Home Schooled
The Comic
In a world of comics lies stories of imagination beyond your wildest
dreams. We all enjoy comics not only because they are entertaining,
but also because they can take us to a realm of unknown

And  with that having sex and witchcraft in a comic is a very
interesting twist.  Our very own David Rasmussen presents Home
Schooled Witchcraft the comic along with artist Joseph Olseco.

David, who says the first comic that he ever read was Star Trek has
an imagination that is extraordinary and WAY beyond reality.

I've had a chance to sit down and talk to him about his comic Home
Schooled Witchcraft which he says is set in the Realm of Dreams.
David is currently in negotiation to publish the comic in the near

The twist in this comic is that the women, (college aged) learn sex
witchcraft to become Sex Witches. These women's learning
experiences in the process makes for an interesting adult comic as
the women cum of age and experience the fruits of their labor
through their own personal trials. The  relationships among the  
women in the story is an underlining strength that makes this story
unique. And makes for a story with so many possibilities...

David and artist Joseph Olseco, create the world of Home School
Witchcraft and challenge readers with a well put together story line
and images to match.

Bare Back Mag: Can you tell our readers about your background?

Rasmussen : Hmm… I have a background in reviewing (anime/manga, video games and hentai adult),
which comes from way back when when I started off with my own fanzine newsletter (which started out as a
Dirty Pair fanzine but later evolved to cover Anime in general).

I also have a background in writing. I started off by joining the ACU (Amateur Creator’s Union) back in the
early 90’s (it lasted about a year and a half or so before collapsing), but it wasn’t until the start of the 21st
Century that I started writing seriously on the internet writing for www.shoujoai.com (fanfics which I now post
on my own blog Sakura Blossoms over at BlogSpot) and then here with Bare Back Magazine.

Bare Back Mag: What was the first comic you ever read?

Rasmussen : The first comic I seriously got into was Star Trek (way back when the original movie trilogy
was still going strong, before it passed the torch to the less than successful Next Generation franchise of
movies). That led to a long fixation with the mainstream comic industry.

It wasn’t until the early 90’s I got into manga (which wasn’t as strong as it is now). I stuck with it after that
and here I am today after over 10 years of devoted readership.

I was around when TOKYOPOP got on it’s feet (starting out as MixxZine), I was about when Seven Seas
was born, and I was here Broccoli Books launched in English.

These days I’m mostly manga, with only a meek affair with mainstream (whatever comes into the local KTA
here which isn‘t much).

Bare Back Mag: How did you come up with the idea for the story and then for the comic?

Rasmussen : The comic came first, which was born while I was working on a different title (Different Unlike
Us, a Superhero type title). I wanted to do something more adult in nature, and I toyed with a few ideas. It
was either this or an animorphic/human sex romp called “Solids & Stripes” (which is a reference to the two
kind of human-animorphic sexdroid partners that were popular in the series, solid skin or stripey skin) or
Home Schooled Witchcraft.

The artist (Joseph Olesco) was interested in HSWC so the rest just took off from there. Which led to the
promotional prose fiction I wrote up to help promote the title.

Bare Back Mag: .Do you have a writing process that helps you to develop your stories? And What
inspires you to write such stories?

Rasmussen : Hmmm… I don’t think I can say I have a complex writing process to write anything. I pick a
topic and go with it, fleshing the idea out in thought over a set amount of time drafting up the idea in my
mind. This usually involves coming up with a scene and then evolving it from there.

For instance right now I’m working on next submission for September (right off the top of my head as I write
this review answer).

Let’s go with the relationship between two college girls (one is a popular athlete the other is the mousey
girl who she “picks” to tutor her to improve her lagging grades, but really is picking up because her snobby
“friends“ dared her to).

I start off with the premise, a star athlete who picks this quiet girl as a tutor because her pals bet her she
couldn’t totally humiliate the awkward geeky (yet smart) girl they’re all jealous of by hitting on her and
tricking her into a “date” mostly to humiliate her in public and make her life miserable.

She instead finds that she actually likes her, and forms a bond with her that energizes her to protect her
instead of hurt her. So, when it comes to it, instead of tricking her to this popular girl’s party for her
humiliation she takes the girl back to her apartment, and (after confessing her feelings and the truth of the
situation) they end up having sex together which seals their relationship firmly, and makes the athlete
realize what is truly important in her life (a love both real and solid against shallow fickle friends).

As for what inspires these stories? It’s a spur of the moment inspiration, which changes as things go along.
I try not to let pop culture or TV or something inspire me too much, but I do (from time to time) end up with
that kind of inspiration even if I try not to always be inspired that way. Right now I was inspired because I
wanted to do a school themed story again, I seem to be on a school theme lately. Next month or so I might
have a new inspiration and I’ll go with that when I write again.

Bare Back Mag:  What are the strengths and ideas you like or intend to explore with this comic?

Rasmussen : I think the relationship dynamics is a good strength, but let’s not forget HSWC’s great
strength which has got to be all Joseph Olesco’s doing. His artwork really brings the title to life, and makes
it look downright beautiful page after page after page. The way he draws the title really makes it live and
breathe for the readers, and makes it look oh so good from cover to cover.

