Best Hentai of 2007 Awards

Month One : Nominations Process

Well here we are, once again we are nominating the Best Hentai of the
year, 2007.

This year there are a few changes to note so let’s go into them before the
nomination categories and your 4-1-1 on nominating titles.

1-As you no doubt have noticed, we recently got a new forum board for
the site. Nominations will be done through the board (and information on
voting for Best Hentai of 2007 (January 2nd to the weekend prior to the
Academy Awards) will also be on the board for you to check out). Once the
thread is up (which should be just as this goes up) please make sure to
nominate ASAP, as you’ll only have until December 21st 2007 to nominate
your favorite hentai titles.

2-Because some people have expressed concern over this for the past
few years let me say again that, yes, partial votes and nominations are
accepted (vote for what categories you know best). Any voting is better
than no voting (or the very very slim voting from last year’s Best Hentai
Awards) so I want to fully express that we want to hear your vote, even if
you only feel comfortable voting in certain categories.

3-Again, since most of the adult companies have neglected to include us
in their shipping/newsletter informative mailouts I am going to extend the
“free for all” voting style from last year one more year.
For one more time you don’t necessarily have to nominate from 2007 (but
this is mostly because I don’t want to have to restrict you and you might
not be up on every category’s content for the year, and again the
aforementioned companies didn‘t really fill our review coffers so we could
keep you constantly updated on the latest from month after month). So,
well, until we have more adult companies actually return my e-mails to
them… well, free for all once again for the time being.

4-Nominations there are no limits per category, but as a general rule I
guess everyone will probably stick to between 1-5 nominations each
(unless you’ve had a really good year on certain categories and have lots
to recommend for a particular category).

5-Be sure to return post nomination (January 2nd 2008 to Academy Award
Weekend) to vote, as just nominating titles isn’t enough as you must also
return and vote for a winner (just like the Academy Awards or the Emmys
or whatever award show you like best).

OK, nuff said. Just remember…

Nominations ends December 21st 2007 (so I have time to get the
Votings list in for January)

Voting ends one week prior to the Academy Awards (Sunday) so I can
submit the final winners for posting on Academy Awards day.

OK, category time.

Best Hentai of 2007
Best Visual Hentai Awards
Best Hentai Animation
Best Short Hentai (30 minutes)
(NOTE - Includes series of 30 minutes apiece DVDs like the Anime Hot
Shots series from Anime18)
Best Hentai (60 minutes)
(NOTE - Includes two parter 30 min DVD sets)
Best Hentai Maxi (90 minutes & up)
Best Hentai Anime Company
Best Live Action Hentai
(NOTE - The Live Action category covers both live action versions of
animes as well as the better known soft slash hardcore porn)
Best Live Action Short (30 minutes or so)
(NOTE - Covers both soft and hardcore porn)
Best Live Action (60 minutes or so)
Best Live Action Maxi (90 minutes or so)
Best Live Action Company
Best Print Hentai Awards
Best Amerotica/Eurotica
Best One Shot
Best Series
Best Publisher
Best Manga Erotica
Best One Shot
Best Series
Best Publisher
Best Print Magazine Erotica
Best Title/Publisher
Best Online Hentai Awards
Best Hentai clip/movie website
Best Hentai Amerotica/Eurotica website
Best MangaErotica website
Best Prose Hentai Fiction website
Lifetime Achievement 2007

Nominations for Categories
If you have any categories I missed please nominate them here (along with
some nominations for said category if you please). The most popular get
added into the Best Hentai of 2007 Award voting.

Remember the deadline! Deadline for nominations are December 21st,

Now all you have to do is go out and vote, so don’t forget to vote now!

Next Month : My personal recommendations list of the Best and Worst
Hentai of 2007

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