Best Hentai of 2007 Awards

Month 2 of 5 : Best & Worst of 2007

Welcome back! As we close out 2007 it’s time to look at the best and worst
the year had to offer up to us. First thing, and I feel like I’m repeating
myself once again this year (mostly because I am) there is the fact that…
well… once again as of this date (that I am submitting this review) I haven’t
been receiving any votes from anyone in order to nominate the Best
Hentai of 2007. Come on, once again this is really an interactive voting
thing we have going for you, and your vote will count for something… but,
of course, you’ll need to VOTE before your vote can count (just like last

I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself, but the standard of
“No Vote, No Bitch (about the results)” stands true this year as it did last

As this goes up it’s only three weeks left to vote once this goes up so
make sure you vote! Full instructions and voting categories can be found
on the Nominations thread from last month (should be in archives I guess),
so check it out and please vote! Deadline is December 21st so hurry up
and vote already! (Did I mention to go and vote? Vote!)

check out the archived thread from last month to see the categories you're
voting on.

Best of 2007 Awards

Nominations process.
Nominate as many or as few per category as you wish, and if you can’t for
all of them vote for what you know and leave blank categories you don’t
have any opinion on.

Send all nominations to me at before the
December 21st, 2007 deadline.

Nominees for each category will be announced in January (the start of the
voting for Best of winners).

Now it's time for the Best/Worst of 2007... check it.

Best/Worst Hentai of 2007

Once again let’s start with the worst.


No Nominations
Since I didn’t review Animes this year I have no opinion on them.


Bayba : Domina in Red
Yeah, is it me or was Baldazzini in a particularly bitter mood when he
created this Bayba series? Seems like that to me, what with the endless
sex scenes that are ugly (in comparison to the work he did in Casa
Howhard), as well as the overall bitter emotions that seem to run rampant
in direct contrast to the more uplifting feel of Casa Howhard.
Somebody was in a bad mood when making this one. Can’t you fell it.
Casa Howhard
It’s not the worst, but running the same one trick pony until the pony
collapses from the strain isn’t a good idea either. The title had a lot of
potential, potential that is never explored nor taken advantage of no
matter how much it’s readers might wish otherwise.
Katy : Sexy Magic
By the time this title gets over it’s own problems with one-trick-pony-ism the
title is nearly over and what little innovation the title has seems to have
NOTHING to do with it’s star Katy. Maybe if there was a Katy : Sexy Magic
Volume 3 we might seem a greater infusion of innovation in the sex of the
title… maybe.
You may say there might not be another, but out of nowhere we saw a
Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 2 AND a Casa Howhard Volume 4 so
who is to say there might not be another Katy… maybe.


Wow, what do you know… whatever little hentai content there was
was completely used up last year. There isn’t anything left to
pretend to consider. What a surprise.
Not saying there isn’t anything to complain about, though.
More GTA clone games.
Yeah, using GTA’s game mechanics in games will never die. Never.
Now if only the games would be good, or at least passable enough to
justify a sequel (Saint’s Row for the XBox360 comes to mind in that regard).

Manhunt 2 exposes truth about AO+18 rating
Yeah, there is a truth to it other than the fact that it’s stupid.
I mean we already have a M for Mature 17+ rating, so what the hell would
you need ANOTHER rating that basically is 365 days above M for Mature
(AO for Adults Only 18+)?!? Sadly that use, as of the coming of Manhunt
2, is now revealed and it’s no good.

Manhunt, the original game, is a disturbing (even more disturbing than you
may think of as disturbing) video game that really rocked the boat when it
hit. Manhunt 2, prior to the spade and neutering it underwent to get back it’
s M for Mature status, apparently was worst than the original. I don’t know
how, since only the people who rated the game (the evil ESRB, all three
members of said ESRB) and those who made the game (and thus spade
and neutered it) know what was it about the game that they didn’t like.
But now apparently the reason for a AO+18 is revealed, because Manhunt
2 almost got it and it was considered a death sentence for the game.
Yeah, apparently AO+18 (despite what you may have heard) isn’t an extra
layer of protection to warn adults of adult games as much as it is a Scarlet
Letter showing companies like Nintendo & Sony what games to boycott
from their systems.

