Bare Back Magazine:  Lacey, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for
interviewing with Bare Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background and
how did you decide to become an erotic romance author?

Lacey Alexander:
 Thanks for inviting me!  I’ve been writing for most of my life.  My background
is in short literary fiction and, more recently, romance novels.  I sold my first romance novel in
1998 and have been published in that genre ever since.  So writing erotic romance (which I refer
to, in my own work, as erotica or romantic erotica) is actually a second career for me.  It started
at a time when my primary romance career was on shaky ground and I felt I needed to write
something new and different and approach a new market.  I really had no plans to make a whole
additional career out of it – I expected it to be a one book deal.  But the publishing world had
other plans and it’s been a very interesting journey.

Bare Back Magazine:  How long have you been writing erotic romance and what
changes have you seen in the publishing industry?  Has your writing been effected by
these changes?

Lacey Alexander:
 I’ve only been writing erotic work since late 2003.  This was at the beginning
of the recent/current erotic fiction craze.  Unfortunately, in that time I’ve seen the marketplace
glutted with, frankly, too much work by too many authors, diluting the sales and often diluting the
quality of the work.  Now, it’s getting harder for new authors to break in to the truly profitable
markets.  My writing really hasn’t changed at all based on this, though – it is what it is ; )

Bare Back Magazine:  For those who are not familiar with your work, how would you
describe your writing style and what can be expected from your stories?

Lacey Alexander:
 The following description comes straight from my website and encapsulates
my work well:

“Lacey's romantic erotica combines hardcore erotica and romance. The sex scenes are very
graphic, detailed, and plentiful, including graphic language and extreme sexual situations, but
entwined is a romantic, loving relationship that will reach a level of monogamous commitment by
the end of the book. Perfect for the reader who enjoys extremely hot, graphic sex and fantasy-
type situations, but who also finds satisfaction in traditional romance and wants to see
characters fall in love.”

And for the curious, the extreme situations referred to are often threesomes, foursomes, orgies,
sex in public, bi-sexuality, BDSM, anal play, etc.  I’ve written about a dozen erotica novels and
numerous novellas and short stories, as well, and over the course of my career, it is my hope to
leave no stone unturned in terms of such explorations.  I’m sure there are things I’ve missed
because they haven’t occurred to me, but I have a rule:  I don’t censor myself in terms of
content.  If it comes to mind, I write it.  So far, that’s worked well for me.

Bare Back Magazine:  Are there any character(s) in any of your books that you feel
could have some of your qualities in terms of personality and why?

Lacey Alexander:
 Sure.  I think many of my heroines start out with some similar sensibilities
and attitudes as “the real me.”  That certainly makes for a character I can easily put on the
page, and I think it makes for a character most women can relate to.  Even in books where the
female lead is very different than me (since I definitely don’t write the same character over and
over), I hope I create intelligent, likable women who readers will care about.  As for the why part
of the question, I see myself as an “everywoman” in many ways – I’m a happily married woman
living a middle class suburban life in the Midwest.  A great many of my readers fit this same
description in part or in full.  I think erotica becomes more powerful when it’s written from the
viewpoint of the “everywoman” who is going on an erotic journey than, say, from the viewpoint of
someone who has always embraced extreme sex with ease.

Bare Back Magazine:  Your stories encourage women to embrace their sexual
fantasies. Why do you believe that it is important for women especially to embrace
sexual fantasies?

Lacey Alexander:
 I come from a place and time where girls were still very much taught to be
“good girls” growing up, and where there were a lot of mixed messages about sex.  I know I’m not
alone in this.  For me, it’s very important for women to get comfortable with their sexuality.  That
doesn’t mean I encourage people to do go out and do the things that happen in my books – far
from it.  But I do encourage women to understand that it’s a-okay – and even normal and
healthy – to think about “forbidden” forms of sex.  The sky won’t fall.  You’ll still be the same
person.  But you’ll be more acceptant of yourself and probably happier for it.  And you’ll
probably enjoy sex more.

Bare Back Magazine:  Let's talk a minute about your newest story, Bikini Diaries.
What's it about?

