Natasha Brooks: Thank you for the interview Crymsyn. Can you tell our readers about yourself and how
you got started as a writer?

Crymsyn Hart: Thank you, Natasha. I’m originally from Massachusetts and have lived in North Carolina for
a decade now. I’ve been married to my husband for eight years and have two dogs that rule my life. I love
horror movies and cheesecake and read as much as I can in my free time.

I started writing at an early age making up stories about unicorns and vampires because I didn’t like how
my favorite books ended so I decided to rewrite them so the endings went my way. I loved constructing my
own world so much I went to college for Creative Writing and tried in my teens to get published, but it wasn’t
until my mid-twenties that I was first published by an e-publisher who is no longer around. From there I met
some great authors and editors and we kinda followed each other around and now six years later here I am
still writing with a husband who puts up with my crazy muses.

Natasha Brooks: Why did you decided to write Paranormal Erotica? And what other genres do you
currently write or have written in the past?

Crymsyn Hart: Well, I didn’t start off writing Paranormal Erotica. I started off writing Horror with erotic
elements with my Soul Reaper Series. The book series got lumped into the Paranormal Erotica genre. After
that project was finished, I started writing a romantic erotic comedy.

I write horror as well.

Natasha Brooks: What do you think makes you different from other writers in your genre?

Crymsyn Hart: I think that what makes me different from other writers in my genre is my weird sense of
humor. Well at least I think I have a sense of humor, some people seems to agree with me. But to be
honest, I don’t read much romance so I can’t compare myself to a lot of authors in my genre. My main goal
as a writer is just to hope that people who read my stuff enjoy it.

Natasha Brooks: How many books have you written so far?

Crymsyn Hart: I have written a total of seventy published novels.

Natasha Brooks: When it comes to writing, do you have a certain routine or writing process that allows the
ideas to flow better?

Crymsyn Hart: I try to have a specific routine, but alas the writing comes in spurts as I have to focus on my
day job first before writing. But ideas are always popping into my head so I keep a notebook with me
whenever I go out, and I write on my phone when I am out, waiting in line at the grocery store, or as my
husband drives and we’re going somewhere.

Natasha Brooks: Are any of your characters anything like you or your life?

Crymsyn Hart: I think there is a little bit of me in all of my characters. I’m sure every author can say that.
However, there is one character in my Soul Reaper Series that at the time I wrote the series reflected my
life pretty well, especially in Masquerade.

For several years, I worked as a psychic at a great establishment in Boston. I wrote a four book series
based on my life at my occupation and the character Brenna from the series is very much me during the
time in my life that I wrote the books.

Natasha Brooks: Can you share with us anything you are currently working on, and/or any new releases?

Crymsyn Hart: I am currently working on a book called Awakening the Lion where several of the main
characters are two-natured, meaning that instead of being able to shape shift into one creature, they can
turn into two. I have another work called Craving Penelope is the start of a Fallen angel series where the
Fallen angels really aren’t the bad guys that most think they are.

My newest release is out now with Sugar & Spice press called Ginger Bites. Here is the blurb from this little
Christmas werewolf ménage:

Ginger has never really enjoyed Christmas. It reminds her that she’ll always be alone because of her curse.
Although she yearns to be with someone, if she doesn’t click with them right away her hunger grows until
her human facade falls away revealing her true self. The guilt of all the innocent lives she’s taken plagues
her, and this holiday season isn’t looking to be any different. Just once she’d like someone to call her own
and feel human.

Zach and Cameron are two werewolves who stumble into Ginger’s bakery to set up a Christmas party for
their benefactor. Zach can’t get Ginger from his mind, but in order to be with her, he hopes Cameron can
get along with her too. If not, then the unthinkable will happen. All the while, Ginger has another suitor who
desires to claim her for himself at any cost. Zach and Cameron will do anything to save her because all
they want to do is spend Christmas with the woman they love.

Natasha Brooks: How can our readers learn more about you and your books?

Crymsyn Hart: Readers can find me at my website:
My blog: Vampires, Witches, and Me, Oh My!
Goodreads: Crymsyn Hart
Twitter: @crymsynhart
Facebook Fan Page: Crymsyn Hart Fan Page

Natasha Brooks: I’ve read on your Facebook page that you like to Collect Living Dead Dolls. How long
have you been a collector and how did you start collecting the dolls?

Crymsyn Hart: I have been collecting Living Dead Dolls now for seven years. I have over thirty now and
they will the six foot coffin I have in my dining room. Well, I’ve always favored things that some would
consider a little odd. Our house is decorated year round for Halloween along with Bob, our six foot
animatronic Halloween butler that stands behind our television set in the living room. So the Living Dead
Dolls coming in their own coffin were the first thing that drew me too them and then just that they are so
darn awesome.

Natasha Brooks: What has been your favorite book that you have written so far? Why is this one your

Crymsyn Hart: Making me choose a favorite… that is so hard. How about my favorite book of the year so
far that I’ve written. If we can narrow it down to that, I’d have to say it was Hairy & Hung because it’s a little
bit different than what I normally write. It has a shape shifter in it, but I decided to make my hero Bigfoot and
the heroine is a green shape shifting alien. It was fun to write and I got really attached to the characters.

I guess my favorite book out of all of them is Dragonkin. I wrote it and it made me cry. It’s a story about lost
love and finding the love once again but it is so heartbreaking that it touched something on me and I loved
the characters too. Plus it has some awesome dragons in it.

Natasha Brooks: How does your family feel about you writing paranormal erotica?

Crymsyn Hart: My family doesn’t mind that I write paranormal erotica. They think it’s kinda cool. Most are
proud that I’m writing. My mom always asks to read my stuff. My husband won’t read it just because it’s not
his thing, but he doesn’t mind it.

Natasha Brooks: Where do you see yourself in terms of your career in the next five to ten years?

Crymsyn Hart: In five to ten years, I hope to have the number of books I have out doubled or better. It
would be nice to be writing full time and quit the day job, but even if that doesn’t happen, I hope to still be
writing. I’ll keep at it until my fingers fall off.

Natasha Brooks: Is there any other information that you would like to share with our readers?

Crymsyn Hart: If I’m not writing, I curled up with a good fantasy novel or vampire book. My favorite book of
all time is called The Making of A Monster by Gail Petersen. I have five bookcases overflowing with books
and enjoy watching vampire and horror movies. I love going to Horror Cons when I can and just spending
time with my husband and friends.

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With approximately seventy published novels under her belt,
Crymsyn Hart has made a name for herself as an author.
Originally from Massachusetts, Crymsyn now calls Charlotte, NC
her home. She started writing at an early age rewriting stories that
she read so that the stories ended the way she wanted them to
end. Although, she did not start off writing paranormal erotica she
sorta dominated in this genre. Among her many talents she has
also worked as a psychic at a great establishment in Boston.

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