Vintage Lover
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Vintage Lover
Written by  Lofn Dabria

A man tall with a dark tan, muscular physique, and striking lightning bolt scar named Darsh, comes into a
vintage 60’s room.  A red haired woman, with pale skin, rosy lips and a slender built named Mara, sitting on a
chair brushing her mane.  “Good timing, I just got my stuff done,” he comes closer to her. Mara looks at him
through the mirror, “I just back home.” She looks slightly annoyed but stops brushing her hair. “Alright.”
Darsh curls his finger with under her hair, “how are you?” She smiles,  “I'm well.” Mara  looks at his cane for a
brief moment, “nice tail.” He continues to play with  her hair, “how are you?” she asks. Darsh focuses on her
hair, “Thanks. I’m doing good. Glad you called, I’m sorry, I had to poof, but I am back.” Mara wrinkles her nose.”
It's fine. I was like what happened?” She flinches out of his movement. He notices her reaction,  “I’m a
temporary foster parent.” Mara looks up at him and rolls her eyes, “Oh, I see.”

Darsh pats his lap. Mara turns around and looks him directly into the eye, “I have to make a comment.” He
shrugs, “sure.” Mara looks the other way, “you're so funny. You didn't step me before in the room but when I
came back the second time you seemed interested. I wonder why.”

He sighs, “I TRIED to get your attention.” Mara  blushes as her eyes soften, “after you said you weren't into the
blood thing, I took that as a sign you weren't interested. So I left it alone.” Darsh curls his fingers into her hair
again, “not entirely, I’m a man, good luck making me bleed.” She rolls her eyes, “Oh. Please I said I like to draw
blood but that doesn't I'm gonna get it from you.

Mara laughs softly and he chuckles. She looks down to the floor, “you stopped with the other female in the
room.” Darsh plays with her hair, “mhm.” Mara leans into his touch, “okay.” He looks her in the eyes, “doesn't
matter.” Mara nods, “yeah.” He moves to the couch and pats his lap, “come... sit on me.” She moves from her
vanity to sit on his lap. Darsh smirks wrapping his hands around her hips and softly began to bounce her. Mara
giggles and allows him to bounce her on him, “love to bounce much?”  "Well it’s better with contact." He

She wraps her arms around his neck. Darsh sticks his tongue out a bit  as he grins. His fingers slowly undoes
her dress. Mara arches an eyebrow and leans in to lick his right cheek. She takes notice of him moving the
straps of her dress down ever so slowly. Mara strokes his ears featherly. Darsh tilts his head lightly, when she
stroked the ears. After a moment, he completely removed her dress and he places it down next to him, yet
marveling her nude body. She sees the dress drop to the side of him. She licks her lips and moves her hands
to his pants undoing them slowly.

She keeps direct eye contact with him. Darsh adjusts his hips slightly. He pushes his pants downwards and it
gets around his knees. His huge cock comes out flesh colored and nice and thick. Darsh blinks once and then
he moves his hands to grip her breasts in his hands. Mara moans as he touches her breasts. Her hands goes
around his cock and starts to stroke it slowly. She closes her eyes biting her lips as they moisten. She murmurs
and Darsh smiles, “Good? Might be a bit big." He chuckles. When she strokes him it throbbed in her hand,
while radiating heat into the palm of her hands. His fingers works carefully work her breasts in his fingers.
Mara watches his member radiates powerful heat in her hands as she strokes him faster. Mara flicks the tip a
few times massaging it. She moves her hands from the base to the tip periodically. Darsh huffs and  bounces
her heavily upwards. He eases her back over his chest. Grabbing his cock with one hand and the other began
to smooth up along her thigh seeking upwards. Startled by his reaction, her cheeks tint red as she feels his hot
flesh. She bites her bottom lip hard drawing blood with anticipation.

Darsh’s  head tilts slightly as he moved to softly lick the blood from her bottom lip with his forked tongue. His
fingers had gotten to her mound and he began to work his fingers against the folds.

Mara shivers slightly. Darsh’s fingers could feel wetness from her folds from his earlier activities. The fingers
weaved and tended to the moistness from her folds and she felt him push a single finger into her.
She arches backwards and moves up a little feeling his finger.  Mara tilts her head to the side and smiles, “you
do know that women are like demons and erotic creatures, dragon.”

"If thats the case, I am going to blow your mind when I penetrate you." Darsh chuckles a bit.
Whirling his finger inside of her, she moans softly feeling his fingers move through her and moving around
hard. Mara gasps for a moment and then leans forward holding onto his neck.

