Kate, I want to thank you for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine.
Can you tell us about your background and how you became a published author?

I have always loved to write and majored in English Lit in college, with a double BA in
English and Anthropology. I started out after college writing advertising copy for a country
western radio station in 1972, so my roots go way back...spent about 17 years as a
cartoonist/public information writer for an international health organization, worked as a
newspaper reporter on a small, weekly newspaper in a mountain community, and then I
discovered romances. Of course, that was over twenty years ago (I’m an old broad) but I
thought I’d be a published author and rich and famous within the year. Didn’t happen. I
kept writing, though and ended up selling to Hard Shell Word Factory, one of the first
epublishers, in 1998. The books were “traditional romances” and did well, by ebook
standards. Three of the first four won Eppies, which has become, over the years, a
prestigious ebook award. In 2001 I discovered Ellora’s Cave, the first truly successful
ebook publisher of erotic romance, what they called romantica. There were twelve
authors when I started, and three of them were the owner of the company, writing under
pseudonyms! I wrote my StarQuest series, about the alien lions of Mirat interacting with
humans, and the response was phenomenal. When Changeling Press opened its doors, I
gave them the first “chapter” of Wolf Tales to help launch the new company. There was a
new book coming out every six weeks or so, and I was amazed by the response from
readers. I gave my agent copies of the series to date and continued writing the stories.
Jessica Faust (of BookEnds Literary Agency) submitted to Audrey LaFehr at Kensington
Publishing, who loved the stories. Unfortunately, there was no line where they would fit.
The Brava stories were sexy, but nothing like Wolf Tales. Audrey contacted the head of
the company and said she wanted the series, and Aphrodisia was born, something that
absolutely thrills me, to think my stories were the catalyst for a line. Needless to say, I’m
busy keeping my Chanku happy and currently working on the ninth story in a twelve title
contract. (Six novels, six novellas)

How long have you been writing erotica and have you written in other genres?

I started writing erotica in the late 1990s but couldn’t find a publisher willing to publish my
stories. My “vanilla” romances were doing well with epubs, but I was really frustrated. I
wanted to write erotic romance, but no one wanted to buy. I was the secretary of EPIC,
the organization for epublished authors, and met Tina Engler through the organization.
Tina was the owner/publisher of Ellora’s Cave, which was, at the time, a small epublisher
of women’s erotic romance. I loved what I saw and sent Lionheart to EC. That was all it

Why do you write erotica, and what can readers expect from your stories?

I have always enjoyed the edgier stories and years ago I read Nancy Friday’s series of
women’s sexual fantasies. (My Secret Garden , Forbidden Flowers, etc.) They opened up
an entirely new genre for me. The stories I write push boundaries. I skirt the edges of acts
considered illegal and/or prurient, but because the stories are highly romantic and the
participants always sentient, charges of bestiality are unfounded. I love the fact that my
online reviews are either five star or one star—readers either love or hate my stories, but
what I love, when I write, is to let my characters take the reins and run with them. Readers
can expect a very sexy, hard-edged tale that is still romantic enough to push all the
emotional buttons, but I can guarantee they won’t have read anything like them before.

Do you have a creative process that helps you come up with your ideas for your
stories and how do you know when a story is just right?

That’s a tough one. My creative process is to think about my story for days before I sit
down to write. We live in a lovely mountain community in northern California and I love to
take long walks and work on story ideas. My stories are character driven, so once I know
my characters, the story itself fairly flows. Since I write a series, a lot of earlier characters
will reappear. I love my job!

Your Wolf Tales saga has done well, why do you think it has done so well and
what ingredients do you think is important for any book to be successful?

It was the lead story for a new line, so it got a lot of advertising from Kensington
Publishing. Also, the first stories had already been released by Changeling Press
www.changelingpress.com and had quite a good following, and I have a fairly good
Internet following with an active newsletter, but when it comes down to it, Wolf Tales takes
the forbidden and makes it romantic. I think the fact that the stories are about people who
love one another so powerfully that their bestial side is softened makes them attractive to

What kind of advice would you give to anyone interested in writing erotica?

