Wild Honey
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Wild Honey
by Scarlett Grace

She finally made it home from work. Late. Of course. No glorious week ending Friday could go unpunished
by arrogant and demanding bosses, the ever-present road construction in the city and traffic. God, the
traffic. That bumper-to-bumper, ever so slowly edging forward, hoping like hell to remain unscathed, as yet
another motoring idiot cut her off, version of traffic that drove her to the brink of sanity on a good day. This
was not one of them. She needed to leave the heat and the crowded city behind, escape to the sanctity of
her bedroom, unwind, and relax. Glumly, she noted that she was the first home tonight too, of all nights,
when all she really wanted was to snuggle deep into a man's chest and hold on tight. She randomly ignored
the mail, stepped over the evening paper, and further neglected the already wilting yellow flowers on the
front porch.

Fitting her key into the lock, she gave it a twist, a nudge and felt the cool air rush out as the door opened
and she put one foot towards freedom. Heels kicked off at the foot of the stairs, she padded her way up the
steps, all seventeen of them, leading to her sanctuary. The carpet soft and comforting under her toes, she
closed her eyes and fingered the smoothness of the oak handrail as she ascended to the top. Tension
slowly began to creep from her shoulders.

The double doors at the top of the landing remained closed, as she had left them early in the day. As she
reached out a long slender arm towards them, a fluffy grey Persian twined itself about her feet and meowed
a greeting. Together they stepped into the darkened bedroom and silently slid the bedroom doors closed
behind them. Cat accepted a chin scratch and pat on the head with much disdain before perching on a
windowsill, its swishing tail visible below the scalloped edge of a burgundy brocade curtain.

The other female occupant of the room sat for a moment on the edge of the neatly made bed, just long
enough to remove her shoes and begin unwinding long red hair from the day's upswept hairstyle. When she
arose, she moved like a panther stalking its prey, gracefully moving from dresser to arm chair to closet,
making her way to the open bathroom, dropping items of clothing and jewelry purposely as she went. Steam
began to fill the space as she opened the shower door, stepped inside, and sighed as the first blast of hot
water hit her alabaster skin.

With eyes closed and head bent, she languished under the stinging spray until her naturally pale skin was
flushed a dusty dark pink and the tips of her fingers began to wrinkle. She always considered a shower far
more than just the labor of becoming clean. It was her time to think, dream, explore her body, and her
fantasies. Today was no different. She leaned against the tiled wall of the shower, eyes still closed, hands
concentrating on rubbing the bubbles of her favorite brown sugar and vanilla body scrub across her
generous breasts and down her arms. The combination of rough sugar and heat had her puffy nipples
peaking out pertly from the dark areola surrounding them and straining under her fingertips. The more
attention they demanded, the more she paid them, circling with the pads of her fingers and stopping every
so often to pinch them and listen to the sound of her own husky sighs.

She rolled her neck in soothing circles as she cleansed and conditioned, rinsed and wrung out her long hair.
A moment later, bent in half to shave her legs, she arched her back like Cat might do and stretched out the
long lean musculature of her back and arms. It was almost ritualistic, this process of reclaiming her soul from
the working persona she was forced to adopt.

A large and thoroughly masculine hand reopened those double doors a few minutes later and allowed the
cat her much desired escape. He heard the shower running as he slipped inside. He chuckled to himself.
Knowing Honey as he did, this might take a while. There was no such thing as a quick shower in her world.
She loved her time to play. Deftly he dispensed with his suit jacket and tie. As he unbuttoned his white dress
shirt and began to slip out of it, a broad smile crossed his dark features. Laugh lines began to appear
around his eyes and down his handsome face as memories of having her in naked in the shower, bent over
with him behind her, sliding deep inside over and over until they both were soaked and satisfied came into
full view in his head. Shoes and socks gone, he was down to his jeans and boxers as he suppressed
another chuckle and remembered the time he balanced on the edge of the garden tub rubbing her back and
running his fingers through her radiant red curls and she rewarded him with the hottest, wettest birthday
blow job ever. He shuddered and groaned, tried to push her away only to have her clutch him tighter as he
felt himself coming in long hot spurts down the back of her throat. It seemed to go on forever. She milked her
lover of every drop he had to offer happily, greedily and swallowed looking much like the cat who lunched on
the proverbial canary. Oh the memories. How sweet they were indeed. History and anticipation were the
deep glow in his dark eyes as he settled into the chocolate colored wing chair opposite their bed and just

As the water began to run from hot to cool she slid one hand down between her slightly parted legs.
Brushing past the artfully trimmed red landing strip, her fingers found themselves teasing, caressing the
insides of her thighs, feeling the heat, sliding upward to part the lips of her pussy slightly and dip one finger
inside. She gasped as that finger tip found her sensitive bud and began to slowly rub it in circles. Arching
her back into the sensations, she leaned against the smoothly tiled shower wall, and spread her legs further
apart, both hands quickly finding their way between her smooth thighs, holding her pussy open so that the
water from the shower head danced deliciously across her wet clit. Her head shook from side to side as she
enjoyed the pressure, the budding and building torture and the cool water that continued to relentlessly
pound her already sodden cleft.

