Weekend Fling or More?
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

Weekend Fling or More?
by Callie W.

As the couple slowly moved together on dance floor the music pulsed around them. It was a sensual
Latin tune that had them moving their hips in rhythm practically gyrating against each other. There
was an air of sensuality around them. They were both thinking about a more intimate kind of dance.
Jared rubbed his hands down the small of her back and whispered into her ear "I'm so into you."

Bridget understood because she was feeling exactly the same way. She knew how the night was
going to turn out and the anticipation was half the fun. Instead of answering with words, she brought
her fingers to the base of his head and gently combed through his thick chestnut hair as she
pressed even closer against him. She was heating up and feeling bolder by the second. She tossed
her head back and swayed her beautiful long auburn hair.

He pulled her up and trailed kisses on her neck back up to her ear. His raspy voice, thick with
passion rumbled in her ear and gave her chills. "The things I am thinking right now about doing to
you are not G rated....mmm. I love the way you taste. I want to taste more".

She responded by pressing her hips even closer into his, feeling how hard he was already. Their
body language clearly sending the same signals to each other. They were both past caring if they
were drawing attention from the other dancers. The fact that Bridget did not know a soul here in
Miami and was 500 miles from home, made her bold. She was free to do whatever she wanted and
not worry about her reputation.

Also knowing that Jared had told her he was here for the weekend only as well made this the perfect
opportunity for Bridget to have the kind of wild carefree one night stand she had never dared.

All those lemon drop vodka shots they had together at the bar certainly didn't hurt to loosen her up
either. She was in the arms of a totally hot, stranger. This was the sexiest she ever felt. She couldn't
believe she had just met him yesterday out at the pool. She had come in a couple days early over
the weekend to take in a mini vacation before the meetings started on Monday.

She was brought back to the moment at hand when she felt him lean in to kiss her on the mouth.
She wrapped her arms around his neck . At first he lightly licked her lips. His teasing kiss was not
what she needed. She pressed her lips against his and darted her tongue into his mouth. He held
her much tighter and they French kissed for so long the music 's rhythm had changed. It was a dark
sultry room that lent an air to the sensual feeling around them. They were both breathing heavy.
When the kiss broke neither of them spoke.

They both stood with no air between them, just communicating with soft smiles staring into each
others eyes showing desire for each other. She looked him in the eyes .."I am so turned on by you

His smile deepened as he replied..."Let's go upstairs to my hotel room. You and I need to take this
to the next level."

She nodded. They walked together towards the lobby elevator, both knowing a night of passion lay
before them.

They entered his hotel room. Actually it was a gorgeous suite. He turned on an i-tune that was on a
side table. The sounds of Leona Lewis came on; a rhythmic and sexy song. He dimmed the lights
and closed the blinds. She wathced min move, even the look of his arms reaching up to pull the
curtains showed off his muscles. He turned to her and outstretched his arms "Come here Baby"

Bridget walked directly into his arms. They came together in each others arms. Jared moved her to
the sexy music against his hips. He rubbed his hands down her spine. He cupped her ass, pressing
her against his erection. She wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing her hands through his
hair, then down to his sexy arms. This was one of those moments when you have 100 % confidence
in yourself and the world around you. They were in perfect harmony with each other. She stepped
back from him and pulled her shirt off over her arms. She was glad she had decided to wear her
sexiest bra and panty set.

He stood back for a moment and watched as she removed her pants. She knew from the way he
devoured her with his eyes that her black lace demi bra and panties were having an effect on him.
He stripped off his clothes in record time. She giggled at his boyish enthusiasm.

He looked over as he removed his underwear "Laughing huh?" and slowly straightened up with the
most impressive erection she had ever seen. She stopped laughing. They both got serious real fast.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards the glass picture window that
overlooked the beach and ocean from this high view. The black ocean wsas hard to see except for
the moon's reflection. The window was slightly ajar so she could hear the toss of the waves hitting
the sand. She felt his hands span her waist below her breasts.

"mmmmm that feels good." she said.

"Shhhh, no talking sexy, just feel my hands on you, caressing you" Jared had leaned in to whisper
this into her ear, giving her shivers. her nipples got hard. As his tongue darted out to lick her ear,
each hand lifted her breasts. He cupped them, and gently put his thumb and forfingers on her
hardened nipples. He head fell back. "These are beautiful" he rumbled in her ear, making her shiver.

"Ooooh, please kiss me Jared" she asked desperately. To which he turned her in his arms.

They embraced and kissed passionately. He took her bottom lip between his teeth and nibbled and
sucked gently. She moaned as they pressed their lips together. He wrapped his arms around her
pressing her close to him with his hands on her back. Bridget slipped her hands up around his neck
caressing his nape. Their bodies pressed together, heated. A few minutes later when they broke
apart , they were both panting.

He had his hands in her hair. He moved her head back and traced kisses down her neck. She stood
there feeling his hot lips on her skin. "I feel your pulse Bridget, you are racing as am I, here feel" He
said as he raised her hand to his chest and put it over his heart. She felt him beating hard. With that
he took both of her hands in his and put them gently behind her back. He held them there with his
left hand.

This arched her back towards him. "I need to taste these beautiful nipples sexy girl" Jared tipped his
head to her left breast. With his right hand he unsnapped the front clasp bra. Her breasts sprung
free. "mmmmm, good enough to eat"

Jared took the nipple into his hot wet mouth. Bridget stood there, arched back, hands held, feeling
all of it. He removed his hand from her wrists and she moved to bring her arms forward. "No, leave
them behind you." He said harldy lifting his head from her nipple but none the less she did as he
asked. Jared gave the other nipple the same treatment, sucking it into his mouth. His hand traveled
to the breast his mouth had just finished with, putting the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
As she closed her eyes she gave into the luxurious feelings of joy.

He did this to her long enough that she started asking for more. "Please Jared, I need you inside of

"Oh you will have me there Baby, but first... "I need to taste more of you" As he said this, he knelt
down in front of her.

"Oh my" she whispered as she felt his lips and tongue through the lace.


Copyright©2009 Callie W.