White Lace Panties
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White Lace Panties
by Awesomejoe©

It was Saturday night and my husband and I were obligated to
attend a cocktail party given by one of his clients. My husband,
Brian, is a prominent real estate attorney. His firm represents a
huge property developer. The cocktail party was a celebration of a
very profitable deal that had finally closed for them. As I pulled my
black silk sheath over my head, I resigned myself to boring
conversation and a long evening. As I zipped my dress, I glanced
at myself in the mirror over the sink. The black silk glided over my
body, sculpting itself to every curve. I'm not thin by any means.
What I am is curvy, from my 42C breasts down over my hips to my
ass and I love my body just the way it is, all damn sexy and black
as hell. The sheath barely hung to mid-thigh. Slipping my feet into
my three-inch black heels, I felt like I was definitely dressing for my
own pleasure and not for the party.

As I fastened my sterling silver choker around my neck, Brian
walked in and stopped. His smile was instant. Neither of us really
wanted to go to this party but it wasn't exactly optional. Brian
walked up behind me, his hands grabbing my hips and pulling me
back against him. He was already semi-erect. As he pressed his
hips into my ass, I felt his big fat black dick rising and getting
harder in his suit. His right hand moved down and across my
stomach, slowing inching it's way to the dip between my thighs. As
his fingers pulled my dress up slowly, I leaned my head back
against his shoulder. Brian's left hand moved down and slid
between my black thicke thighs. As the tip of his fingers touched
the top of my slit, I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip.

"No panties yet. And so fucking wet." Brian was whispering
against my ear as his fingers dipped lower between my legs.
Using just the tips of his fingers, he rubbed my pussy gently, giving
me just enough pressure so I could feel him. As his fingers moved
up and down on the folds of my swollen black lips, his thumb
pressed lightly against my erect clit, which was already hardening.
He flattened his hand slightly, his cufflink cutting into my skin just
above my pussy. I hardly felt it. His fingers pushed inside my lips,
his thumb applied more pressure to my clit. In a slow circular
motion, he rotated his thumb over my clit. I moaned and arched.
His hand holding my dress up wrapped itself around my waist
pressing me to him. His fingers moved in faster circles. Just as I
felt an orgasm start, Brian stopped all movement. I moaned,
begging him to move his fingers.

Slowly, Brian flexed his wrist, moving his fingers up and down my
pussy. As he kissed my neck, he slid his middle finger inside my
pussy and withdrew it slowly. Four more times he inserted and
withdrew his finger. On the fifth insertion, he pushed two of his long
black fingers inside me. "Rub your clit. Touch yourself while I fuck
you baby." His voice was low against my ear. Following his
instructions, I slid my hand down between my legs. As Brian
stroked my now soaked pussy, fucking me slowly with his two
fingers, I pressed my fingers to my clit and rubbed frantically. My
fingers hummed over my hard nub. Brian's fingers stroked faster
and faster, diving deeper and deeper into my wet tunnel. I was
moaning, writhing against him. His dick was hard against me but
still tucked safely in his pants. "Cum, baby. Cum for me on my
finger-tips let me feel it." He whispered it over and over again in my
ear. As his fingers rammed inside me, I broke. My orgasm ripped
through me. I came so hard cum spurted from me, drenching his
hand. His fingers slowed and then finally withdrew completely.

Leaning back against him, I sighed and Brian whispered in my ear,
"You better finish getting dressed. We don't want to be late. And
wear some panties. Lace panties."

As he walked away, I suddenly felt abandoned. Leaning forward, I
braced my hands on the vanity counter. My pussy was still tingling,
light pulses singing through me. My legs felt weak, my head even
weaker. When I was finally able to move, I went to my dresser and
pulled out a pair of white lace panties. Slipping my legs into them, I
pulled them snug against my mound and knew instantly they were
destined to be wet for the rest of the night.

As I finished dressing, I realized my body had never stopped
humming from my orgasm. I thought about Brian standing behind
me, rubbing his dick against me, and I felt myself shiver all over
again. I didn't want this party. I wanted to stay home and fuck my
man and rock his black ass hard until neither of us could walk
again. Sighing at the inevitability of my situation, I grabbed my little
black purse and headed out to Brian. He was standing near the
door, holding my coat in his hands. As he helped me into it, I felt his
hands slide ever so slightly against the sides of my breasts. "I want
you so much right now. I want to bury my black dick in you until you
can't help but scream." His whisper sent more shivers through my
already sensitive body. Blindly I followed him to the car and let him
help me in. I don't even remember the trip to the party.

Holding a glass of wine in one hand and holding onto Brian's arm
with the other, I let Brian lead me from group to group making small
talk. I didn't hear anything that was said. My mind kept flashing
back to Brian's long fingers on my clit, drilling inside me. When I
shivered, Brian asked if I was cold. I shook my head and sipped
my wine. "Don't worry, baby, I'll be buried inside you soon with
some good dick." He was teasing me, whispering softly in my ear
so only I could hear him. I felt my body blush from head to toe. He
whispered again, "This time I'll have my dick pressed to the hilt
inside you while I rub your clit with my fingers. You'll like that, baby.
You'll like me fucking you."

