Best Hentai of 2006 Awards :

by David Rasmussen

Don’t worry, there will be no opening monologue or time killers here.
Let’s just start giving out the darn awards already and say who gets

Best Hentai Manga
Best Hentai Manga One Shot or Anthology One Shot

Well that shouldn’t have been a surprise. It did just sell out after all.

Best Hentai Manga Series (2 and more volumes) (fused category)
Blue Eyes (English release)

With Volume 3 coming out that has to be a good sign of things to

Best Hentai Manga Company
Icarus Publishing

Best Amerotica or Eurotica Hentai Comic
Best One Shot or Anthology One Shot (or series that only had one
volume released to date)
Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl

Pity they didn’t do a Volume 2.

Best Series (2 and more volumes) (fused category)
Small Favors

Looking forward to when there’s enough content out for a Volume 3

Best Company
EROS Comix

Best Hentai Anime One Shot OAV (30 to 60 minutes)

Hmm… guess I have to review this one soon.

Best Hentai Anime One Shot Maxi OAV (90-120 or more

Ditto on this.

Best Hentai Anime Series (2 and more volumes) (fused
La Blue Girl

Best Hentai Anime Live Action One Shot OAV, Movie or Series
No votes recorded this year.

Best Hentai Anime “Anime Hot Shots” Format Release
Teacher’s Pet

Best Hentai Anime Company
Anime 18

Despite the fact it’s titles really doesn’t play well on the PS2’ it still got
the vote.

Lifetime Achievement Awards of 2006

Manara representing the best of Eurotica

It had to be Manara, didn’t it.

Awards Already Given Out

Colleen Coover (Small Favors) won an award for Best Lesbian
Erotica Series

The creators of BOUNCY : VIRTUAL LAP DANCERS PSP UMD for the
PSP won an award for Best Hentai for a handheld

Playboy : The Mansion won the award for Best Hentai on a console

La Blue Girl won for Most Recommended Hentai Anime/Manga Series

And that, as they say, is that. Thank you one and all to all those who
participated and voted.
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