Bare Back Mag: You have posed for fetish publications large and small; what
publications have you posed for, and how did the opportunity to start posing
come about?

KM:  Many years ago I was living in Boston and was a big part of their gothic scene.  I
was doing performances at nightclubs and became somewhat notorious… I worked with
many photographers mainly because they came up to me at the nightclub and asked!  
One thing lead to another and other photographers came around.  You have to
remember that this was 15+ years ago – there was no real internet, all fetish gear had
to be ordered from the back of seedy (and not easy to find) magazines, usually from
England or Germany with the hope that they wouldn’t be seized by customs!  No Hot
Topics for the shiny clothes…

Around this time I also became involved with the fetish band Sleep Chamber as one of
their most imfamous Barbitchettes, “Lulu”.  We toured all over the US and Germany.  
Those were great fun, performing before sometimes a handful sometimes thousands of
fans.  Our shows were full of incense, dark beats, and hot women!

I’ve been in all of the big fetish periodicals – Skin Two, Marquis, Ritual, Secret – as well
as smaller ones like Taste of Latex, Corporal, Dominant Mystique, Mistress Mine, Bad
Attitude, Dominant Domain, The Vault, Fantasy Fashion Digest… I’d have to pull out my
boxes of old magazines, I couldn’t possibly remember them all!

I’d say that my initial allure to photographers was that I was a fetishist myself, I had
already begun collecting fetish-type clothing and heels, so I had the wardrobe so to
speak.  Being quite tall (I’m 5’10”) didn’t hurt, and I had a sharp short black bob and
pale white skin so I looked especially exotic for the times.

Bare Back Mag: Your look is VERY unique and seductive. You refer to yourself
as real-life Cat woman & kitten with a whip. Can you explain what that means to
you and what it represents?

KM:  I am the Tigress.

Stalking her prey, ever aware of her power over the entire animal kingdom. It is you
who are caged, and I who pace in front of you as the oddity that you are. Playing,
teasing, yes, but this serves my higher purpose. I taunt to learn about my preys
weaknesses, to find its weak spots, to manipulate and use it to my best advantage. I
may seem cuddly and precious at times, but my outer demeanor only serves to
disguise my true purposes... my claws are sharp, as is my mind.

My alliance and utter devotion to the world of the feline is the seat of my power - a
slave is my prey, a pitiful mouse or a frightened bird that I shall taunt before its soul is
devoured. This gives me an easy sensuality, even as I administer the harshest
whipping, or the tightest cbt, or the most intense humiliations, a slave will never sense
anger in my actions. I do not raise my voice - a deep purr whispered in your ear, a
velvet-covered command, or a throaty laugh are all that I require to bring any slave to
his knees.

The exchange of power, the potential for life-changing and life-affirming experiences...
Reveling in my desire for control over all who dare to venture into my lair... Taking a
slave out of his everyday world into mine rich with fetish and fantasy, if only for an hour,
and then returning him, changed but ultimately unscathed, to his own - these are a few
of my favorite things.

I live for the hunt, and I hunt to live.

Bare Back Mag: The photos on your site are incredible and very artistic.. You
have noted on your site that you shot ALL of the photographs yourself. Did
you have formal training in photography? Do you see yourself pursuing
photography as a career?

KM:  No, I am not formally trained as a photographer, it was just something that evolved
naturally from being a model.  Not to mention that I wasn’t always fully satisfied with the
results when I was “just” modeling, I always liked to be more in control of my image and
taking my own photographs helps!  

It can be tiring (as well as tremendously comical) to run back and forth in full gear to set
the camera on autotimer!

But I truly enjoy setting up my own shoots, and I know my body and my wardrobe well
enough now that I know what looks good before I even shoot.  I only shoot digital
however, I am always aware of my missing education as a true photographer, and I
trust my “eye” more than my “brain”.

Bare Back Mag: For those that don't know you, who is Katja Minx, what can they
expect to see on your site? (where can readers learn more about you?)

KM: recently took down my Mistress site,, and made it into a simple
link on my blog site,  I still have several large galleries with
hundreds of free photos there for my many admirers and whatnot, but the stress of
constantly updating a site with new and fresh photos was getting to be a bit much.  I go
through spurts of writing on my blog, and I enjoy that very much (except for the times
that I feel like I’m screaming into an abyss).