As for exploration I’d like to explore relationships for one, but I do have a few other topics I am going to
explore in this read.

One of the girls in class, for instance, used to be a male rapist and was sent to prison where he was given
a sex change and made female (only thing remains of his former life is his male penis). She is in Sex
School to master discipline over her sexual urges, which she struggles with constantly with her lover. She
reasons once she masters herself she’ll be ready to ask for her mate’s hand in marriage (it’s not easy for
her though as she has lots of issues from prison as she was constantly raped by the stronger females in
prison, which scarred her emotionally and made her unable to trust anyone except her lover).

Another is a former friend of Candice’s (a female from a rival clan of spirit foxes, black furred and 5 tails in
her feral form) who is constantly on her back about her being picked as the Goddess of Foxes, which she
wanted. Candice believes she is just jealous, but the truth is for all the bitching she does about Candice’s
hatred of her feral nature she is just as disgusted by her animalistic behavior during sex with her lover (a
catgirl species), which drove her to want to be the Goddess to achieve a level of perfection which she felt
would have “cured” her of her need to fuck in her furry form.

She doesn’t realize that Candice is suffering because her feral goddess form makes her urges worst
instead of curing her of said urges, making the need to constantly cum in her feral form greater (and more
perverse as her mantle truly sinks in and she becomes more the Goddess of Foxes, making her want to
harm her lover in the throes of sex a more driven need that she finds harder to resist).

Another couple is a love triangle of two sisters who went to Sex School not only to learn an occupation, but
to decide who wins the one female they both fell in love with. This isn’t as big a plot point as the spirit fox or
former rapist storylines, but it has it’s place.

Bare Back Mag: Do you guys have any more projects besides Home Schooled Witchcraft coming up?

Rasmussen : I actually do have a few more projects, but none with Joseph Olesco.

One adult title in a sci-fi vein called Pink Panties (Artist : Sergio Castro) is in production now. The company
that is presently going to publish Home Schooled Witchcraft has shown possible interest in publishing Pink
Panties, but right now it’s still in the long negotiations process and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll know
whether or not they’re the one.

The second title I’m working on now is a T for Teen super hero title called Different Unlike Us, which is
going to be previewed in this anthology book coming in the not so near future. I don’t have much
information about it now, but when more information comes I’ll post it on the official blog

Bare Back Mag: And is this the first time you two have worked together?

Rasmussen : Yes. We met while I was gathering artists for Different Unlike Us and the rest is history.

Bare Back Mag: In your own words describe Home Schooled Witchcraft

Rasmussen : Sex School for Witches basically.

Set in the Realm of Dreams, the art of witchcraft is practiced but it is not exactly an embraced profession
by the Goddess Council (though a few are in fact goddesses of witches on the side). Because of this,
professions like Sex Witch (basically the mystical version of sex therapists, gudiance counselors and
teachers with a very hands on approach) are taught privately out of higher order witches homes (usually
they own mansions which are passed down from witch senior to witch senior for teaching of Sex Witch
School). This is the tale of one such school, and the women (college age) who have come to learn the art
of Sex Witchcraft (and overcome shortcomings in each one’s own life in the process of becoming full
fledged Sex Witches).

Bare Back Mag:.Does Home Schooled Witchcraft pay homages to some of the better popular culture
references to witchcraft?

Rasmussen : Not if I can help it.

I’d rather write the series as I feel it, not try to write it just to fit in as many pop culture references as
possible. Somehow talents like Ben Dunn can do it and make it work, I don’t think I can do it though so…
well… if there are any homages to witchcraft’s past and pop culture then it’s either something that inspired
me that particular issue or just plain dumb luck on my part.

Bare Back Mag: Do you have any other talents and interests besides writing?

Rasmussen : My talents all seem to rotate about writing.

Writing reviews, writing fiction, writing writing writing.

My interest also follows what I write about.

Anime/Manga and Comics to an extent, playing/reviewing video games, and the like.

One interest of note is that while I’m not the music type I do like listening to 60’s & 70’s music a lot on my
radio at night (Oldies Radio). That’s an interest, right?

Bare Back Mag: Out of all of the stories that you've written thus far, what makes you believe that Home
Schooled Witch Craft is the right project to turn into a comic?

Rasmussen : You mean besides the bitchin’ talents of Joseph Olesco and the way he draws the title so
well? Well, someone thought it was good enough for a 2 year contract for publication so that is about as
good a reason to think it’s good enough for comic life as any in my opinion.

Bare Back Mag: What do you see for the future of Home Schooled Witchcraft?

Rasmussen : Right now it’s publishing and making it past it’s first two year life cycle for a renewal of
contract. But I’d like to maybe team up with a flash game maker on the internet for a naughty series of
HSWC flash games. Of course if I am dreaming about the future of HSWC maybe I’d like to make a deal
with a porn studio and pen a live action version for DVD. That’d be fun, a major dream to be certain, but
fun nevertheless.

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