Are we sick of the ESRB yet? Are we tired of having them run us over with
their Nanny Nation draconian ways of hyper censorship in an “Attempt” to
“protect the children”? Give us a break already! There are more than
enough games out there for all ages, and when it comes to picking games
that are appropriate it’s up to the parents to make the choice themselves.
It’s NOT the job of game companies to censor and restrict the content of
what we, the gamer, can play just to kiss ass with parental groups and
censor mongers who want to strip us of our right to choose what we want
to play.

Rockstar Games should never have bowed their spines to these censor
Not with the censorship of the “Hot Coffee” mod from GTA:San Andreas.
Not with the AO+18 rating for Manhunt 2.
And not at all, period.

It’s not my responsibility to coddle the whiney bitchy intolerant groups out
there who insist on having everything their way. Well guess what, I want it
my way too!

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, please stop spade and neutering
games to make certain loud noisy parent groups happy. Dammit if I want to
play a PS2 or PSP title with sexual content in it then it’s MY affair what I do!
Stop stripping me of choice because others hate the choices I make! In
want to play these, and dammit I insist on playing them!
Where is…?

Is it me or is it now impossible to find a copy of Cathy the Co-Ed on PSP
UMD format?

Yeah, the one softcore porn on the PSP is all but gone. I wonder why…
oh, and then there’s harder-core Bouncy : Virtual Lap Dancer for the PSP
which can only be found at That’s not an easy title to come
by either.

Stop treating us like little kids, Sony. We hate it when you treat us like kids.


I honestly can’t think of a good sexual thing that happened in consoles or

Sad to say I didn’t review any this year so I don’t have any opinion.


Well, there is this one. I haven’t reviewed it yet but it is on my list as
something I am sure that I will score high. Try again to review it in 2008.

When one female discovers she is having a hard time getting to the
Big O… no, not the giant robot from that BANDAI series, I mean the
OTHER Big O… she gets the help of her sister (oooh… incest), a
psychic, a mad scientist, mother (more incest), lesbians and more to
help her get to that special moment.

This should be an interesting review… when I finally get around to it.


Blue Eyes

Returning for it’s second year as The Best, Blue Eyes makes stories with
women packing large breasts actually intelligent. Unlike other series I’ve
talked of to date this is the most erotic of experiences on print I’ve
reviewed to date. Worth reading for it’s heat and it’s variety in mixing it up
now and then keeping it fresh from volume to volume.
Council of Carnality Unlimited
Whoever would have thought that student council could be both fun and
sexually fulfilling at the same time. Well in Council of Carnality Unlimited it
is, boy is it.

Femme Kabuki
Best period piece hentai manga you are NOT reading. Probably near
impossible to find as a complete set, but if you do find it you’ll be rewarded
for your efforts. Great read.

Since it sold out it’s 1st Edition I thought it worth mentioning once again.

Omaha the Cat Dancer
Takes the been there done that concept of furryotica and turns it into an
intelligently designed soap opera dashed with that perfect sprinkling of
erotica for flavoring.
Shows the full potential of the furry genre and where it can go when done
Small Favors

Yes, I reviewed it in 2007 and it’s on my list for 2007.
One of (if not THE) definitive title of the lesbian erotica genre. Colleen
Coover’s work should be an inspiration for future lesbian erotica creators
to come after her.

That’s that. Once again that’s my year’s Best and Worst of Hentai. Don’t
need to take
my word for it, check these out for yourself if you can… of course if it’s the
worst your checking then buyer beware (once again).

Next Month

January has come and it’s time to tell you the nominations for Best of each
category, and start the final voting cycle towards picking winners of each
Of course you should have already nominated titles for The Best Hentai of
2007 Awards so do make sure to nominate NOW! Deadline is December
21st, so get to it!
Otherwise I’ll see you when it’s final voting time! Bye!

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