Bare Back Magazine:  Fred, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing with
Bare Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background and how you became a published

Fred Towers:  Well, thank you for this opportunity.  I wrote my first story for Bearotica from Alyson
Publications because I was trying to convince my best friend, J. Michael Mills to submit some of his
stories. He kept making excuses, so I wrote “Moving Day” and submitted it. When it was accepted, I
tried to use my good fortune in publishing it to continue to convince him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.
He died December 2003 and never submitted anything. He wanted me to have his writings when he
died, but his family didn’t want to give them to me. In his memory, I continue writing gay fiction as a way
to memorialize him and our friendship.

Bare Back Magazine:   Tell us about your first story Moving Day? What was it about?

Fred Towers:  It was a gay erotica story about bears, the subculture of gay men into hairy, heavy
men. A neighbor helps a man move in across the street and they end up in a three way.

Bare Back Magazine:   How would you describe your writing style? And what can our readers
expect from your work?

Fred Towers:  Hopefully sexy and unique. I want to explore and show readers that gay men are more
than stereotypes and that we can be sexy, macho, effeminate, and more. But always sexy. LOL
Mainstream stereotypes are just a small section of the spectrum of men you’ll find in my fiction and in
real life. Also, I want them to read a great story that entertains them too.

Bare Back Magazine:   Tell us about your story Betrothed Fairy’s Tail, and how did you come up
with the idea for the story?

Fred Towers:  I’m not good at plotting out a story. I just get a quick idea, such as a play on words with
fairy meaning the mythological creature and the term for effeminate gay men. I played with that and
just kept playing with it until the fairy tale was born. The narrator’s voice came to me and I just went
with it.

Bare Back Magazine:    I understand that you are also an editor. What projects have you worked
on or plan to work on as an editor?

Fred Towers:  I just finished up an anthology for Starbooks Press being released in the fall. Nerdvana
celebrates gay nerds and geeks. You could say it shows how gay geeks expose that brains are sexy.
Gamers, computer geeks, superhero freaks, and comic book fiends get it on with each other or the
jocks that secretly want them.

Bare Back Magazine:    What do you do when you're not writing?

Fred Towers:  I read comic books, superhero fiction, and lust after the men on Heroes. I also enjoy
spending time with my husband of twelve years, Mel. We shoot hoops, hiking, take picnics and spend
time with friends.

Bare Back Magazine:   What upcoming writing projects can your fans look forward to next?

Fred Towers:  At the moment, I building readership for my blog, I write
book reviews, updates about my writing and editing, and more. I haven’t figured out what all I’m gonna
do with it. Please check it out.

Bare Back Magazine:    If you could be one of your characters from any of the stories that
you've ever wrote – Who would you be? And why?

Fred Towers:  Massive Bear. He’s my superhero I created to memorial my bff, Michael. I turned his
heart attack into a heart transplant. Since he loved being a part of the gay bear community, I had the
surgeons transplant him with a grizzly bear heart and it gives him superhuman abilities. I even included
his turquoise pinky ring and his love of anything southwest. Hopefully, I’ll finish the novella I’m writing
and get it published in an ebook. A previous story with him is on hold for Superqueeroes until the
editor can find a publisher for the collection.

Bare Back Magazine:   Who or what has influenced you as a writer?

Fred Towers:
 Besides my best friend, Michael, I’d have to say that my husband influences my writing.
I love the way he helps me brainstorm when I get stuck with a story idea.

Bare Back Magazine:    In 5 years, where do you see yourself?  In general and in you’re writing

Fred Towers:   Oh boy, five years is a long time. LOL When I was in my early twenties, I thought I
knew it all. I had my whole life planned out. As I get older I realize that I don’t know as much as I
thought. I’m hoping to build a freelance writing and editing career. Either way, I live for each day
because that’s how Michael would want it. :-D

Bare Back Magazine:   Thank you Fred for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine!

Fred Towers:  Thanks for asking!! I really enjoyed it.

Interviewed by Natasha
© April 2009
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Fred Towers started writing gay fiction as a way to memorialize his best friend and their friendship.
Fred's good fortune in writing has been due to his sheer talent and love for writing. His work appeals
not only to gay audiences but also to more mainstream erotic readers. What seems apparent in his
writing is that he strives to show that gay men are sexy and are more than a stero-type.

Read more about Fred and his work in his exclusive interview with our editor!
Interview by Natasha © April 2009
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