Peter Buddle, Born in Maidstone, Kent, Peter moved first to Oxford where he studied Art.   The next
move was to Trent, Nottingham for a BA degree and then to De Montfort University for a MA degree.   A
freelance designer, teacher and lecturer since 1977, he has worked in the film, television and museum
worlds, has been published and released several limited edition prints.   His work is in private
collections throughout Europe, the USA and Canada.   Peter has several one man shows and has been
represented in many joint exhibitions, although much of his work is commissioned or sold directly to
Rieke Berg was born in Berman, and has traveled much throughout Europe.  Rieke features erotic art
that captures the audience's attention through her message of "Art of Love," Unique because it shows the
beauty of art, love and sex.
Escha uses a method of painting in which abstraction and figurative images combine and reinforce each
other's effect. Her main inspiration comes from the old masters who create a beautiful sense of light in
their work and places such as Venice, Florence, and the Middle East.
Brita's work is mostly inspired by music, travel and personal experiences. Each painting can either put you
in another world, in the middle of a story or simply be the expression in symbols of her inner feelings
Samarel is out to grasp the onlooker's attention with the most unimaginable and unpredictable erotic
artcore, bringing out sexual desires and hidden pleasures to life.
Bare Back Gallery
June 2016
Bare Back Gallery  
David Aronson lives and works in the Philadelphia area. His art display quirky, offbeat drawings, paintings
and illustration which combine traditional media such as watercolor, ink, graphite and colored pencil with
digital media and digital collage. His work ranges from whimsical to fantastic, from highly stylized to
realistically rendered, and has been called unique and highly imaginative. It mixes lowbrow with fine art
elements and often employs unusual juxtapositions. Thematically, David often delves into the realms of
mythology and psychology. His digital animation has been featured on MTV2 and Fuse and his drawings
were featured regularly in BigNews, the New York journal of art and literature, as well as being exhibited
nationally in galleries and museum shows.
Liam Blockman finds inspiration in the beautiful and erotic babysitters, varied sister's older friends(of the
1970's) and radom visions of his youth. Born in Detroit,Michigan, Blockman has found the female figure to
be a constant theme and inspiration in other disciplines,songs,poems,paintings tatoo work. "Often
whimsical, the nude for him is a buffet for the eyes to be enjoyed everywhere erotica might loom." Blockman
is now working on series of Linoleum prints of nudes and the motel rooms of years gone by,several cantos
will accompany this new body of work. Liam can be contacted at
Erica Chappuis was born in Washington DC . She began taking yearly summer courses at the Corcoran School of Art
and studying with independent Washington area artists at age thirteen. In high school she was selected for a special,
experimental course in portraiture at the  National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution - the first of its kind offered
by the Smithsonian.

Chappuis graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts. She  
traveled to Switzerland, where she married, and thus gained dual nationality. Chappuis has been a practicing artist
ever since, specializing in erotic and sensual subjects. She is represented in many private collections. Museum
representation includes the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., the Erotic Art Museum in
Barcelona, Spain and the collection of the Kinsey Institute for Research, Gender, and Reproduction, Indiana
University. Her work has been featured on the PBS television programs, "Video Detroit" and "Backstage Pass". She is
listed in several books, including erotic art books, and Marquis' "Who's Who in American Women".
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