Bare Back Mag: Euftis, I want to thank you for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine.
Can you tell us about your background and how you became a published erotic author?

You're very welcome Natasha and thank you so much for granting me this interview. Before I
begin, I must say that you are a very attractive woman (yeap...i'm hitting on you).

Now to answer your question. I have been writing for the past 15 years and I have several white
papers and articles published in my field of Management Information Systems.

I began writing erotica in 2004 and formed my own publishing company, Dominion Publishing
which I used to publish my first book, Off the Chain.

Bare Back Mag: Are your stories from experience, your imagination or a combination of

My stories are from personal experience. I simply write about experiences that I have had in my life
(the good and the bad).

Bare Back Mag: How would you describe your writing style? And what can people expect
from your stories?

Raw, rich, detailed erotica told in a humorous fashion. What you can expect from my books is
reality. Meaning, there are a number of people who write erotica from their imagination. My stories
are true. I give my readers a voyeuristic view of the lives of swingers and the hyper sexual.

I love sex. So when you read one of my scenes you will never find me writing something like, '....I
looked into Jeeves eyes and I was taken aback by the fire that burned behind them. My heart
quickened and I was filled with the rapture. The rapture that can only come...from the joining...of a
man...and woman."


Here is a little sample of what you can expect to read from one of my books, "...I stood behind her
and watched as she positioned herself on her knees at the side of her bed and put that heart
shaped ass all up in my face.

The lips of her wet punany spread wide and my nostrils flared as the scent of her good pussy
opened my nostrils. I had been looking forward to fucking this thick redbone and I took a handful
of ass and slowly filled her up. I savored that first stroke. Diggin' deep into the silky wetness
between her thighs.

She looked back at me and stared for several moments as I held my dick within her...buried to the
root. " dick.", she told me breathing heavily.

I smiled. I was going to enjoy fucking this thick freak.

Bare Back Mag: Off The Chain has sold well especially on Amazon and Barnes and
Nobles to name a few what inspired the stories in Off The Chain and what does the title
off The Chain means to you as the author?

Off the Chain is an anthology of my personal stories. Off the Chain is a direct reference to me. My
best friend always refers to me as being, "Off the Chain".

Bare Back Mag:.Do you have any future projects that you wish to share with our

I have a bunch of novels in my head right now. I just need the time to write them out. I just finished
publishing Gina Page's first book, So you want me to do what??? (Diary of a resistant freak.). She
is the first author to sign under my publishing company and I am very excited about her work.

My next book, Abundant Ministries, will be out March of next year. Don't be fooled by the title as it's
a precursor to my Off the Chain anthology. You can download the excerpt to that book at

I'm going to follow that book up with Off the Chain Volume 3 and the novel Keisha.

Keisha is the true story of a woman whose husband turned her into his personal whore. She did
any and everything for him that he desired (total submission) only for him to leave her for another

Bare Back Mag: If someone was to ask Who is Euftis Emery, what would you say?

An easy going guy who just tries to enjoy each day that he is given him. "I'm just a squirrel...tyin' ta
get a nut! Feel me???"

Bare Back Mag:  What is OffdaChain Internet Radio Show and how can readers access
the show? (any direct links to the show or any other links readers can learn about your)

OffdaChain Internet Radio is my little show that is dedicated to all things nasty. It contains video
and I have guests, music and discuss a wide range of sexual topics.

I do the show to keep my readers entertained as I work on my new books and as advertisement to
garner new readers.

You can watch my shows by going to :

Once there, go to the 'Links' section to see the shows that I have recorded. You can watch my
shows at anytime via the beauty of the internet.

As I stated earlier, you can also download free excerpts to any of my books at

You can visit my main website at:

And I also have an online mens magazine that can be found at:

Bare Back Mag: Why do you write erotica? Do you see yourself writing any other genre
of writing besides erotica?

I enjoy writing erotica because I'm a nasty freak that loves to fuck. My grand mother always told me
that you should, ' what you do...and do what you love."

After havin' so many women cummin' all over the dick and tellin' me how good it is I figured,
"....hell...I should be gettin' paid for this shit!"

There ya are!

I also want to write science fiction and I have a novel coming out after Keisha called, The
Discarded. Not going to say anything more about that because it's ultra top secret.

Bare Back Mag: Where do you see yourself in terms of your career as a writer in the
next five to ten years?

Writing full time, publishing more authors, and writing scripts for plays and movies.
Euftis Emery has been compared to as
the male answer for Zane. Emery's
stories are told from a male perceptive
and are enjoyed by both men and
women alike because the stories are
hot and controversial as they are sexy
and funny.

Euftis Emery's writing first captivated a
number of underground fans on the
internet .The stories in his books are
raw, and filled with explosive sexy
stories that takes you on a journey of
sex and lust that is beyond imginable
and is truly
Off The Chains because
Euftis does not hold back in his writing.
Emery formed his own publishing company, Dominion Publishing in 2005  which he used to publish his  books
Off The Chain,  Off the Chain Volume 2, and his latest book entitled So You want me to do what???

When he is not writing, Euftis presides as the Chairman of the Dominion Corporation. A management
information systems consulting company.

Emery owns and operates several sites that promote his writing and also host an internet radio show called the
OffdaChain Radio Show. The internet radio show is X rated, anything that is X rated is likely to be on the show.

Euftis currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a graduate of Howard University with a degree in Computer
Based Information Systems.

Emery also on occasions provides advice to members of his yahoo group, and listeners of his internet radio
show. And I must say that he is very insightful in the advice that he gives. Emery is definitely a hot erotic writer to
learn more about, once you read one of his books you are sure to become a loyal reader. (read one of his stories
in the October fiction section of
Bare Back Magazine)

Euftis Emery is Off The Chain...
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