Near sexual hysteria, I sipped more wine. My body was on fire. I felt
as if my juices were leaking down my legs, leaving wet stains in my
stockings. After an hour, Brian took my hand and guided me down
a hallway. He looked over his shoulder and then opened a door
and pushed me through. It was dark and I couldn't see where we
were. It didn't matter. In the next minute, Brian was on his knees in
front of me, my dress hiked up around my waist. When Brian's
tongue lashed out at my white lace covered pussy, I nearly
screamed in orgasm. Grabbing hold of his shoulders, I flexed my
fingers, digging my nails into his suit jacket. Brian's tongue was
pushing my panties against my clit. His tongue wasn't actually
touching me but I could feel the heat from his breath. His fingers
dug into my waist as his tongue pushed my panties against me,
rubbing my already sensitive sex. When Brian used his teeth to
gently bite my clit, I groaned and felt my body break. My orgasm
was intense and long.

Not saying a word, Brian rose to his feet, letting my dress fall back
down. Grabbing my hand, he led me from the room and back to the
party. I was in sexual shock. He'd never even touched my skin and
I'd had an orgasm like never before. I was close to falling apart. I
wanted his fucking black dick. For all the orgasms I'd had, I still
wanted to have his dick buried inside me. And all he was doing
was fucking teasing and torturing the hell out of me.

As the party continued, I met and greeted his boss, his clients, their
wives. All I could see in my mind was Brian's strong black dick
stroking in and out of my soaked pussy. I felt like a cat in heat. I
don't know how I got through the night. As Brian led me from the
party, we were almost to the car when he pulled me towards the
garage. His hand held mine tight as he pulled me through the door.
The garage was lit with lights from the outside. His boss's Jag was
sitting in the middle of the floor. I looked up at Brian. His mouth
broke into a grin as he pushed me back against the hood of the

"Brian. Brian, we can't.... we..... can't...."

My words broke on a moan as Brian's hands lifted my dress again.
His hands skimmed over my chocolate thighs as his fingers
reached up and grabbed hold of my panties. With one tug, my
white lace panties were hanging from Brian's fingers. My eyes
followed my panties as Brian dropped them to the floor. Before I
could try to sway Brian away from this idea, Brian's big black
hands grabbed my waist and lifted me up on the hood of the Jag.
The coolness of the hood was a direct contrast to the heat my body
was putting off.

"Brian, really, this isn't a good idea. Let's go home and we can....

If Brian's boss had walked in at that moment, he'd have seen me
laying back on the hood of his silver Jag, my arms holding me up,
my chocolate legs in the air over Brian's strong black shoulders,
Brian's bald head between my legs. I moaned as the tip of Brian's
tongue dove into my pussy, parting my lips and licking me slowly.
Tipping my head back, I gave in to the sensations rippling through
me. Brian's hands held my sexy ass, shifting me up so he could get
a better angle on my cunt. I was moaning, writhing on the hood of
the Jag, not caring who heard me.

As Brian's tongue stroked my clit, his left hand moved around my
hip. His fingers stroked over me as his tongue moved down my
pussy. My clit was being tortured. His fingers moved rapidly over
me. Lifting his head, Brian looked at me. His eyes were as glazed
as mine must have been by now. His mouth was wet, his chin
shiny. "Cum for me baby. Cum for me again and then I promise I'll
fuck you senseless."

Well, with that for encouragement, how could I hold back. Brian
lowered his mouth to my succulent cunt again and as his mouth
covered my lips, I broke into another huge orgasm. I swear I must
have put a dent in the hood of the Jag as I pumped my hips up and
down, pushing my pussy against Brian's tongue.

Before I could catch my breath, Brian was pulling me closer to the
edge of the hood. I heard Brian's zipper and then I felt the tip of his
dick being pushed with one stroke inside me. Brian lifted my legs
straight up, holding them together, as he plowed his dick deep
inside my pussy. This is what I had wanted all night. This was what I
had craved. Brian's dick was so damn hard and thick, pulsing
inside me as he plunged over and over again deep in my pussy.
Brian reached up with one hand and pulled the neckline of my
dress down. Grabbing the edge of my bra, Brian pulled it down,
releasing my soft black breast. His fingers twisted my nipple as he
pulled. I moaned and arched up.

"Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Ohhhh yessss, right damn it! Fuck me
baby, Ooooh! Your dick feels so good buried inside of me...give it
to me!"

I was begging Brian to fuck me harder. Brian grunted and then
pulled out of me. Grabbing my shoulders, Brian pulled me off of the
hood, turned me around and pushed me over. Bracing my hands
on the hood of the Jag, I parted my legs, waiting for Brian. Putting
one hand under my right leg, Brian planted my foot on the bumper
of the Jag, effectively opening my legs even wider for him. Biting
down on my bottom lip, I closed my eyes as Brian stepped toward
me again. With one quick stroke, Brian slammed his thick black
dick deep inside my wet pussy again. I moaned and pushed back
against him. Brian pistoned his hips over and over again, driving
his dick harder and harder into me. I felt another orgasm rip
through me. Brian grabbed my tight black ass, holding on tight as
he rammed more of some good dick into me again and again.
With a grunt, Brian clenched his hands on my ass as his own
orgasm broke. Brian's white cream filled me, his cream running
down my legs as he pulled out. Wrapping his hands in my hair,
Brian pulled my head back to him. His mouth found mine and he
kissed me hard, his tongue pushing through my lips.

As he adjusted his clothing and I pulled my dress back down, fitting
my breast back into place, I looked back at the Jag. Finger prints
gleamed over the top coat. Brian grabbed my hand and led me
back our car out front. As we drove home, I felt tingly and ready for
me. At home, as Brian slowly stripped me naked to take me to bed
again, I remembered where we had left my white lace panties.
Laying on the garage floor next to the front wheel of the Jag. His
boss was definitely in for a surprise.  

© 2006 Awesomejoe