The Best of 2006 Awards
by David Rasmussen

Best Hentai of 2006 Month 3 - Voting Month

Voting was abit... well... meek... for nominations. But vote for final
winners you must, and here's the nominations, and the few winners
we have already right off the bat.

Best Hentai of 2006 Nominees

Best Hentai Manga
Best Hentai Manga One Shot or Anthology One Shot



Best Hentai Manga Series (2 and more volumes) (fused category)
Blue Eyes (English release)

Bondage Fairies

La Blue Girl the Original Manga
Super Taboo

Best Hentai Manga Company
Eros Comixs

Icarus Publishing

Best Amerotica or Eurotica Hentai Comic
Best One Shot or Anthology One Shot (or series that only had one
volume released to date)
Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl





Best Series (2 and more volumes) (fused category)

Diary of Molly Fredericksen : Peanut Butter

Katy : Sexy Magic


Best Hentai Anime
Best Hentai Anime One Shot OAV (30 to 60 minutes)

Endless Serenade


The Story of Little Monica

Best Hentai Anime One Shot Maxi OAV (90-120 or more minutes)


Slave Nurses

Teacher’s Pet (Anime 18 full length edition)

Best Hentai Anime Series (2 and more volumes) (fused category)
Angel Blade

La Blue Girl

Lesbian Ward

Wife and Wife

Best Hentai Anime Live Action One Shot OAV, Movie or Series
No votes recorded this year.

Best Hentai Anime “Anime Hot Shots” Format Release
Love Lessons

Pure Love

Spaceship Agga Ruter

Teacher’s Pet

Best Hentai Anime Company
Anime 18

Critical Mass/Vanilla Series

Kitty Media

Lifetime Achievement Awards of 2006

And finally we have Lifetime Achievement. Vote for who you think
deserves it the most.

Tohru Nishimaki of “Blue Eyes” representing the best of Mangaerotica

(The staff of) Icarus Publishing

Manare representing the best of Eurotica

(The title) “Small Favors” representing the best of Amerotica

Awards Already Given Out

In the already awarded categories, where awards were given out for
stand out products…

Icarus Publishing won an award for Best Hentai Anthology Magazine
Publication for it’s monthly anthology book

The creators of Small Favors won an award for Best Lesbian Erotica

The creators of BOUNCE PSP UMD for the PSP won an award for
Best Hentai for a handheld… mostly because to date it is the ONLY
true Hentai content product available right now and released on the
PSP that isn’t a hard to find import from Japan that only a few stores
carry so, well, it had no competition.

Hopefully 2007 will change all that because I’d hate to think BOUNCE
will get the same award year after year for being the only available
hentai on the PSP.

Playboy : The Mansion, by the way, won the award for Best Hentai on
a console… again, mostly due to incredible slim pickings and no lack
of censorship will make Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude
anymore playable than it was censored like all get out.

No Best Hentai on the PC award since there is actually Hentai on the
PC and it would take forever just to mull through it and pick one
without the “votes” of you the readers… sorry.

La Blue Girl mainman for Most Recommended Hentai Anime/Manga

Sorry if your favorites didn’t make the cut, but then again everyone
had a chance to vote and most of you passed it up so, as the
Hawaiians would say “No Vote No Bitch”… really, I’ve seen the
bumper stickers! Real bumper sticker (post Elections 2006).

Next Month? Well it’s the duldrums between voting and final awards,
and I was going to leave it with just the topic of the upcoming
Academy Awards and the Best Animated Feature Award of 2006 at
the Academy, but then G4 went off and did a show on the Adult
Entertainment Expo in January and... well... what the hell! G4 DOES
know that an "Adult Entertainment" Expo where all the sex content is
blocked out with large black boxes and footage censorship is about
as pointless as an apple pie without apple... right? Well I'll talk that up
with you next month, and maybe talk about the pointlessness of an
Adult Entertainment Expo shown without the Adult Entertainment (or
at least the illusion of it).

That’s that. Now you have until the weekend of the Academy Awards
to vote so get to it!

And remember! “No Vote No Bitch”… OK? OK. Get to it now.

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(Please write in the title field: "The Best Hentai of 2006 Awards")

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