Wild Night
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Wild Night
Written by Lofn Dabria

A red haired woman, with pale skin, rosy lips and a slender built named Mara, slumps in chair, “I suppose.” A
man with a slender built and brown curled hair named Marco, walks to her and places his hand on her
shoulder, “well what ever u asked him I bet you didn't mean to upset him in any way.” Mara looks up to him and
smiles softly, “so what brings you to this room?” He smirks and leans in, “well I always come to this room, and
like to meet new people and have fun sometimes and yourself?”

She looks up, “ same.”

Marco notices her beautiful hair he strokes it without thinking. He looks into her eyes letting his glazing red
eyes blaze with the reflection of the fire. Mara surprised by his reaction she jumps slightly.

He stumbles a little, “w.. wait am sorry.” Marco moves the hand off her shoulder slightly.  She wrinkles out her
dress slightly looking up at him. Slightly unscared, she looks up at him, “you're okay.”

He looks down at her, “you do look nice by the way.” Marco smiles letting his eyes look warm.

She blushes a little under his gaze, “thank you….”

He smirks slightly with a warm sigh, “ no problem.” He locks eyes. Mara leans forward slightly and captures his

Marco looks at her as she captures his lips, as his eyes stay locked with hers.

Mara he smiles and kisses him sweetly. He strokes his hand down her hips as he pulls her closer to him softly.
She continues to kiss him a little more hungrily. Mara feels his hands move down her hips as he pulls her
closer. He kisses her with intent of desire.  Marco rests his hands on her ass as a bulge forms under his jeans.
She blushes as he grabs her more. Marco strokes her body removing her dress. He takes his jeans and pants
off revealing his cock to her. She smiles and stands nude before him. Looking up at him, she looks down at his
cock when he took off his jeans, “oooh….”

Marco moves her hand to it letting her feel how hard he is. He kisses her neck, yet he can’t hold out. She feels
it flinches in her hand and how alive it is. she moves her neck to allow more access. She smirks and moves his
hand down to her mound to feel how wet she is. He presses his finger up inside her and he rests her against
the wall. His cock throbs aggressively.

Mara moans feeling his finger inside of her. He raises her hips in response to him-

Marco breaths in her ear as he lifts her up slightly and raising her leg over his shoulder. He strokes the tip of
his cock on her mound. Marco then penetrates her deeply feeling her collapse on him. He pounds her hard
and fast straight away to keep her from waiting. Mara screams out in pleasure as he pounds her hard. She
reaches for something and balls her fist feeling alive, “OMG!” She bites her bottom lip and her insides tighten
around him as he pounds her almost as if into the ground.

He nibbles her earlobe moaning in her ear. Marco strokes up her leg that’s over his shoulder. He doesn't stop
as his speed and power increase, his other hand strokes her body in pleasure-

She inhales deeply and gives a utters a moan. Mara’s other leg tightens around Darsh pulling him in more. Her
body clamps down on him.    

Feeling her desire for more, he attempts to fuck her deeper. Marco feels her womb now as he attempts to
penetrate the womb and cervix.  Under major pounding, he keeps going as his pleasure takes over him. Her
womb starts squeezing him out wanting what he has. Mara’s desires fills her eyes like she can't think of
anything else. She moves up and down rocking into him for the need. Her mouth hotly open and breathes in
deeply. Periodically, Mara bites down on her bottom lip as he pounds into her, “mmm.” Marco kisses her
deeply feeling his desire rises more with each thrust. His member penetrates her womb now going all out. He
moans into her mouth, “mm hmm.”

She flicks her tongue over his and stares at him with pure desire. Mara’s insides clamps down on him again
and holds him in place. Her eyes flutter sensing she's almost cumming. Marco flicks and twists with her tongue
aggressively letting his lips stroke against hers. He looks at her with equal gaze while stroking her leg. Marco’s
cum starts boiling inside like he’s  ready to burst in her. Their tongues war against one another as she holds
him close. Her body tightens around him again and she moans into his mouth.

Marco strokes Mara’s body feeling her curves and slender stomach. He lets out a big moan in her mouth as he
cums deep inside of her. Mara’s womb fills up with his seed. She kisses him deeply as she finally cums and
their juices intermingle. Mara leans back slightly in a daze and holds onto him. Marco holds her against the
wall as he lets out heavy breaths in her ear. He keeps his cock inside her. Mara comes out of her daze and
strokes his hair, “you were very exciting.” She smiles and continues to stroke his hair. Mara blushes.  Marco
kisses her cheeks softly. His lips kiss her her red cheeks, “I’d love to have this more often.” She tilts her head
“ah.” She giggles and kisses his lips once more, “that can be arranged. He chuckles softly just so she can
hear it and kisses back.

Stroking his hair, she breaks the kiss and still fills herself pinned against the wall, “are you gonna let me down
or is there a round two?” He looks at her, “hmmm it depends on what u want.” Marco slightly moves his cock
out. She watches him pull it out and wraps one of her hands around him.

“I would like to have more fun with you at a later time for sure. You've sparked my interest for sure…,” she
says. He looks up at and strokes her hair, “for sure.”

© 2014  

I am a artist, poet, novelist and screenwriter. I have been writing since ever since I could remember. I have two published books
of poetry and currently work as an writer. I have a strong influence in culture, mysticism and  spirituality . I dive into my natural
talents and relish being positive and upbeat about life.
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