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Weekend Fling or More? (Part 02)
by CallieW©

Bridget couldn't believe how excited she was at that moment. She was standing half naked
in a hotel room with a man's head between her thighs. Her position was one she was not
accustomed to...standing with her legs apart and her hands clasped behind her back.

Moments earlier Jared placed her in this position and told her to stay this way. She liked
the feeling of him taking control of her passion. She had her head stretched back as she
took in the feel of his mouth on her pussy. He was still teasing her through her lace
panties and she was getting wetter by the second.

Jared brought his hands around to cup the globes of her ass as he pressed his mouth into
her mound. He took in the smell of her arousal and as he inhaled he grew an inch harder.
He had this sexy vibrant woman who he was going to make love to all night. As he
squeezed her cheeks he bit down gently through the fabric onto her clit and she jumped.

"Oh my!" Bridget exclaimed, when she felt the intensity of his teeth nibbling on her. She
tried to pull away but she was held in place by his hands on her ass. She was so turned on
by his hands massaging her and pressing her close to his mouth that she moaned deep in
the back of her throat.

Jared lifted his mouth and looked up to her. What he saw took his breath away...a
beautiful passionate woman with her breasts out, nipples hard and head thrown back. He
took in her flushed cheeks and neck. She was panting slightly. He knew he had to have
her soon.

Bridget felt his eyes on her. She opened hers and tilted her head down to look at him.
Their eyes locked; hers were glazed over with passion, his were hot with lust. He stood up
slowly until they were face to face.

The kiss they shared at that moment was a marked progression from the one earlier. He
wrapped his arms around her and gathered her hands in his, bringing them down to her
waist. Their fingers intertwined as the kiss deepened. She felt him holding her hands while
rubbing his thumbs methodically into her palms. She melted against him, pressing her
hard nipples into his chest. His hands left hers to move around to her back and embrace
her fully.

Jared wrapped his hands once again around her waist and gathered her directly against
his hard chest. She, in turn, brought her hands up around his neck, playing with his hair
as his tongue danced with hers. Their hips were pressed so close now and Bridget felt the
hard length of his cock press between her thighs. As his tongue moved in and around her
mouth, he moved his hands up and down her back and ass.

They were still slightly swaying to the sensual music playing in the hotel suite. The sounds
of the music coupled with the smell and sound of the waves from the beach below them
were the perfect backdrop to their heightened senses.

He broke apart their kiss and reached for her hand. He growled into her ear, "Baby, I want
more of you...come."

She gave him her hand and at that moment she would have let her lead him anywhere.
They walked the 10 feet to the king sized four-poster bed. It had a fluffy white down
comforter and pillows that felt like clouds. He sat on the edge of the bed and maneuvered
her aching body until she was standing between his legs.

He hooked his fingers under the edge of her panties and slowly brought them down to her
ankles to step out of, which she did. He then unclasped and removed her bra and as she
stood there watching his eyes dilate, he brought his hands to her breasts and lifted them
up and together to his mouth.

She barely heard him whisper, "beautiful," as he fastened his lips over her left nipple. The
pressure of his mouth sucking on her almost made her knees buckle. His hands gently
squeezed both breasts as she felt his hot breath and wet mouth on her.

"Ooooh," she moaned as she put her hands in his hair. She felt him remove his mouth,
only to reattach it to her right breast. The left was quickly replaced by his fingers, gently
plucking her erect nipple like he was fine tuning an instrument.

"Please Jared, please, I really need you. I'm aching," she begged him. He released both
her breasts and pressed her down onto the bed. Then he stood up and removed his own
clothes swiftly, lifting himself above her after he did so.

"Is this what you need baby?" he said as he pressed 2 fingers quickly inside of her pussy.
Her hips bucked into his fingers as she felt him spread her knees wide with his other hand.
He leaned over her, pressing his rock hard cock against her side as he licked her neck
and moved his fingers in and out of her wet clutching hole. He then whispered in her ear, "I
know what you need. You need to be well fucked. You need me to take you to heights you
have never been. Don't you?" he said, emphasizing his words with a hard thrust of both
his hips against her side as well as moving his fingers deeper inside of her.

"Oooooh." Her moan was involuntary, her muscles squeezing around his fingers. She
didn't know if it was that or the hot feeling of his words and breath in her ear but she was
close to climaxing already. "Please, please..." She was pleading with him for the ultimate

Jared shifted his body, removing his fingers. They were glistening wet from her juices. He
placed them on her wet warm mouth and ran them over her sensual trembling lips. He then
leaned in to kiss her and to taste them.

Immediately afterward, he got up for a minute to reach for the condom he had brought with
him to the bedroom. She helped him place it on his penis, which resembled more of a
spear at this point.

Then Jared's mouth returned to hers tightly as he moved directly over her, guiding his
cock to her entrance. Her legs widened immediately as she felt him positioning his penis.
She was ready to receive him inside her body. As he pressed forward, taking her inch by
inch, they both moved in unison. Her tight warmth surrounded him.

The feel of his cock penetrating her fully was taking them both over the edge. "Yesssss,
please Jared fuck me, ooooh," she exclaimed.

He replied without words, pushing his hips full against her, their hips meeting. He rested
for a brief moment and let her adjust to him. He then slid his hands under her ass and
started with a rhythm not unlike their earlier dancing at the restaurant. They moved
together and pulled apart, his cock all but removed except for the tip. As he then pressed
again fully to the hilt,

Bridget pulled her knees up to her waist giving him deeper access. This spurred him on to
fuck her wildly and with abandon. Their mating became primal and felt like it went on
forever but was more like minutes in reality. They moved faster and faster, both of them
panting and moaning. He was holding back his own orgasm, wanting to bring her pleasure
first. He could tell she was going to come because her pussy was contracting in little gasps
around him... He pressed deep and hard as he held her ass in a vise grip, bringing her
over the edge. He lifted his head from her mouth, wanting to see her in the throws of her

"Come for me Bridget...let go now," he said to her commandingly, knowing she was right
there. She felt herself tipping over and couldn't have stopped for the world. His last push
inside her made her see stars. She went hot and cold at the same time. It was so intense
that no sound came out of her mouth. She came and shuddered silently as he watched
her. That was all it took for Jared. He thrust one more time in and out of her pulsating
pussy to let go of his powerful orgasm and he bucked and said her name softly as he

They lay together, bodies overlapping, not knowing where one began and the other
ended. They were both tingling with the sensations of fulfillment. It was too early to speak
of anything. They just enjoyed the moment together, resting and recovering, each of them
smiles on their face.

Copyright©2009 Callie W.

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