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Sex Tips For Men and Women by Marie Paige
"Sex makes the world go around but sometimes, we need some tips. Whether your or your partners
sexual experiences are lacking or you are just looking to spice some things up a little more..."

Owning Your Sexuality: You Aren't Who You Are Attracted To by Jenna Stevenson
"It's easy in today's society to try to force yourself into one category or another where your sexuality is


Vacation by Marie Paige
"I just couldn't help myself. As we laid together in bed, the big windows open with the lake breeze
rushing in on our warm bodies, I started to get aroused..."

Ankle Bracelet by Ty Spencer
"Through the thin walls of the adjoining room I heard their pleasure. They looked into each other’s
eyes for a moment, kissed slowly and he began stroking steadily back and forth..."

NY Minute by Gianni Shamari  
"She laid her pink towel next to mine and got comfortable. I liked the black sandals she had on her
feet. In fact, I like everything about her body from her head down to her perfectly pedicured toes..."


Blind by A.J. Huffman
"Folds of black fabric erase the tangible, open the possible.  Breathing behind me, a ghost of the future,
you are hovering..."

Poetry as Sexual Revenge by Mick Spillane
Sometimes you just get caught in the moment, she's not particularly attractive but she is kinda cute
and she's making those sad eyes..."
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Strange Sex Trivia:
Odors that increase blood flow to the penis:lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pumpkin pie
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""All lovers swear more performance than they are able." -- William Shakespeare, Troilus and
Cressida..." ---Marge Piercy
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