Bare Back Magazine -       I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing with
Bare Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background?

Jesus Torrealba – It’s a pleasure for me to do this interview. I am an artist from Venezuela
(South America). I am 40 years old. I make a living working as an advertising art director, but in
my spare time I have also made a career as illustrator and comic maker for adults

Bare Back Magazine -       What was the first painting that you can remember drawing and
what was it of?

Jesus Torrealba - I have little time to work seriously with painting. I think it’s been about 10
years, but have been working with drawing since I was a child. The first thing I drew was the
classic monsters of Universal Pictures, including: Wolfman, Frankenstein and the creature from
the black lagoon, in addition to the Marvel superheroes. When I arrived at the age of
adolescence, I began experimenting with the female figure and I became addicted to it. The first
formal painting that I made was in 1997 or 98. It was a nude, of course.

Bare Back Magazine -      Where do you get your inspiration for your art/paintings?

Jesus Torrealba - In my fantasies, my mind, the brain is the most important sexual organ. This is
enriched because I love surfing adult content on the web.

Bare Back Magazine -       Have you received formal training or had any schooling for
illustration or graphic design?

Jesus Torrealba - Never, I am a 100% self-taught artist, but I read a lot of research and the only
thing is that I have formally studied sculpture, and I am a poor sculptor.

Bare Back Magazine -       You've said on your blog that a woman's face denotes an
eagerness for sex. Do you believe that a woman's face is the sexiest part of a woman's
body? (What do you believe is the sexiest part of a woman's body?)

Jesus Torrealba - This is variable, depends on the woman and the fancy of the observer, for
example some women have all the sexuality in the face, others in her abdomen or breasts, or
even less common sites such as the neck, the armpits or feet. It depends, every woman is an
enigma and is like no other. What is often expressed in a drawing is that of the forward face of the
woman, because it's terrible when a beautiful piece shows a female figure with a face liability.

Bare Back Magazine -      For those who are not familiar with your work, how would you
describe your work?

Jesus Torrealba- Sexy art explicit, imagination and voluptuous.

Bare Back Magazine -       I understand that you collect vintage figures. What attracts you
to this and why?

Jesus Torrealba - Yes, I love antiques, but mostly pinup figures, monsters and classic comics
vintage (of the40s, 50s, 60s). I remember my childhood in Venezuela watching movies, vintage
horror, and science fiction of the seventies in black and white TV. Besides, I admire the style of
the past, the creativity and imagination with few resources.

Bare Back Magazine -       In your graphic design Eternal Childbirth (Parto Eterno) shows
an erotic image of an animated woman giving birth to herself. What inspired you to create
such fascinating images?

Jesus Torrealba-   For me it represents the passage from the XX century to the XXI century. The
rumor was circulating of y2k and I was hallucinating with digital technology, the Japanese anime
and the emergence massive of the internet.

Bare Back Magazine -        What projects are you currently working on?

Jesus Torrealba - Many at the national level, I am exposing my country a lot and getting some
recognition. I am doing many comics and illustrations. On the international level, I desire to learn
and earn some money for my work.

Bare Back Magazine -      What is your most favorite piece of art that you have created so
far and why?

Jesus Torrealba-   My favorite piece is now in my head, I have not yet captured on canvas or
paper -- that is the most stimulating.

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