Honey knew she wasn't ready to come just yet. She needed the buildup and the let down to settle her
frazzled nerves. There was something about existing on the verge between the ultimate pleasure and
cruelest frustration that held a strange appeal to her. As her body calmed back down, she shut off the faucet
and reached for a towel. She briskly rubbed her pale skin, feeling the contours of her body, the smoothness
of freshly shaved legs and the gentle swells of her breasts. Anticipation stoked the embers of the dying fire
within her as she dried between her legs and allowed the towel to linger a moment as it brushed over her
already swollen and engorged pussy. That's it, she thought, imagining the faint roughness was the pads of
her lover's work worn fingers as he roughly parted her in advance of his tongue, or perhaps his rock hard
cock. Her eyes closed involuntarily, the memories of his touch, his scent wafted over her consciousness.

She stalked, rather than walked, out of the bathroom and made her way towards the bed. The room was still
nearly pitch dark. Honey bent to light a candle on the nightstand rather than flip a switch. As she admired
the flame, a hand snaked into the nightstand drawer and brought forth a small jar of lube and her favorite
dark pink vibrator. She was so focused on the task at hand she didn't notice her lover sitting in the chair
opposite the bed. Or did she? Abandoning the toy and the lube for a moment, Honey reached for a small
crystal bottle sitting atop the headboard and began to sprits her damp skin with the liquid inside. Eyes
closed, deep breath in, she inhaled the intoxicating scent she was named for: raw honey, clover, vanilla and

The feel of rough denim was becoming uncomfortable and tight as her lover watched from his spot in the
darkened corner of the room. He forced himself to keep his eyes open as he stroked concentric circles over
the tip of his cock as it strained against his boxers and those damn jeans. He almost regretted leaving them
on. Almost. He stifled a gasp as she slid batteries into the pink vibrator he gave her as a Christmas gift one
year. He picked it out from the masses of toys in every color, shape and size simply because it was the
closest in size and shape to his own anatomy. Big and thick, the way she liked it, even though it always felt
like bragging to acknowledge it aloud. She joked when she removed it from the package and got over her
initial surprise, that now she'd never be without him, even when he couldn't be there in the flesh to satisfy
her. She paused to raise an eyebrow at the word satisfy. Raised eyebrows led to kisses under imaginary
mistletoe, her robe somehow came undone and before either of them realized it, they missed Christmas
brunch with friends and ended up with living room rug burns in some incredibly sensitive places.

He shifted in his chair, trying to create space for himself where there simply wasn't any. Did she notice? Did
the movement catch her eye? She didn't look up, didn't acknowledge or invite him to join her if it did, but he
was sure she knew he was there. She had to, right?

Slender fingers twisted the black base of the toy and power shuddered through it. The faint hum of the
motor grew a bit louder as she adjusted the settings to her liking. The tip of the toy slide up through her
cleavage, propelled by one hand while the other massaged her breast, tweaked and teased a nipple. Her
naked back was to him before long, but the view of her reflecting off the closet door mirror brought the
picture full circle. The toy moved from her breasts down her belly towards her very neglected mound.

Honey settled into the middle of their bed, one shapely leg bent at the knee and the other outstretched
towards her lover, in an almost silent invitation, as she reclined into the pillows behind her head. She gave
him a full and unobstructed candle lit view of her hands reaching down to part her shaved bare lips. He
watched as she caressed her throbbing clit with two fingers and spread the already flowing juices in slow
circles until her hips were bucking up off the bed to meet those greedy fingers. Finally, as if she were
enjoying taunting and torturing them both with anticipation, she picked up the vibrator, drizzled it with vanilla
scented lube and slid the head of it up against her pussy, rubbing the tip sideways over her clit. Poor little
clit that needed to come so badly by now. She gasped at the raw power of it, gasped as she tried to keep
herself in control of the show.

Her lover gasped from across the room as she closed her eyes, threw her head back against the crush of
pillows and slowly, inch by solid inch, slid that toy deeper and deeper inside her dampened hole. She took
turns fucking herself, feeling the bulbous head bump up against her pulsing gspot and then delicately
running the tip over her pussy lips, teasing that sensitive spot but stopping short of making contact. When
she could hold off no longer she pressed that pretty pink toy to her pussy, wrapped her long legs around it
to hold it tight to her clit and rode it until her orgasm hit like a freight train, rumbling and shuddering, she
screamed and gushed hot cream all over her hand, the toy and her sheets.

