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Great American Sex Diet - Recipes For Great Sex -By Hadley Finch
"The happiest couples enjoy an active sex life, making love at least 2-3 times each week with their
beloved partner to keep happy, sexy love hormones flowing for a brain in love..."

Sex by the Birth Signs - Igniting the Sexual Fire With Your  Lover - By Alexa Keating
"Wanna light your lover's fire; set their world on fire? Every birth sign, regardless of what the sign is,
has things they are attracted to that ignite their sexual desires..."

Book Review: A Little Siren...Not Quite The Fairy Tale (Vol 2) by May Sage - Reviewed by Natasha
"A little Siren is not your average fairly tale. It is a sexy modern version of the Little Mermaid sprinkled
with a delightfully flavored story line. This tales is for adults with a taste for magic and lore..."


The Best Co-Workers in the World - By Alco
"he smiled back, but inside Sam's mind he was thinking how good he would look walking down the
street with two Sexy ladies. As the three walked toward the parking lot, both ladies grabbed Sam by
both arms..."

Girl Friday - By Benjamin Silas Foster
"Elane’s lips parted and allowed him access to the warm flowing nature of her. It spilled through his
fingers and off his hand and dripped onto the hard wood floor and the toe of her high heels..."

In The Eye of the Beholder - By Luscious Lee
"But once I was naked from the waist down, he pulled me to him and kissed me some more.  We were
still standing, and he explored my lower body with his hands..."


Would You Believe - By Violette Early
"Would you believe …? There will always be wars Just like some women will always be whores.
The people who think they have reason for..."

Put Down That Coffee - By John Tustin
"Put down that coffee. Close the door. Come here. Sit on my lap. Feel my hand under your shirt.
On your breast..."
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Strange Sex Trivia:
Odors that increase blood flow to the penis:lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pumpkin pie
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""All lovers swear more performance than they are able." -- William Shakespeare, Troilus and
Cressida..." ---Marge Piercy
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