Darsh lets her grip his head. He began to tilt back allowing her breasts to be exposed to Darsh’s face and let
his tongue roll out to flick against her nipple. Darsh’is fingers spread her moist folds. As his tongue flicks her
nipple, she grabs a hold of his member and starts stroking him again. Soft murmurs escape her lips as she
moves up and down on his member. Easing his hips upwards, Mara feels the head of his cock rub and roll
against her moist folds and he chuckled,"ready?" She nods.

Slowly Darsh begins to cast her hips down onto him. The head of his cock began to push on the moist lips of
her folds and she found how big he was against her. The oily skin of his cock allowed the head to push into her
slowly and it popped into her. The pressure of him moving into her made her shriek just a little as she was not
used to the size. Mara looks up to the ceiling and could feel her body getting more excited by the size of him
inside of her. She looks down at him and could her muscles move around him.

The head of his cock nicely shoveled into her folds deep as he adjusted himself to let her moist folds cover and
coat him more and more until he was halfway within her. Darsh exhaled lightly against her breasts and he
suckled on her a bit more eagerly. The cock had been stretching her around him.

She murmurs into his hair and a faint smile appears on her face. Her body finally adjusts to him and she puts
her hands on his shoulders. “ can move,” she whispers into his hair. With a powerful thrust, he jams his
cock upwards into her. Mara feels him break her so that he could fit completely within. The head of his cock is
completely deep within her womb.  Darsh shivers in delight from how tight she was around him. He groans, yet
working it firmly so that he was completely sheathed.    

Mara screams out gripping his shoulders tightly. She leans her head forward into Darsh’s hair biting her own lip
hard. Blood spills from her mouth. Her womb pushes back to his size and she can see his massive size from the
outside of her skin. Mara’s insides grip him like a sword as it welcomes and tightens around him at the same
time. With her body adjusting, Mara sees Darsh pulling his member out from deep within her body. Darsh finds
her body to be such a delicacy and when he finally pulls it out from within her folds. He jams it up into her once
more and grinds it nice within her folds. Her body  allows him to sheath from head to hilt inside of her.
Mara closes her eyes and shivers with sheer bliss of him violating her so deeply against her own body
admitting submission. Darsh holds her body with both hands now that he eases her down onto his frame as
each time he thrusts into her. He shook her entire frame in a light bouncing manner to stimulate the idea of
riding and being thrusted into which was a dual form of pleasure. He shudders a bit. Mara leans her back as
her breasts were bouncing at the same time.

"Mmn...You going to come back to room after this?" Darsh asked each time he railed up into her deeply and he
began to thrust into her deeper and much more roughly. Her body is delicious against his own and he licked
her cheek. Mara cries out in pleasure each time as he thrusts into her. Her murmurs as her eyes cloud with
ecstasy. Through her clouded gaze, she barely hears him as he is asking her. She moves with him up and
down in a frenzy needing more, “” All she can hear is them both. She thinks again and
smiles,  “perhaps…”

Shoveling his cock up into her now, he feels own  his body throb in delight each time. Darsh slams his cock into
her and grinded it. With her own moistness making it lovely for him to work into her body. His fingers move
along her ass to spread her. Her insides rattle across his member tightening harder. Mara grabs his ears
slightly and leans forward. She nibbles on his ears. His member goes deeper into her roughly. She gasps
wrapping her arms around his neck, “you want the other orifice as well?”  "Mmn sure, after you cum and I fill
you with my cum." He said and gently grinded up deep into her. Darsh slams his cock hard into her.  He began
to work from head to hilt inside of her. His fingers work to wiggle inside her ass. Mara’s eyes glow silver feeling
her build up almost there. She rocks with him in a need of urgency. She leans back with her hands in the air.
Her insides tighten harder and she moans, “oooh yeah…”

With her body tightening around him, Darsh jams his member up into her hard and she feels him throb within
her until his cock began to cum and spew his seed within her. Large amounts start to drip out Mara’s  in large
globs that splats onto the floor. Mara moans loudly as she finally cums holding onto him. Her eyes turn back to
normal. She looks down to see hot stinkiness mix with her juices.

"Mmn.. Good?" he asks. Mara nuzzles into his hair and smirks. She dips her hand down to taste it. Mara licks it
with the tip of her tongue and smiles, “yes.” He nods and smiles as he strokes her head lightly "glad." “Did you
enjoy yourself” she asks. He nods, “I did.” She smiles and touches his cheek, “good I'm glad.” He mumbles,
“mhm.” She licks the side of his cheek. He kisses her cheek affectionately.

© 2014

I am a artist, poet, novelist and screenwriter. I have been writing since ever since I could remember. I have two
published books of poetry and currently work as an writer. I have a strong influence in culture, mysticism and
spirituality . I dive into my natural talents and relish being positive and upbeat about life.
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