What happens in Vegas, eh?”

      Her face lit up even more. “:You don’t mind? I mean really wicked, really. I’m going to play nude
pool with a couple guys. And I know they just want to watch me bend over the table.” A shy glance to
catch my expression, finding a reassuring smile, “I think I’ll like them watching me. I don’t know where it
will stop. What are you doing? Are you having fun?”

      I put my arms around Cathy, “I’m having fun, doing naughty things with Cathy. How naughty are we
going to get? I think I have rather wicked lady here. It might come to more than just watching.”

      “Wow!, You mean it’s really cool? You know Marnie started playing with a guy in the tub and I got
so horny watching.” She slipped back out of her dress, “Will you put this with your clothes so we can
find it later? There’s clothes all over the place. Are you really going to fuck? . I know I am too. I just don’t
know for sure who yet. Oh, god , Victor, I might fuck both of them. This is so fun.”

      And she was gone. And I was with a lady who I was suddenly going to fuck. Soon, I hoped. She
wasn’t as hot as Jill, but she felt like fun. My poor cock was twisted knot inside my shorts, trying to tear
fabric so it could stand up. Cathy groped around and had to admit she couldn’t help me with my pants

      “We don’t need them anyway. Down they go. Make a pile and you can put Jill’s dress on top with
mine. Now we can untie the stallion. Ooooh, nice. We are going to have such a nice romp. Not yet,
though, lets look into the billiard room and see Jill get potted. An ass like that isn’t going to have to
make very many shots. Oh, look at who snapped her up. Larry is a good choice. She’ll have fun.”

      As we watched, Jill bent over the table for a shot, and Larry rubbed his cock on her exposed pussy,
making her reset her shot by sticking her bum up even higher. Then suddenly he must have entered
her, because the cue dropped to the table and she instead gripped the rails. I wanted to get it going
with Cathy, but I was unable to tear away, and was so happy when she led me into the room.

      Suddenly her tongue was in my mouth and our bodies were grinding together. Not as hot as Jill?
She certainly felt as hot right now. After a feverish minute I lifted her bum to the table and laid her back
on it. She made as if to help my cock find her, but first I buried my face in her crotch. I had fucked
before Jill, but she was the one who taught me the pleasures of oral, and Cathie’s pussy was only the
second I had kissed.

      Couldn’t dwell on that, though. Cathy was as horny as I was, and it was easy to see what she really
wanted. This time I obliged her and found her pouty lips and felt my cock sliding into a lady I had met
only an hour before. Viva Las Vegas! Jill lifted her head in answer to my gasp and smiled brightly when
our eyes met. She watched fascinated as I suddenly withdrew and pushed Cathy further onto the table,
then pounced on her again.

      “Cool!” Whispered Jill and, glancing back at the man humping into her, they reached a silent
agreement and within second my sweet was lying beside us, making welcome her knight in missionary.
That was a good solid table. For all the heroic thrusting between four randy lovers it emitted not a
squeak, even when the orgasms started to multiply. For my part, I was slower cumming than I would
have expected, with the horniness of the situation and all, but I think the distractions around me took my
mind a bit off job one.

      What really blew my mind and my load was hearing Larry’s uncontrollable gasps as Jill worked her
magic, and the thought of another guy responding to my angel’s cunt made me blow my own load.
Almost like Jill had fucked us both using a surrogate pussy. Not fair to Cathy, but she didn’t seem to
mind, if she even noticed.

      “Looks like you scratched, Larry,” another voice cut into my afterglow, “If you put the cue ball in the
hole, you have to pull it out and that makes it my shot.”

      I remembered that Jill had been going to play with two guys, and understood that one, Larry, had
jumped the gun. But Roger didn’t seem put out, just extremely ready. Larry sleepily lifted off Jill,
stopping only to kiss her nipples, then her lips as he shuffled sideways to make room for Roger
between Jill’s knees. Jill still had her arms tightly wrapped around Larry’s neck and her tongue in his
mouth as Roger’s cock slipped into her, eliciting a delighted if muffled squeal.

      Then Roger’s bum was humping between Jill’s drawn up knees even as she finished playing with
Larry’s tongue, rapidly switching her attention wholly to Roger, giggling delightedly.

      Larry and I lounged beside the languid body of Cathy, stroking her absently while watching Jill and
her new stallion rapidly cumming to an agreement. I knew girls sometimes liked a bit more than a man
could give at any one time, but her energy and obvious need for a bit more was an eye opener. I mean,
I knew all about foreplay, and that a wise man makes sure his lady cums at least once before he even
enters, but that rule of thumb doesn’t approach the real capabilities of a randy lady.

      I was still sitting beside the comatose body of Jill when the others had staggered off. Finally she
pushed herself to sitting position, her chin resting on her knees.
“I wouldn’t trade the last hour for anything, but do you think maybe its best to take a timeout?” She
smiled a nervous little smile at me, “Was Cathy a good fuck? Is what we did OK? Would you have done
it if I hadn’t been such a slut?”

      I cut her off, “Its early. Should we try to catch the second show?”

      We cuddled for a few minutes, both happy to be still a team. I was even starting to wonder if Jill had
anything left for me. I honestly wasn’t threatened that other men had made her orgasm many times with
at least as much pleasure as she usually showed with me, but just the memory of her ecstasy was
making me hard again. The we were joined by a group and that thought was gone. The talk was that
the new couple were a find worth keeping and that felt good.

      I didn’t mind that most of the praise was for Jill. After all, wasn’t it she who stripped off for a bunch
of strangers, even making a nicely randy show of it? Many couples never did anything but the usual
party stuff, getting all they needed from the vicarious thrill of knowing it was happening around them.
Good to have new doers.

      Vegas parties don’t happen every week. As Tom pointed out at work on Monday, Nobody could
actually live in Vegas without burning out. Then he showed me print of Jill posing proudly before
entering the hot tub. It seems part of Jerry’s motivation in having these parties was so his hidden
cameras could capture magic moments. The photo was for me, as a momento from Jerry, but Tom
looked so wistfully ot it even as he offered it that I had to let him keep it.

      “Too bad we talk about what happened in Vegas,” I grinned, “One of the stories involves Cathy,
you know.”
“Oh, I know. We can talk about it to ourselves. She loved it, by the way. Too bad its so long to the next

      “Does it have to be?” I ventured, “I mean, does nothing ever happen outside of Jerry’s? Don’t
people get together?”

      Tom mouthed an “OOOH”, “What I think you are proposing is a step up, you know. Not just going to
a party and seeing what happens, but getting together for the purpose of strange sex. Somehow the
premeditation might scare some people off.”

      “Even if the premeditation put you and Jill together?” I teased. I had seen him checking her out and
knew he was hungry.

Copyright© 2013 Verno
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