Bare Back Magazine:  Jazz, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing
with Bare Back Magazine.  Can you tell us about your background?

Jazz Daladin:
 Thanks, Natasha. It's a pleasure speaking with you and Bare Back Magazine. As for
my background, I began on my writing path by growing up with an eccentric artist dad who had a lot of
writer friends. I learned early about the fun, funky craziness of the writer life. I decided, at the age of
10, to join in the fun. I've been professionally published since I was 12, an early bit of luck. Since then,
I've published all sorts of writing in all sorts of venues, including print publications in other countries
and now with Fairy Tales Can Come True on Kindle. I'm hoping to be pod cast sometime soon. I
wonder how being in a pod and cast will feel? I suspect strange and wonderful...

Bare Back Magazine:  Do you write any other genres besides erotica?

Jazz Daladin:
  Oh, my, yes. All forms of genre writing, mystery, horror and fantasy to me are different
darknesses of chocolate, all delicious. I've discovered that erotica is quite rich and gooey, with a bit of
sharp tang beneath the sweet--scrumptious. With the cross-genre aspect of fantasy? Irresistible.

Bare Back Magazine:  How long have you been writing erotica? And what do you enjoy most
about writing it?

Jazz Daladin:
  My story Size Doesn't Matter in Fairy Tales Can Come True is my first adventure into
erotica. What I loved about my first escapade (and don't we all love our first?) was the challenge to
write a story where all the senses are engaged. So many times, writers focus on the visual, while
forgetting the rest of the vast tasty banquet of the other senses. Plus, in my other fiction, I never know
if my audience might be well-read-sneaky 10-year-olds. I adored the freedom of writing purely for an
adult audience. Only adult readers allowed for me to play with different and in some ways freer, looser
boundaries. Sometimes those constrictions became nice and tight and hot too!

Bare Back Magazine:  Do you have a creative process that inspires you to write?

Jazz Daladin:
  My creative process is simple and annoying. Characters tend to pop full blown into my
mind and then insist on telling me their stories. Then the silly creatures refuse to leave, demanding
page space. I'm haunted by my characters until I give in and write their stories. For example, in
Doesn't Matter
, having a head full of fairies flitting around screeching in little fairy voices was enough
to make me sit down and write.

Bare Back Magazine:  Do you have any new projects that you would like to tell our readers

Jazz Daladin:
  Writing my first short story of erotica really got my creative juices (and some other
juices) flowing. I'm working on a couple of other short stories. Supine in the far back of my brain an
erotic novel is moaning in ecstasy.

Bare Back Magazine:  Can you tell us a little about Size Doesn't Matter and how did you
come up with the idea for the story?  How long did it take for you to write the story?

Jazz Daladin:
  When I read about the contest, my writer's attention caught on "Fairy." My main
character, all of six inches tall, flew into my mind along with the question, "Is it possible for fairies and
humans, with their vast size difference, to love one another?" Given human nature and desire, the
answer had to be yes. So, how? It would also be a challenge, so what would the reward be for
overcoming that challenge? The story wrote itself from that point. However, it took a couple of day's
work after the first draft to rewrite the story. I found I needed to make certain that everything was sized
right and to scale (even if it's true in some ways that size doesn't matter). And I kept encountering new
difficulties a six-inch-tall being would have to overcome when attempting to date a full size (and full
busted) woman. Without being crushed in the process--an ecstatic death, but death all the same!

Bare Back Magazine:  How would you describe your writing style and what can readers
expect from your stories?

Jazz Daladin:
  Overall, my style leans hard towards a slapping touch of humor. Okay, sometimes
more than a touch, sometimes a 500 pound rubber chicken clucks through my work. I find us humans,
myself included, more than a little funny. Odd, too. As my mom always said, "Laugh or scream" and I
prefer to laugh. Unless I'm screaming in orgasm...

Bare Back Magazine:  Besides writing, what other things do you like to do in your spare

Jazz Daladin:
  Spare time? Or did you ask about sparse time? Do writers have spare time? If so, who
are they and where can I get me some? Seriously (which is difficult for me) I enjoy belly dancing (and
showing my guy new moves, which he really enjoys), jewelry making and being with family and friends.
For me, any activity with a loved one refills and refreshes the deep well of creativity.

Bare Back Magazine:  Who are some of your favorite authors?

Jazz Daladin:
  I adore so many, almost too numerous to relate, Natasha. Terry Pratchett,
Christopher Moore and Carl Hiassen come to mind. Humor, again. On a closer note, I've been
enjoying the other authors, new favorites, in Fairy Tales Can Come True. It's a pleasure (in more
ways than one) reading all the imaginative ways other authors used the premise to fly through fun
stories into great climaxes. In particular I relished Betrothed Fairy's Tale by Fred Towers, The Legend
of Gabriella's Rock by Tara Alton and The Glass Castle by Lisa Whitefern. What can I say? I'm a
sucker for fairy tales.

Bare Back Magazine:  Any long term or short term goals for the future of your career?

Jazz Daladin:
  Absolutely. Long, I'm a novelist hoping to publish a fantasy trilogy sometime within this
century. Short and long, I want to continue following my writer's bliss with new short stories and novels.
Bliss is so easy to grasp, along with other things, while writing erotica.

Bare Back Magazine:  Thank you Jazz for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine!

Jazz Daladin:   
It's been fun. I adore having fun--can you tell?

Interviewed by Natasha
© March 2009
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Jazz Daladin has been writing since a child and has been a published author since age 12.  
Growing up with an eccentric artist father who had a lot of 'writer friends' inspired Jazz to explore
writing.  And that she did, having success in writing all forms and genres which include writing:
mystery, horror and fantasy for large and small markets. However, Size Doesn't Matter is her first
adventure into erotica.

Jazz has found that writing erotica has challenged her senses as well as fueled another escape
for her love of writing in so many ways. And according to feedback from many of the readers that
have read Fairy Tales Can Come True so far, their really loving her story.

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