Best Hentai Awards 2007

February 2008 : Last Chance to Vote!

Well we’re almost there, just need to get to the awards itself and we’re on.
And yes, regardless of whether the writers allow the Academy Awards to go on or not we
will have our awards and our results in your hands ASAP. Speaking of which…
Redressed Hentai Anime/Live Action Hentai Awards

Let’s try this one more time.

Voting can be done either here or at my Islands of Eros Yahoo! Group (the categories
should be up by now). Of course I went back to familiar ground since nobody nominated
anything this year, so hopefully next year I’ll see more nominations from people!
(Ideally I take it your reading adult erotica because you either WATCH or READ it, hence I
take it you have an opinion of what you like or hate about the genre… don’t you? Come
on, don’t leave us guessing! Tell us what you like and what you don’t like! We want to
know your favorites, and then recognize those favorites with an award because people
love it so! Is that too much to ask for? Honestly!)

So once again sorry if I just go back to what I know is good (or just needed something for
filler space) for you to vote on, but you need to take a more active approach in voting next
year to see what you want to see up for an award! Otherwise it’s the old saying of “No
vote, no bitch (if you don’t see what you want up for something)” OK? OK.

Best Hentai Anime of 2007

30 Minute entry
Endless Serenade
Professor Shino’s Lessons in Seduction
Sexy Sailor Soliders
1 Hour entry
Sex Ward
90-up entry
Stainless Nights
Spaceship Agga Ruter
Teacher’s Pet
Live Action Series
Girls Gone Wild Softcore Porn series
No Man’s Land series
Penthouse Presents series

(Still time for a write in vote on live action porn (softcore or hardcore).
Just e-mail me (or post it in the thread on the forum board) the title, length of time (running
time) and company it’s from for a write in vote. I’ll find a category for it (no problem).
Otherwise here’s a reprint of the rest of the categories.

Best Print Hentai Awards
Best Amerotica/Eurotica
Best One Shot

Judith & Holopernes from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Pillow Fight from Eurotica
Polyps the Hunter : The X-Phase from Radio Comix
Thamara & Juda from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Best Series
Kristina : Queen of Vampires from Eurotica
Naimah from Last Gasp of San Francisco
Omaha the Cat Dancer from Amerotica
Best Publisher
EROS Comix
Last Gasp of San Francisco
Radio Comix
Best Manga Erotica
Best One Shot
Anzu : Shards of Memory from Icarus Publishing
Council of Carnality Unlimited from Icarus Publishing
Innocence from Icarus Publishing
Pet Humiliation Diary from Icarus Publishing
Best Series
Blue Eyes from Icarus Publishing
Bondage Fairies Series from EROS Comix
Super Taboo Series from EROS Comix
Best Publisher
EROS Comix
Icarus Publishing

Lifetime Achievement 2007
Tobalina for Spanish Fly & other “hot blooded Spanish sex” titles (Eurotica)
The Creative Staff of Omaha the Cat Dancer (Amerotica)
Kondom for Bondage Fairies (Hentai Manga)
Rockstar Games for continuing to push the envelope of adult video games (gaming)
OK! That’s it. Now one more time…

Voting can be done either by e-mailing me at (heading of
Best Hentai Voting of 2007), posting your votes on the Best Hentai Awards thread in the
forum board on this site (aka the Discussion Board), or by coming over to my Yahoo!
Groups site “Islands of Eros” and voting on the polls at that site. Remember, you have until
the weekend of the Academy Awards to vote.

And yes, once again regardless of whether the screenwriters strike derails the Academy
Awards or not I will still hold my awards on time! Screenwriters be damned!
OK! No need for monologue since all I seem to have on mind is the screenwriters’ strike,
and the fact that I have a hard time finding a place to publish my erotica books. So without
further ado I’ll leave you to your voting! So that’s that. Take care and now go out and vote

See you Awards Night!

Email nominations and questions to
(Please write in the title field: "The Best Hentai of 2007 Awards"

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