Wonderful Wondering Minds
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

Wonderful Wondering Minds
by Brandi Liberty

Here it is, Valentine’s Day, and I am sitting in a classroom waiting for my professor and
fellow students to arrive. It is very quiet, so its giving my head time to wonder.
Wondering far away from here to another time and place. A place where I am who I want to
be and doing what I love doing.

Well you may ask me, “Who do you want to be?” and “What is it you love doing?” My
answer to you would be this: I want to be that very sexy, desirable, and erotic temptress
who has the ability to make a man buckle at the knees, scream his lungs out like never
before, and to gyrate his hips in feverishly pounding steady motions.

I have done it before many times and I know I will and can do it again! It is a great pleasure
to give a man such intense pleasure that he loses all of his inhibitions so that he allows
himself to feel every sensation, every tingle, and every erotic delight given to him.
I think about how I have done this. How I have learned that if I get him to the edge, keeping
him there, making his cock pulsate and throw. His ball sac tightening up, readying itself to
exert pressure on the two orbs that exist inside so that they can shoot their creamy white,
hot, and sticky Jism out of that hard shaft that is leading the way just ahead.

To just add an extra touch or sensation would just send them over the edge. So I ponder on
how I should do that. Knowing that it will only intensify the extreme to which his orgasmic
height will reach.

Should I ride his cowboy backward and right at the point grab his toes, pulling them up
toward his knees, shooting those nerve pulsations up his legs to his pelvis, to add some
extra oomph? Or, should I reach around to his ass while he is on top of me with my knees
pulled around my shoulders and grab it? Massaging it until he gets to the edge and then
touch his exceedingly perceptive brown eye, shooting diverse bravado through his prostate
then dispersing around his pelvis?

There are so many ways for me to succeed in my quest. Too many to list! But, I know that I
enjoy trying to realize my goals and that I have reached them when I see his ass tighten,
legs straightening and becoming rigid, back arching in attempt to ground his pelvis into
mine, placing his hard member further into my hot, wet, and tight pussy. To then throw his
head back, facial expressions becoming more concentrated, eyes rolling in the back of his
head, and his breathing becoming more brisk and deep as he begins to moan louder and
louder until that moment arrives and he has reached that farthest level of arousal. Then he
begins to scream as his balls and hard member begin to discharge their accolade, filling my
every being, driving deeper to make sure his juice remains inside. His body begins to
shudder and tremble as every drop has escaped and he can no longer hold himself up.
He then falls down on top of me, weak from the amount of energy that had just escaped him
being so insurmountable. His breath is hot and labored as he tries to let the oxygen re-
enter his body allowing him his vital organs and body to regain the vitally important
nutrients received from the very blood that just supported his hard shaft and pelvis while
achieving heights of ecstasy!

He just lays there on top until he is able to gain the strength to roll over. Laying there
unable to move or speak but wanting to express his thoughts, enjoyment and gratitude.
Only able to say “Oh Shit” or “Wow!”

As I lay there, taking it all in, while knowing that his response lets me distinguish that I was
able to succeed in my quest. Filled with great pride I just observe his every rejoinder and
action, perceptive that I fashioned in him an immense amount of pleasure. Then with a
mischievously passionate smile we just look at each other, knowing what had just happened
was a pleasingly pleasurable experience. We will be experiencing the strength of its
character each time while it is truly intense. Knowing that it will be an experience that I will
attempt to recreate repeatedly and then ensuring that the experience will be improving
each time. The intensity will be excruciatingly erotic and intensified from the time before.
Giving my wondering mind something to look forward to!

© 2015 Brandi Liberty

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