In case that isn’t enough, you could always Google me and see the few thousand other
places you can find me on the internet…

Bare Back Mag: What is a Dominatric/Mistress. Is there any sex that is
involved from either the Dominatric or the person that is dominated?

KM:  Well everyone has their own interpretation as to what a Dominatrix is, and I can
only speak for myself here.  My own purrsonal view is that there is never to be any
direct sexual contact between a professional Mistress and her slave/client.  BDSM is
about so very much more than just the physical or sexual aspects of a session, and in
my mind actual sexual contact “ruins the moment”.

Do I sexually manipulate my clients?  Mentally, yes.  Physically, no.  Many times a slave
will not be able to contain his “excitement” at either my presence or my purrformance.  
They’re only mere males, at the mercy of their hormones after all.  But I have many
mental games to play that tease and torment them so that they feel as though they are
actually playing sexually.  Stimulation through all of the senses is key here – the music,
the incense, the click of my heels, the veiled velvet threats in my voice – all of these
and many more can be used to convince a slave that he is feeling exactly what I want
him to feel, whether it be pain or pleasure.  The mind is a verrry powerful thing.

Bare Back Mag: What is BDSM, and how did you become involved in the

KM:  BDSM incorporates aspects of Bondage, Domination, Sadism & Masochism.  My
involved first began via my fetish purrformances back in Boston, and has evolved
naturally.  I’ve worked in many commercial dungeons as well as had several of my own.  
I am one of the lucky few Dominatrixes who are naturally Dominant both in their
purrsonal and professional lives.  This is not a costume that I put on in order to
dominate a client.  

This is also not to be confused with being a “bitch”.  Although I adore the word on so
many other levels, I do not embody what one would think the word “bitch” means when
in session.  That’s just not my style.  I’ve never in my life called anyone a worm or
ordered them to crawl around on the floor for no reason.  

I have also found that I am quite naturally Sadistic as well.  This was not something that
I knew about myself before I became involved in BDSM, in fact I always suspected that I
might never actually feel like a Sadist.  But honestly after playing for so many years I
can tell you that when I am in full Sadist mode and playing with a hardcore masochist or
fetishist it is like no other feeling in the world… it’s like my blood is on fire and every
single cell in my brain is alight, my body moves on it’s own and I can literally feel the
heat being generated by my movement.  It’s a rare and beautiful thing.

Bare Back Mag: You have quoted on your site,  "I am not your Mistress, you are
my slave..."
 What does that mean to you?

KM:  This is probably my most famous quote, and the one most widely copied.  
Basically it reinforces the idea that I am in control when you step into my dungeon, that
it is I who decides what will happen and how you will be manipulated, even if you are
allowed some input before the session begins.  Many slaves say amongst themselves
at parties and functions something like “my Mistress does this” or “would you be my
Mistress”… that would imply that I somehow belong to them or something I do is only for
their benefit when in actuality it’s directly the opposite.

Bare Back Mag: You refer to yourself as a control freak. Do you believe that a
Dominatric or Mistress would have to be someone who is a control freak?
What type of person can be a Dominatric?

KM:  Well in my case it sure helps (wicked laughter here)… Anyone wanting to become
a professional Dominatrix needs to have a strong hand, a stronger mind, and an
incredibly strong stomach.  The vast majority of the women in this business today have
none of the above.

Bare Back Mag: What is your favorite S&M activity?

KM:  First and foremost I adore bondage in all of its many forms (but most deliciously
intricate full-body rope bondage), and depriving the senses of their visual, aural, and
tactile cues so that I may alternately deny and overload them gives me a thrill like no
other... hearing the rush of a singletail as it breaks the sound barrier, and inflicting pain
of the most erotic sorts with all manner of whips, cats, floggers, crops, clips, paddles,
canes and other implements... Not to mention tickling a helpless slave until he
physically cries, piercing tender skin, or fully feminizing a hapless male... I adore the
journey as much as the destination.

