Adult film star India does her own role play...
India's first known adult film was in 1996. However, she told me that she considers her first "official"
film as an adult star was in 1998. She admits that her first review from the AVN (The Adult Video
News) was not a good one. India chalks it up to inexperience and nervousness. She says that she
did not have sex until she was 18 years old and having done her first adult film only a few years
later at age 21. India says that her intentions was to only do one adult film, but soon decided to do
more videos because she was determined to show the world that she had what it takes to be a
star. She became a fixture in black-themed porn.

India has no regrets about her career in the adult entertainment industry. She says that she is glad
that she had a chance to see and experience all that she has in her life time. "I've seen good
things in the industry and bad things. The experiences that I've had made me who I am today."
says India.

When I asked India about how she came up with the name for her entertainment company Black
Widow Entertainment she compared herself to a Black Widow in that she "sucks up" people into
her. My interpretation of this is
number one: she is very charming, and down to earth when you
speak to her. She is talented and very engaging so that makes you want to get to know everything
about her.

Right now, India is the only person on her new record label. In the future she plans to sign others
to her label. In the long term, perhaps in 10 years she says that she wants to "step back" behind
the scenes and work primarily on growing the future talent on her label.

India says that she has not retired from the adult entertainment industry, she is just taking a
"pause" so that she can concentrate on her music career. She did however mention that she is
working on an erotic film that she describes as not X rated, but rather "Playboyish" The film project
is expected to go to video and cable in the near future. India plans to post more details on the film
on her site

When I asked India about what her audience can expect from her album she said that they can
expect sexy songs, hardcore lyrics that is not all about sex. A lot of the songs are about
experiences that she has been through . The album has an urban/hip hop sound. For the most
part the album is very fun and upbeat.

When I asked India how she would describe herself she responded by saying that she is multi
talented and loves to do anything that deals with entertainment.

India has also appeared in several music videos for artists such as Madonna, Ja Rule, and various
rap artist. She has lend her vocals and has even written for various music projects throughout the

India transformed herself from the girl in the group to a woman who is in her own right an adult film
star and business woman, who is now in charge of her own destiny.

Now almost a decade later, India is doing what she does best singing/rapping, and is planning to
tour the country to promote her album in 20 cities starting in August. India says she plans to have
release parties in most cities. Her album was released on June 20, 2006.

India has not forgotten where she came from and appreciates her fans' support. She invited the
first 200 people who purchase her album to her launch party in LA on June 28, 2006; and for those
who can not attend or do not live in LA, India will personally call the fans and thank them.

India is truly multi-talented and has played many roles in the entertainment business from adult film
star, to video vixen, business owner, song writer and singer/rapper. There is no limit to what she is
capable of in the future.

India urge her fans and those that want to know more about her to
buy her album because its hot.
Buy her album directly at

Quick Bio.

Originally from: Compton, CA

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Sexual Position: ALL positions

Her breast size: 34C (and yes they are all natural)

Yes she is single

Favorite Cars: Lexus & Hummer

Turn off: Dirty Tennis Shoes

Turn on: A guy that knows how to cook good food.

India started her site over seven years ago and is a web mistress on
the site.

Other Skills besides entertaining: India boasted about enjoying cooking soul food, her
speciality is Marconi and cheese and corn bread.

Interviewed by Natasha
© July 2006

Check out her Myspace page for a free preview of her album and to find out more about her at and her official home page at
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You can not deny that adult film
star/singer, India is multi talented. India
owns and operates an independent
record label Black Widow
Entertainment. Black Widow
Entertainment is the home of her new
album entitled
Role Play. She credits
the title of her album to the many roles
that she has played in her life so far as
an adult film star and singer/rapper

Like most singers, India started singing
in the church. At an early age she
knew that what she wanted to do was
to entertain. Singing was her passion.
India in fact started her career in the
entertainment business as a singer in
several girl groups, and most notably
in the group Harmony Innocents. India
decided to leave the group after
having "problems with the group
members" but India was determined to
succeed in the entertainment
business. In 1996 India was noticed by
adult film producers.
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