The Best Hentai Awards 2007

March 2008 : Results!

Well, I won't pretend I wasn't disappointed with the results... again. Another year of less than
sterling response to the Best Hentai Awards. I swear, if this happens again I won't run the
awards anymore! But then again when did that ever stop me from trying... sigh.

So without further ado (or lengthy opening monologue sequence)... the Best Hentai of 2007
(more or less since once again it was a freeforall year because of a small turnout in

Best Hentai Anime of 2007
30 Minute entry
It's the 30 minute one with a sports motif... hmm... now I feel like I have to review it for some
reason after this!

1 Hour entry
Hmm, I heard this was supposed to be good... another thing to put on my must review list.

90-up entry

Live Action Series
Penthouse Presents series
I don't know, maybe because it's the easiest of the three to get whose creator presently isn't
sitting in a jail cell somewhere in the continental United States.

Best Print Hentai Awards
Best Amerotica/Eurotica
Best One Shot
Judith & Holopernes from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Hot erotic biblical tales seems to appeal to readers.

Best Series
Omaha the Cat Dancer from Amerotica

Best Publisher
EROS Comix

Best Manga Erotica
Best One Shot
Innocence from Icarus Publishing

Best Series
Bondage Fairies Series from EROS Comix

Best Publisher
Icarus Publishing

Lifetime Achievement 2007
Kondom for Bondage Fairies (Hentai Manga)

And that as they say is that.
Ok, people? It's now the end of February, think by... oh I don't know... NOVEMEBER you might
be ready to nominate for Best Hentai of 2008?!?

That'd be nice if we got you all participating next year! Thanks!
And that, also, seals up the work on Hentai Review Poppers 2007 Edition.
I'll fill in some time in the Awards section with some opening monologue... if we find a publisher
to pick this up soon and I'm enthusiastic about doing that that is. Sigh...

Well, that's it for another year.
Here's to hoping (as I write this it's  a short time before the Academy Awards air here in
Hawaii) Persepolis didn't lose out to the culinary French rat movie.

Keep reading folks!

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