Bare Back Magazine - David, I would to thank you for this interview!  I know
you've been very busy lately working on numerous projects? Can you tell us a
little about what you've been up to?

David Rasmussem:  Well truth be told it’s not all been work. I’ve
been in an on and offagain non productive slump due to a personal
family tragedy and I’m only now really working to get back to work and
get everything off again at full pace. Sorry everyone, but it’s been kinda
harsh on me lately (but that’s no excuse for missing some deadlines and
letting Hentai Review Poppers languish for a few months). Tell you what, I’ll
get that back up and running again before you know it along with new
fictions ASAP -- providing the economy helps out and gets itself back
on it’s feet so I have my budget back up to snuff again.

Now let’s see… work, work, what have I been doing with work…
Well first there’s the renamed Sanctuary Publishing (formerly
Relentless Publishing, until somebody from Australia contacted me
about changing my publishing name since he kinda sorta had that name
and never once heard of sharing). We’re just getting back to launching
adult content titles (slowly but surely) with a few book collections
coming this year, and Erotica Sweet 16 Lite the Epublication (Issue
Two just came out, I’ll post later the link info for you). Other than
that it’s the same old same old with EPublishing. Console Comforts,
Pocket Passions, FTW, and newest Epublication (still in works for
Issue One’s release) The Manga-fying Glass are out now and available
from the storefront (sooner or later
Manga-fying Glass Issue One will launch and be available, just not as
I do this interview).

I am now operating 10 groups at once out of Facebook. Four of which
are Adult content pages (Secret, so you have to request an invite
which I’ll do for adults only). Sanctuary Publishing, Sanctuary
Arcade, Hentai Unlimited and Poke‘mon for Adult Fans Only.

What else… still working over at (have to drop
off some new reviews), (same thing), and Manga
Life (they want more VIZ reviews). Wow. I really need to get back to
reading more.

I think that’s about it… oh, wait, you said LITTLE… my bad.

Bare Back Magazine -  So you've started your own websites which feature
samples of your stories, links to your books, and news about upcoming
projects. Where can our readers find you hanging out online and also websites
to keep up to date with your work?

David Rasmussem:  Webs (formerly known as Freewebs)
Erotic Fiction-ary -
Sanctuary Publishing Inc. (Adult Page) -
Sakura Blossoms : The Hentai Fanfic Page -
(I haven’t started yet, I figured I’ll get all this backlog out of my
office first then I’ll start seriously inputting content here.)

Facebook groups I Admin (in alphabetical order)
Addicted to Cooking Video Game Style
Animal Crossing Fans Unite!
Ben 10
Cardcaptor Sakura FTW
Hentai Unlimited (ADULT)
I’m As Mad As Hell At Crappy Games, And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!
Poke’mon for Adult Fans Only (ADULT)
(The) Sanctuary Arcade (ADULT)
Sanctuary Publishing (ADULT)
Sanctuary Publishing II

(…gasp!! Anyway I need all the followers I can get! Join already!)

Bare Back Magazine -  Many of your stories focus on fantasy and
female/female love. Why does this theme attract you most?

David Rasmussem: Good question… let me ponder that for a second… wow.
Honestly I couldn’t answer that. I guess it’s just the way I roll… seriously. (I
just like it that way, I tried straight erotica and that… ehh… never
worked out. Seemed too campy or too stereotyped or too something, I
just never made it work. This, at least, I feel works on some level so
I do what I feel works. There… I guess that’s an answer isn’t it?

Bare Back Magazine - What was the first fairy tale that you ever read and what
was it about?  What did you like most about the story?

David Rasmussem: Now that I most definitely have no clue about. Sorry. I’m still
trying to remember everything I wrote last year (thankfully I can just pan up
the archives if I need a self reminder). However as for fairy tales as
a whole I am rather fascinated with the Brothers Grimm… after I… ahem…
do a we bit of rewriting here and there. Just a nip and a tuck and a
lesbian theme and we’re all set.

Bare Back Magazine -  Tell us our story Arsenal and Grethel. How did you
come with the idea for the story?

