The theme this month in the Inner
Circle is:
Oral Play is Good for you...

Question of The Month: Do you enjoy
giving oral pleasure to your lover?

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Bare Essence of Sensuality: Sometimes You Have To
Go All In!

Not everyone enjoys giving oral sex. But most people enjoy
receiving it. As humans, we are at times selfish. Being
selfish will not keep you warm at night or even give you that
orgasm that you've been craving because what you won't do
for your lover, someone else will do with pleasure!

Honing your oral sex skills are essential. Not only will it make
your lover look forward to having sex but your partner will be
thinking about your skills days after you've made them cum.

Every woman's body is NOT pleasured the same, just as
every man's body is NOT pleasured the same. So what
worked for your previous lover may not work for your current
lover. So getting to know what he/she likes is essential. Talk
erotic stories that you read, articles or even previous
experiences you've had and find out what your lover thinks
about it. Finding out your partner's hidden desires, likes and
dislikes or even things that his/she would like to try will give
you the upper hand in giving them the most memorable
sexual experience that will be absolutely mind blowing. Just
remember that sex is NOT all about you.

Gentlemen, it is not so easy to tell when a woman is turned
on. So just sticking your finger and tongue on the clitoris and
vagina will NOT always do the trick. The most important spot
is not always the vagina first (although it is important) Gently
and slowly kiss and caress her skin, starting from her head
all the way down to her toes. Surprise her with soft nibbling
on special spots such as her nipples, thighs, vagina and

On average most women are most attracted and turned on
through verbal penetration.  What that means is that you
have to take your time!

So turning on your woman's mind is key to her sexual
experience. This can include whispering in her ears. In fact,
whispering is a form of foreplay because it will make her
eager to cling onto your every word. So talk dirty, but sensual
in a naughty way. Give her that special TLC to make sure
that you convey that pleasing her is your desire. So when it's
time to go in for the ultimate goal of giving oral pleasure, she
will already be halfway to the point of orgasm.

Ladies, the most important thing when giving oral sex to
your man is attitude! Men are very visual, so lingerie does
help. That means bring out your inner porn star! So, why not
start off by watching some
porn to give you ideas or even get
you in the mood.

The key here is doing something that he does not expect,
like talking dirty to him and
deep throating his penis while you
are looking him in his eyes. Take your time with it because
some guys don't like to cum too fast. Tell him how much you
enjoy sucking him off, and how much of a dirty little girl you
are. Stroke his penis in different speeds from slow to fast to
get an idea of what he likes from his reactions. Eye contact
is just as important as licking. Licking not only on his penis
but also on his testicles and in between his thighs are a
major turn on. Maybe even give him a little bite between the
thighs. Men love dirty little girls in the bedroom! So don't be
afraid to get yourself dirty not just in your attitude but also
dirty on your face and other places...
Sometimes you have to
go all in
...hint hint ;-)  Enjoy!

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Sensual Tip: Tasting is good!!! Not only is it good, but is
good for you because it is pertinent to having a good
relationship. What better way to bring your lover to orgasm
than tasting and licking and pleasuring in such an intimate
way. It is the ultimate way to trust.

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Your assignment: Prepare for the occasion! This should
include ordering
oral sex DVDs, edible underwear, whip
edible paints etc. Even read erotic stories about oral
sex for ideas. Then talk to your lover about the things that
he/she does that really turn you on. This will open the
discussion, perhaps even pop in a
DVD or watch some
movies containing oral sex on the Internet. Talk about what
you like about what you are watching and offer to try some of
the things out. From there you will be able to see just how
open your lover is when it comes to oral play!
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Sensual Snapshot:
Master The Art Of Giving Your
Lover Exquisitely Orgasmic Oral Sex,
by Sex Expert
Gabrielle Moore *(watch video below).
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