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Bare Back Magazine author interview with Author J M Pozon - Interviewed by Natasha Brooks
"Author J M Pozon has been writing since she was a teenager. It was an escape from the hectic world
around her. She is an emotional writer but can still be dark and gritty, writing everything including
hot and steamy stories. Her novel Setting Fire to the Darkness is a cross-genre erotic romantic

9 Easy Ways To Tune Up Your Seductive Aura by Christine Akiteng
"Imagine this, you walk into the room, and there he/she is: bearing serene, body at ease, motions are
gentle, mellow and laid back. He/she raises his/her eyebrows seductively and gives you a wink from a


A Shared Fantasy by Cassandra Foster,
" I begin ripping your clothes away from you, but you're faster than me, and perhaps your need is even
stronger. You rip away your jacket and button up shirt, buttons flying as they pop free.  I unbutton
your jeans and slide your zipper down in one fast motion..."

The Best Erotic Night Of My Life by Gianni Shamari
" I curbed an urge to lick my lips and smiled at her. In return, she gave me a smile that buttressed
her charismatic facial features. The down turned eyes, Greek nose, full lips, and dimpled chin were
set inproportion to her inverted triangular face..."

El Amor" by Jerrell Kal-El Smith
"As Ryan went to say something to him a small crowd of people
seemed to suddenly come from behind her, all in their own colored mask and black envelope in hand,
walkedinto the house..."


Before by Cynthia Howton
"Seconds before his hips pulled me close. I felt his heat. Reminded me of home. Of summer’s splash In
July’s high day..."

II Pleut by Robert Beveridge
"It has rained three times this week. Three more times than we've made love in it..."
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Strange Sex Trivia:
Besides the genitals and the breasts, the inner nose is the only other body part that routinely
swells during intercourse.
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