Don’t quit. Never quit...if you are a writer, it’s genetic. If you try and ignore that, you’ll
never be happy. It’s a visceral reaction to the world around you...so you write, and if you
are of a mind to write erotica, it’s even more powerful because the sex drive is the most
powerful drive we have.  I don’t know how to put it into words, other than to say to follow
your muse, be true to yourself, and write.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Oh my...got pages and pages? On my keeper shelf are a most eclectic group of authors:
Christine Feehan, Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside, Anne Stuart, Emma Holly, Jayne Ann
Krentz ( in all her names!) Nora Roberts (ditto) Shelby Morgen, Treva Harte, Mary Janice
Davidson, Barbara Freethy, Deborah Smith, Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray, Susan
Grant and the list goes on...

Do you have any new books or projects that you would like to share with our

I’m currently working on Wolf Tales V, and really enjoying this one. I’ve got an old farts
romance in the story running parallel to the younger couple, and I’m really enjoying the
older couple’s story. I’ve been married to my spouse for 35 years and he’s still drop-dead
gorgeous, so the idea of a sexy story between two older protagonists is not out of reason,
in my mind. Of course, you realize that as you get older, you can’t see as well so what
probably isn’t all that hot still looks damned good! Still, mine’s a hottie, and if you don’t
believe me, go here:
http://www.katedouglas.com/id22.htm and scroll down to the tall guy
with the dog in his backpack. Yes, after all these years he still rings my bell! Okay...TMI! J
After WTV I’ll be writing my next novella for a new anthology. I really enjoy my characters
and still haven’t grown the least bit tired of writing them.

What kind of things do you like to do when your not writing?

Yard work is my lifesaver. That and walking the dog, or driving down the hill (we live in the
mountains) to babysit the grandkids. I’m easy! We live in a gorgeous area with lots of
wildlife, and I love to hike when I have time. All my recreation has to do with the out of

In terms of your career, where do you see yourself in five and maybe 10 years.

If you know, can you tell me? I honestly don’t know. After twenty years of trying to sell a
book, I’m still expecting my editor to call and tell me this was all a big mistake...I’m in an
unusual situation. I’m going to be 57 in January, an age when most women are hanging
up their careers, but mine is just getting started. I love what I do and it makes me feel
young. I hope that in ten years I’ll be embarking on yet another series, writing more
stories that make my readers happy. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that in
1985 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my doctor said I’d be in a wheelchair by
the time I was forty. I never needed the chair, though I walked with a cane for a number of
years. I’m in a complete remission now, and walking just fine, but my life is like a whole
new blank page, just waiting to be written. People in my family live a long time, so I think
that, in terms of my career, it’s my life. I’ll continue writing and enjoying every moment.


She gives away books every month to her readers and loves the chance to
interact with them.

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Interviewed by Natasha
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Bare Back Magazine's interview with author,
Kate Douglas...
Kate Douglas has been writing erotica for almost two decades. Like
most authors, she faced obstacles in getting published. Kate's
determination and desire to become a published author left her
driven to make her dream  a reality.  Along with that, her vision and
talent for writing has made her a very successful writer and well
loved author.

Kate has written over seventeen books currently available in print.
She currently writes exclusively for Kensington Publishing.

With five books released through Kensington's new Aphrodisia line
so far in 2006, three more manuscripts completed and five yet to
write for her first twelve titles, she spends most of her time at the
computer, writing feverishly.

Kate's Wolf Tales series with Kensington Publishing has been very
successful. The third addition to the series was just released in late
2006. And the original Wolf Tales is going into a fifth print run.

And according to Kate, she is hard at work on the fourh addition to
the Wolf Tales series.

"Readers can expect a very sexy, hard-edged tale that is still
romantic enough to push all the emotional buttons, but I can
guarantee they won’t have read anything like them before," says
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