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Is Length Or Girth Better? By Khary Campbell
"We have some very superficial conversations that often leave one wondering what exactly was
meant by some of the words used. For instance, many women speak freely about their preference
of a larger penis in the bedroom..."

Fantasy Halloween Costumes - Tips For Unleashing Your "Sexy" by Chris Russo
"The smell of a jack-o-lantern burning, the sound of a doorbell ringing, the sight of an overflowing
bowl of candy--all indicators that the fabulous children's holiday Halloween has arrived.
Halloween is undoubtedly a children's holiday. But, now more than ever, Halloween has become a
holiday enjoyed not only by children but by adults..."


Maré Bangs Naughty Red Riding Hood by Gianni Shamari
"It was a dark and kinky Halloween night. Screaming orgasms and grunting were ensuing
through the walls of my Charles Street condominium as I stood by my oversize windows gazing at
the moon..."

Look At Me! by Water_side
"I responded with equal salaciousness, savouring the feel of her T shirt hugged breasts as they
pressed against my chest. She didn't respond immediately, but after a long pause, pushed even
closer so my right leg was now held lightly between her thighs..."

Confess by Cecile Lovell
"Arabella stood naked in the fire light. Her full figured pale body bouncing light back into the
darkness of the room.  Her long chestnut hair spilled down over her round, heavy breasts and her
green eyes searched the shadows of the room trying to find Eli..."


A Penis, a Tongue and a Heart Walk into a Bar . . . by Damon Norko
"My loins have a hole in them; what am I to do? My penis is apart from me: it wants to be part of

Push and Pull by Hana Sakura.
"I was hazy on the defensive, realizing that I'd been screaming at him in my sleep, the thick rod
lubed and ready while I'm an ounce awake..."
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Odors that increase blood flow to the penis:lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pumpkin pie
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""All lovers swear more performance than they are able." -- William Shakespeare, Troilus and
Cressida..." ---Marge Piercy
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