Interview with Gina Page : So You Want Me to Do
A few months back, I had the opportunity to interview with Euftis Emery. And now more
recently I've interviewed the first female author published from Dominion Publishing, Gina

I want to thank Gina Page for giving me the opportunity to interview her about her book,

So You want me to do what?
 The book is a chronical of her sexual past,  future and
everything In between. All stories are true.

Having the courage alone to share ones sexual stories In such detail as she does and as
skillfully written, is impressive.

"So you want me to do what?" is the phrase that Gina admits to saying to men she would
be sexually involved with, whether it would be oral sex or any other naughty request.

Coming from a religious background, and being raised In the church she says that she
was always surprised at the requests that were asked of her sexually from men. So In
essence it made perfect sense to Gina to title her debut book as such.

Gina is quite, the character, Gina Page is her pen name and alter ego. Gina says the
character she describes as
"Kat," or more explicitly Ms.Kitty Kat describe the hardcore
stories that she experienced sexually as her alter ego.

Gina says that this book is not for
"the timid." Gina admits that she is a wild and freaky
woman  She says that you can expect stories that don't hold back in all aspects,
especially sex! Gina told me that she gets compared to Zane sometimes because of the
style that she writes. According to Gina
"When you pick this book up... Expect hardcore

Gina has even formed her own yahoo group dedicated to undercover freaks. To
understand just how freaky and explicit Gina is heres a quote from her group:  

"This group is for the undercover freaks. The one's that suck and eat In the movie
theater. The one's that pull over on the side of the road to get busy with a fine stranger.
The one's who wear suits In the day, and find themselves on their knees In the parking
garage at night. In other words, this group is for the truth. So you can save those
excuses for somebody who believes it!"

Gina says that In her group people come out and discuss sexual desires In an open
environment with like minded people.  Gina has even formed an advice column called
Ask Ms. Kitty Kat. The column she says gives people a forum to ask questions and
confess their deepest secrets and desires.

But to truly understand who Gina Page is, lets go back to her roots. She is originally from
Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up In a religious household, went to church. But deep down
inside there was always Kat or shall we say
Ms Kitty Kat always lurking within her. The
undercover freak who stories are told very explicitly throughout her book,
So you want
me to do what?

Gina attended Louisiana Tech University, where she majored In architecture. After three
years of college, Gina found a calling to do hair, and became a hair stylist. She says
after doing hair for a while she noticed that the people whose hair she did were also In
need of getting beauty tips. Hence, Gina became a licensed cosmetologist.

Gina discovered her talent for writing over a year ago. When approached by Euftis
Emery to write a book based on her own personal diary. Gina not being shy at all jumped
at the opportunity and the rest they say is her-story!

When I asked Gina about where she sees herself In the next five to ten years. She said
that she sees herself continuing on as a make up artist.  She has no problem speaking
up.and perhaps would be interested In becoming a spokes person In the field of

Gina's honest and outgoing personality is probably one of the reasons that it was so
easy for her to do so In her writing her first book. Gina plans to continue writing and
plans to "kick out" a book or two every year.

Gina is already working on her second book to be published with Dominion Publishing
entitled, " Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed..." Coming from Gina Page, I am very interested
In reading the second book as well. She is definitely a hot new writer to watch for.

Interviewed by Natasha
© March 2007
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