David Rasmussem: I actually did that slant before, but it was for another character
(Keiko Yamanaka, she appeared during the Freelancers story arc back
when I first joined in 2005-2006). So the new contest came about and I
was wracking my mind for ideas and one thought was to go back to
previous fairy tale concepts and do them. I had the two ideas I
pitched to you, the one that eventually won and Alice in Addiction.
Arsenal and Grethel I came up with because I already went there once,
and because of that I felt I had more than enough fresh ideas for the
rewrite to make it fresh and new. Alice in Addiction lent itself more
to the fact I was dabbling in yiffing/furry-otica stuff and pairing a
stronger more self determined Alice with the White Rabbit just sounded
like a good idea.

Of course Arsenal & Grethel went into the book, and I put up Alice in
Addiction on my new adult fanfic blog.

Bare Back Magazine -  What else do you write beside adult content? Do you
see yourself writing any other genres?

David Rasmussem: I write a tonnage of review content for video games,
and I did before on manga but I need to get back to my roots on that review-wise. I
recently added animation and working to get back to reviewing Anime as
well (but it’s hard on the Anime side since it’s an investment and a
half to review Anime even if you’re buying them off the discount rack
over at Barnes & Nobles).

Otherwise fiction-wise I’m only writing erotica… with the only
exception being a manga I’m doing called Different Unlike Us, but I’m
between Artists on that now so I’m not doing any work on that at the

Now do I see myself writing other genres? I USED to have a knack for
Sci-Fi but these days I’m not sure I can write it again without
wanting to work in sex into the mix… I guess I should really try,
because I had this great Star Trek story I was going to write but I
lost hope when it seemed impossible to get Paramount interested in
fresh new directions and concepts.

Bare Back Magazine -  The last time we posted an interview with you. You
talked about Home Schooled Witchcraft the comic. How has this project
progressed and when will it be available?

David Rasmussem: No progress. Whatever the reverse of progress is
that’s what’s going on with the title. After four issues it’s Artist (Joseph Olesco)
eventually signed off and left the title, and I’ve been looking for a
letterer to actually do the manual lettering of the series for lord
knows how long. Past attempts to find a publisher for the title has
also met with unfavorable results as the few interested publishers
would eventually lose my contact info and forget I exist… sigh.

So to date there’s so much that needs to be done to make the title live again.
It needs a letterer. It needs a new Artist to pick up where Joseph
Olesco left off. It needs a publisher who won’t fold up or forget I
exist long enough to publish. Sure, I could TRY to publish it through but I’d still need a letterer, and the horror story of
another erotic manga publisher trying to publish through lulu makes me
wary of ever doing so myself (no real freedom for us adult content
creators with lulu, none at all).

Bare Back Magazine -  What character from all of your stories written is your
most favorite character and why?

David Rasmussem: No particular favorites… I guess whoever I’m in
the mood to write about right here and now are my favorite (though I do like
Rebecca/Ariel from HSWC, and I’m right now interested in doing more
human on furry stuff but I’m stuck on characters and content right
now… that’s always my hang up, whose going to be in it (what kind of
characters) and the context of the story. That’s probably why I have
been abit behind on fics of late, I’ve been having a strain of
writer’s block that I need to power through.

Bare Back Magazine - Is there any other information that you would like to
share with our readers?

David Rasmussem: Let me think… I’m selling Epublications and just restored my
book publishing with Lulu and could use everyone’s support in purchasing
some of my pay-to-download content? It’s really cheap, $0.50 to $0.89
for download epublications so I could use all the business I can to
really start making that side of my writings go places. Thanks.

Otherwise I’ll keep writing here, and reviewing here, and invite
everyone to check my stuff out on a monthly basis. Thanks for all your
David Rasmussem is a very talent fiction writer and reviewer. You can find David's work in Bare Back
Magazine's archive. David also spends his time writing for various other sites on-line as well has
having his own
website and numerous groups on Face Book.

David's speciality is writing fantasy fiction featuring lesbian love.  David's lesbian theme fairly tale
Arsenal and Grethel, is featured in Bare Back Magazine's anthology Fairy Tales Can Come True.

Check out the interview to learn more about David...
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