Best Hentai of 2007 Awards
Month 3 of 5 : Best Hentai of Voting

Welcome back! As we start up a brand new year (2008) it’s time to leave the nomination
process and enter the final voting for Best Hentai of 2007.
First thing, and I feel like I’m repeating myself once again this year (mostly because I am)
there is the fact that… well… too late to worry about how few votes we got for the nomination
process, so it’s time to focus on voting for the winners! That means I need everyone to do
their part and come up to bat on the voting process.

Come on, once again this is really an interactive voting thing we have going for you, and your
vote will count for something… but, of course, you’ll need to VOTE before your vote can count
(just like last year).

I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself, but the standard of “No Vote, No Bitch
(about the results)” stands true this year as it did last year.

As this goes up it’s only so many weeks left to vote once this goes up (before the weekend
before the Academy Awards) so make sure you vote! Full instructions and voting categories
can be found on the Nominations thread from last month (still holds true for voting except now
it’s e-mails to only please for final voting).
Deadline is the weekend before the Academy Awards (7 days before) so hurry up and vote
already! (Did I mention to go and vote? Vote!)

OK. ONE MORE TIME! WITH FILLIN -- I MEAN FEELING! Don't forget to check out the
archived thread from last month to see the categories you're voting on.

Best of 2007 Awards

Voting Process.
1-This time out final voting will be done via e-mail, or posting on the nomination thread OR by
signing up to my new Islands of Eros Yahoo Group and voting on the polls I’ll post there (a
new poll every day from January 2nd until all categories are posted).
My e-mail address is, and just look below for the link for leaving
comments (another way to vote). If you must you can also post it on the forum board (I’ll put
up a thread just for voting soon).

Once the thread is up (which should be just as this goes up) please make sure to vote ASAP,
as you’ll only have until one weekend prior to the Academy Awards 2007 to vote for your
favorite hentai titles.

2-Because some people have expressed concern over this for the past few years let me say
again that, yes, partial votes are accepted (vote for what categories you know best). Any
voting is better than no voting (or the very very slim voting from last year’s Best Hentai
Awards) so I want to fully express that we want to hear your vote, even if you only feel
comfortable voting in certain categories.

3-Don’t need to worry about the “Free for All” format since we’re now down to voting from the
nominated titles. So we won’t worry about it.

4-One vote per category award please. Don’t vote for more than one title per Award.
5-Are you back to vote now? Just nominating titles isn’t enough (though just coming to vote isn’
t enough either if you didn’t take the time to nominate titles to vote on). It’s a two prong thing.
You nominate then you vote. Simple as that.

OK, nuff said. Just remember…

Voting for winners is until the weekend before the Academy Awards (Sunday), so vote quickly!
OK, category time. And yes, this includes my own votes for each categories.

Best Hentai of 2007
Best Visual Hentai Awards
Insufficent nominations to hold
Best Hentai Animation
Unfortunately nobody voted this year for any of the animation categories so that is on hold for
a year. Apologies… (of course should people nominate between NOW and the end of January
I might put it back in and have voting for it held in February over at my Yahoo Group Islands of
Eros). (See below for final date to get some of the non nominated categories back on the
voting list for an award.
Best Live Action
No nominations, no categories. Sorry.
Best Print Hentai Awards
Best Amerotica/Eurotica
Best One Shot
Judith & Holopernes from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Pillow Fight from Eurotica
Polyps the Hunter : The X-Phase from Radio Comix
Thamara & Juda from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Best Series
Kristina : Queen of Vampires from Eurotica
Naimah from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Omaha the Cat Dancer from Amerotica
Best Publisher
EROS Comix
Last Gasp of San Francisco
Radio Comix
Best Manga Erotica
Best One Shot
Anzu : Shards of Memory from Icarus Publishing
Council of Carnality Unlimited from Icarus Publishing
Innocence from Icarus Publishing
Pet Humiliation Diary from Icarus Publishing
Best Series
Blue Eyes from Icarus Publishing
Bondage Fairies Series from EROS Comix
Super Taboo Series from EROS Comix
Best Publisher
EROS Comix
Icarus Publishing
Lifetime Achievement 2007
Tobalina for Spanish Fly & other “hot blooded Spanish sex” titles (Eurotica)
The Creative Staff of Omaha the Cat Dancer (Amerotica)
Kondom for Bondage Fairies (Hentai Manga)
Rockstar Games for continuing to push the envelope of adult video games (gaming)
Nominations for Categories

If you have any categories I missed please nominate them here (along with some nominations
for said category if you please). The most popular get added into the Best Hentai of 2007
Award voting.

Oh, and categories not nominated will be brought back for discussion over at Islands of Eros
to see if we can scrounge up nominations for February’s update (and inclusion back into the
voting cycle). Updates on that next month.

Remember the deadline!
Deadline for nominations to be included in the final voting is
January 23rd
(about a week before the end of the month!)

Email nominations and questions to
(Please write in the title field: "The Best Hentai of 2007 Awards"

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