Lacey Alexander:
 Thanks for asking about THE BIKINI DIARIES.  Here’s the blurb from the
back of the book:

While on business at Florida’s gorgeous Emerald Coast, Wendy Carnes spots a woman who
unknowingly changes her life. “White Bikini Babe” is the personification of sex, clearly ready for
action—and watching her makes Wendy wonder: If she put on a sexy bikini and got a new
attitude, could she get a hot beach guy of her own? Could she really indulge in casual sex for
the mere sport of it?

Armed with a daring new bikini and a new attitude—along with the journal in which she records
her secret thoughts on the whole adventure—Wendy soon finds herself engaging in a wild and
very naughty affair with her perfect fantasy man, who pushes her to new sexual extremes she’s
never even imagined. But at what point does the game become reality? When does the person
you pretend to be become the person you really are? And worse, what happens when your
private diary falls into the wrong hands?

I’m excited about the release of this book (on February 6, from Penguin Putnam, and at a
bookstore near you ; ) ) and very proud of it – it’s one my personal favorites to date.  Wendy
perfectly embodies the kinds of things I’m talking about above:  she’s an everywoman who dares
to go on an eye-opening sexual journey that changes her for the better, both inside and out.  
Again, I don’t aspire for my books to make people go out and do wild things – but I hope they
allow women to explore their fantasies in a safe environment and to think about sex in new, less-
inhibited ways.

Bare Back Magazine:  What is the best part about being a writer?

Lacey Alexander:
 Getting to work in my pajamas if I feel like it.  And hearing from readers that
my work has moved them or inspired them or opened their minds in some positive way.

Bare Back Magazine:  What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not
writing stories?

Lacey Alexander:
 Unfortunately, having two different writing careers doesn’t leave a lot of
spare time, but I enjoy traveling (which has inspired a lot of my work, including THE BIKINI
DIARIES), reading, genealogy, scrapbooking, and I make quilts by hand.

Bare Back Magazine:  Do you see yourself writing any other genres?

Lacy Alexander:
 As I mentioned earlier, I already have another career in another genre – in
which I write sexy contemporary mainstream romance.  I would also love to write some historical
novels (both erotic and mainstream romance) – but right now, it’s a matter of finding the time to
do that between already existent deadlines.

Bare Back Magazine:  What other projects are you working on right now in terms of
your writing?

Lacey Alexander:
 Thanks for asking.  On the erotica side, I have several things going on.  On
March 6, my other erotica publisher, Ellora’s Cave, will release ADRIANNA’S UNDIES – this is the
third novella in a series of four.  The series is called City Heat and it’s actually a group of
sequels to my previous Hot in the City trilogy.  ADRIANNA’S UNDIES is a story of dominance and
submission which takes place all in one night in a Las Vegas hotel room.  The last novella in the
series, SCOTT’S SATIN SHEETS, is also in the works and takes place in Key West.

Additionally, my next book with Penguin Putnam, a slightly darker, longer-than-usual novel called
WHAT SHE NEEDS, will be released this fall (’09.)

And I’m currently writing my next mainstream romance for HarperCollins/Avon Books.

Bare Back Magazine:  Thank you Lacey for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine!

Lacey Alexander:
 Thank you again for the invitation.  I enjoyed it!  Thanks for your interest in
my books, and please let your readers know they can learn more about my books at
www. and that I can also be found on MySpace at www.MySpace.
com/LaceyAlexander, so please feel free to friend me!

Interviewed by Natasha
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Lacey Alexander is the kind of writer that writes stories that you
just can't get enough of.  Lacey sold her first romance novel in
1998 and have been published in that genre ever since.  

Lacey's stories have been described as "hardcore and
romantic." Through her stories, Lacey encourage women to
become more comfortable with their sexuality.

Lacey has been nominated and has won numerous awards
for her work on stories such as

Lacey's latest book, THE BIKINI DIARIES takes place at the
beach, and it’s about one women’s quest to put on a sexy
bikini and be the bold sort of woman who is seeking “sex on
the beach” and nothing more.  The story explores the theme of
a women's desire to become more comfortable with her
sexuality. And recorded entries in her journal plays a big part
in the story.

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