Bare Back Magazine:    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing
with me. Can you tell our readers about your background?

Erotica Writings:   I am divorced and love it, I live in South Florida with my family and fiancée
Keith. I try to make all the poker runs and kids benefits. I am an artist and do voice overs of

Bare Back Magazine:    Do you imagine your characters first then write the story or
write the story first then let the characters flow?  

Erotica Writings:  My characters are based on my life experiences.

Bare Back Magazine:   Tell our readers about your story Selena The Witch Of
Seduction. How did you come up with the idea for the story?

Erotica Writings:   I was writing a horror story but with my mind it turned out to be a seduction.

Bare Back Magazine:    How did you become interested in BBW modeling? Is most of
the modeling erotic in nature?

Erotica Writings: A friend got me into it. Yes it is all erotic

Bare Back Magazine:    Tell us about your audio projects Erotic Moments,  

Erotica Writings:  These are my cd’s I sell through CDBABY  and  on great Indie Music under
Ms. Ginger.

Bare Back Magazine:     Besides writing, and modeling you also have an interest in
astrology and tarot. Are you a professional psychic reader and tarot reader?

Erotica Writings:   I like to think I am.

Bare Back Magazine:  What direction would you like to see your career in the next
couple of years or so?

Erotica Writings:  I am hoping I am at the top of my career in the next few years.

Thank you Ms. Erotica Writings for the interview!

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Interviewed by Natasha
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Ms. Erotica
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Ms. Erotica Writings is a writer, bbw model and voice-over actress who enjoys
everything erotic and everything that deals with art and creativity. Erotica's work is
very unique in that she is able to write about a lot of different types of topics from
different points-of-views which include fantasy stories to everyday erotic tales topics.
She explains that a lot of her stories come from her own personal experiences.

Ms. Erotica Writings' interest in erotica covers various areas of erotica. She is very
positive about her career and sees herself at the top of her career in the next five to 10

Erotica's story,
Selena The Witch Of Seduction is featured in Bare Back Magazine's
Fairy Tales Can Come True

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