Whore's Experience
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Whore’s Experience
by Marie Paige

I sat in the back of the cab with my hands folded neatly on my lap. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, and I surely
didn't want to. You see, I had just went through a bad break up, and all of my friends told me I should get back
out there and meet a new guy, but honestly, I didn't want another relationship. I just wanted someone to fuck
for hours on end and have an easy goodbye in the morning when I could walk out with dirty panties and
frazzled hair and never see him again. I wanted a sex life again. I wanted to be a little whore. Well tonight, on
my way to Mike's place, I would get my wish.

My friends and I went to the bar, in hopes of meeting a few new people, but once I saw him, I knew he would be
taking me home. Mike and I talked briefly in the bar and I complimented him on his shaggy brown hair and tall
figure. He put his hands on my waist and I knew I had him. So there we were, in the cab on the way to his place
and my panties were already soaked. He looked over at me every now and then, trying not to say anything in
front of the awkward cabbie that already asked if we were "getting it on". I looked over to him, and could see
he was just as excited as I was with a rock hard bulge in his pants. The bulge looked big and excitement ran
through my body once more.

Once we arrived at Mike's apartment, I gracefully stepped out of the cab, careful not to catch my tight
sequined dress on anything. I made sure I would look extra sexy tonight wearing my baby pink dress full of
shiny sequins and my tall silver high heels. My long brown hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and down my
back, and my tits almost popped right out of the top of my dress. The cab drove away and Mike smiled to me,
while ushering me into the building and then the elevator.

The elevator doors closed, and there was an awkward sexual tension. My body was tingling with excitement,
and he was standing off the side trying to hide his bulge. I looked to him and smiled as I slowly took a few steps
toward him. I cocked my head up and spoke with an innocent smile, "So, Mr. Mike. What do you want to do
when we get to your apartment?"
His breath caught and he squirmed a little. "Well, we could… you know…" he laughed awkwardly, making me
giggle. I knew I made him feel uneasy, being so straightforward and controlling. He hadn't seen anything yet.

When we got to his room, he slowly unlocked the door and pushed it open. We walked in and I set my tiny
clutch down on the desk and looked around. The apartment was neat and tidy, with lots of windows and little
decoration, except for a few old movie posters on the walls. "Make yourself comfortable", he said as he
wandered off into the kitchen. I smiled at him and walked over to one of the posters, reading it up. He returned
shortly after, wrapping his hands around my body while holding a glass of red wine.

"Oh, thank you, sir", I said in a sexy voice. I turned around as he smiled at me, and kissed him. His lips were
soft at first, but got more intense as I wrapped my arms around his neck. The heat between us heightened as
he pushed me back up against the wall behind me. My hands scrambled to his waistline and I pulled his tucked
shirt out from his pants, and pulled it over his head. His chest was hard and fit. As I ogled at his body, I realized
that he was in control.

He turned my body quick, pushing me up against the poster and taking both of my wrists in his hand. With his
free hand, he unzipped my dress with a quick motion. It fell to the floor around me, exposing my ass beneath a
cheetah print thong I had picked out special. He moaned when he saw my body, and fell to he's knees on the
ground, grabbing my ass in his hands and spreading them apart. I pushed my ass out from the wall and looked
down at hi as he leaned in to lick me sweet, dripping wet pussy. His tongue rubbing against my clit and down
my pussy lips right to my little asshole felt so good. He didn't stop until I came, right there on his face. I squirted
out some pussy juices, and he happily licked them up.

Mike stood, pushing me back against the wall again and taking my wrists again in his hands. He pulled off his
pants, and as I looked back to see his mystery cock I had been dreaming about, he shoved it inside me too
quick. I moaned out loud, not expecting the feeling or the size. He was so big! Bigger than anything I had ever
had inside me before! With a few pumps in and out of my wet pussy, he let my arms go and put each of his
hands on my waist. He pulled me back and forth on his cock and he fucked me hard against the wall. My mind
raced with the control he had over me. I had never been the toy before and I loved it. He fucked me hard,
pushing and pulling me onto him, when suddenly, he pulled me back hard on his cock and moaned out. I could
feel his hot cum shoot inside of my pussy, and though short, I was spent. His cock was so monstrous and his
load was even more. Out of breath, he pulled out from inside me, and fell to the ground. He sat there and just
watched as his own hot cum dripped out from my perfectly fucked pussy and onto his carpet. I looked back to
him, keeping my stance with my arms still up against the wall and ass out. He looked so tired, but still so sexy,
with his used cock becoming rock hard again. He stared at my dripping pussy, and spoke gently. "Give me one
more minute and I am going to fuck the cum back into your pussy, you little whore."

Mission complete.

© 2015 Marie Paige

With romantic and erotic experiences taking control of her life, Marie Paige takes control of her writing with
elegant and fierce characters that take on the craziest endeavors. Talented at jumping into any role, Paige is
a versatile writer with topics ranging from subtle romance to steamy fun sure to attract any reader.
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