Psychodrama, bordering on true hypnosis, is also in my arsenal of skills. My own
purrsonal fetishes run toward exotic boots and shoes (of which I possess over 100
pair), fine leather and latex clothing, Catwoman costumes, and tight (22”) corsetry.

Bare Back Mag: Is there any S&M experience that is most memorable for you
in the past?

KM: Many.  But I’d like to keep them purrsonal for I do not whip and tell.

Bare Back Mag: Do you have a partner? And if so, what does your partner feel
about your lifestyle choice? Do you dominate your partner outside the
bedroom in everyday life?

KM:  I like to keep my private life private… this way it remains something for my slaves
to fantasize about.  When you know too much about me purrsonally I lose my allure and
my mystery.  Part of my power over a slave comes from being a fantasy figure.  I prefer
to remain an enigma.

Bare Back Mag: Why do you think that S&M is considered a fetish?

KM:  In my view a “fetish” is anything that is required for someone to achieve sexual
gratification.  This can be an object or a person.  There are the popular ones of course
like shoes, shiny clothing, etc., but I’ve discovered over the years in playing with many
many fetishists that even the current vogue for classic fetishism doesn’t include
anything close to the vast and varied fetishes that exist out there.  Things that even I
would never think of.  Things that may seem so very ordinary – sweaters, bottles,
diapers – but in the mind of the fetishist are all-important for satisfaction.

Now sexual gratification needn’t merely mean physical orgasm.  That’s only the
beginners level.  Gratification that occurs deep inside the mind is far more complex and
involves imagination and a willingness to go further than simple sexual release.  
Sometimes it does not involve orgasm at all, the denial or the delay may be more

Bare Back Mag: Is S&M considered a more emotion or physical experience?.
Why do you think the people you dominate want to be dominated in this way?

KM:  SM is both, and must always be both.  Physical and emotional.  Mere physical isn’t
really SM, that’s why for so many people it seems to be an empty experience and they
don’t get “it”.  Why would someone want to be beaten?  How can they enjoy being
humiliated?  Who would want to be verbally taunted or whipped?  The answer is
because it satisfies them, gratifies them, on a deeper level and takes into account more
than just the base sense of touch or friction that leads to ordinary orgasm – all of the
senses must be engaged to have a true SM experience.

Bare Back Mag: Some would say that S&M is considered the eroticization of
power. How do you make the people that you dominate aware of certain
boundaries that you have as a Dominatric? Or do you have any boundaries?

KM:  Yes, SM can be considered an eroticization of power, pain, stimuli.  I have many
boundaries as a Dominatrix and in general it’s pretty clear to a slave what those are as
soon as I open my dungeon door.  I’m known for being sensually strict – I’m a Scorpio,
after all – but there will never be any slave that will be allowed to physically touch me
(except for foot slaves but that would only include my feet from the ankle down), I never
ever remove any clothing, and don’t even think about asking for a handjob or any sort
of sexual gratification.  Unless of course you really want me to start talking about
immediate castration…

Limits on the other hand, are another matter.  I’m quite extreme in my play, but my limits
vary in accordance with my slaves experience and willingness to dance on the edge of
the knife.  I will never mark a slave that cannot be marked,    I have surprised myself
over the years by how far I am willing to go once I am “in role” whether it is something
extremely physically demanding (drawing blood from bullwhipping, inflations, play
piercing, extreme degredation) or verbal humiliations.  Once I’m in gear it’s difficult to
slow down the train if you know what I mean, it’s very intense for me.

Bare Back Mag: What do you do besides being a Mistress/Dominatric? Do you
have any hobbies for example writing?

KM:  Well I do write some erotic fiction as well as take photographs.  Tying people up
just for the fun of it does seem to happen a lot, which keeps my skills in top shape.  
Otherwise I’m a collector of high heels and exotic footwear, an avid knitter, cat lover
and dog trainer.

Bare Back Mag: How long do you see yourself in the S&M lifestyle and what
will be your next move for the future?

KM:  I’m not sure… a few years back when I had to close my dungeon Kismet (after a
nasty flood and an even nastier landlord) I thought that this was a natural end to over
13 years of experience as a Domina and that felt good.  But the last few years I’ve felt
the itch again so who knows what my next chapter will entail?
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