Honey abandoned the toy to the floor next to the bed as she sunk deeper into the pillows and linens,
breathing still ragged and not even close to being satisfied. Was one orgasm ever enough? It was a good
warm up, she thought, while watching her lover squirm in his chair and dig his fingers into the arm rests as if
he were holding on for dear life, trying not to cream himself right then and there. If that's the way he wanted
to play the game, she could certainly kick things up a notch. She pushed the sheets away from her
glistening skin and began to trace lines from her aching nipples to her belly button, the tops of her thighs to
the sensitive place between her pussy and her bum. Once again her eyes closed and she worked two
fingers deep inside her steaming pussy, finding a rhythm with which to fuck herself. The moaning increased
and her head began to thrash back and forth across the pillows as she worked her way toward yet another
climax. Rolling onto her stomach, and not missing a beat, Honey bent her head down onto the pillows as she
raised up on her knees and continued pounding her fingers in and out of her slippery hole as she imagined
her lover's hard cock would surely do if he ever got the idea and came to play with her. She knew he had to
be watching this with eyes wide open, astonished by her brazen antics. As she continued to arch her back
and work her clit with the pad of one thumb, she finally heard the scrape of a metal zipper and a shiver of
anticipation worked its way from her shoulders down to her toes. The weight of her lover sinking down onto
the foot of the bed had her wanting to raise her hand in victory, but she was too far gone pleasuring herself
to have wanted to let go now.

Their big bed rocked and swayed under them as her lover knee-crawled between Honey's wide-spread legs
and settled in half under her and half behind her. He gently rubbed and caressed each of her round
ass-checks, his fingers straying a bit to dip into her creamy pussy and mingle with her own busy digits before
his thumb worked it's way inside her bum. He knew how she loved that feeling of being filled and how quickly
it always made her come. Two could play the game she started. Indeed.

Her fingers slipped away from her cunt as she gave into the sensations her lover was bringing to her
backside. Knees slid father apart, back arched into him, head down into the pillows and breathing hard, her
lover had her exactly where they both wanted to be. He wasted no time in teasing her with his throbbing
straining cock, and pressed the full, thick length into her balls-deep and sighed. So did Honey, enjoying the
fullness and the stretch of him. Her lover paused a moment, allowing her to adjust to his size, before slowly
withdrawing, his dick now coated with her love. Slowly he slid forward, inched deeper into her and the
stopped. She reached back with both hands and grabbed as his ass, pulling him closer, urging him deeper.
Never wanting him to stop.

Soon her lover found himself using her hips as handles and leverage as he slammed himself into her, the
sounds of bare skin slapping against her ass as he filled her, the show and the games long since
abandoned in favor of fucking. She began to orgasm again, hard, and he was relentless, not allowing her a
moment to recover as she went from "oh yes baby, yes" to babbling incoherently as spasm after spasm
gripped her and refused to let go. She soaked him with her girl cum. He could see white streaks left behind
on his cock as he withdrew from her and slammed hard back into her once more. She clamped her tight
muscles down on him when she'd had more than enough and squeezed him like never before.

The impossible pressure and friction of trying thrust into her while she held him tight quickly became too
much. His breath coming in quick pants, his moans grew louder until she knew she had him, knew he was
about to come inside her. And come he did... hard, as five or six, maybe seven powerful jolts ripped through
him, he ground into Honey's hot wet core and he emptied the contents of his heavy full balls into her. She
reached back and took them in her hands, fondling them lightly as he finished flooding her. They stayed that
way, rocking gently, locked together for several minutes, breathing ragged and limbs exhausted both from
the work day and from their games. Her lover groaned as he reluctantly slid his cock from her. He sank back
on his heels, running his fingers down the curve of her spin and cupping the globes of her ass before
allowing her to turn over and face him. A sleepy satisfied and smug smile crossed her face as the candle
flickered and illuminated her from behind. There was something special about the amber glow of thoroughly
satisfied wild honey.

Copyright© 2009 Scarlett Grace

Scarlett Grace is a 38 year old San Diego native, currently residing in the desert southwest with her husband and young
daughter.  Scarlett recently completed her first novel and has written countless erotic short stories.  When she's not
writing, Scarlett is an avid gardener, enjoys needle point and spending time with her daughter.  Scarlett blogs at
www.distract-me.blogspot.com.  Comments may be sent to Sweetestdistraction@gmail.com