A Cheater’s Promise (New Edition)

Interview Q&A

Bare Back Magazine: Thank you Maurice very much for the interview. Can you tell me about
your background and how you decide to become a writer?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  I started writing poetry at middle school.  I realized that girls liked
poetry, and that motivated me to write more.  As I got older, I wrote rymthes, and short stories, I
even thought about being a rapper, but that didn’t work out for me.  I decided to become a
writer because I have a wild imagination, and wanted to share it with others.  Some of the stories
I have need to be in print.           

Bare Back Magazine: What inspires you as a writer? And what is your writing process?

Maurice Derrick Geter - I get inspired by life, and the ups and downs that life brings. I usually
think about the subject first, then I do an outline of the story line.  After that’s done I’ll start to
write bits, and pieces of the story at different times, and put them together under each topic.  
Until I have enough material to finish the novel.  I’m always writing whenever something comes
to mind.

Bare Back Magazine: Why did you decide to write an adult novel about a cheater and make it
so explicit? (What did you hope to accomplish?)

Maurice Derrick Geter -  Well, like most people I’m no stranger to cheating, whether it’s
reading about it in a novel that has infidelity in it, being cheated on by your partner, or you
could be the one that’s doing all the cheating.  Some people might say the book was too explicit,
but I don’t think so.  I just tried to keep it real with what’s going on in a cheaters life, starting at a
young age, like the lies cheaters will tell you, or the crazy sex, and freaky situations.  I think
being explicit is part of cheating; you go for what you want, and get what you need.

I wrote this novel to entertain and enlighten some people on the lies, drama, and consequences
a cheater can bring to a relationship.  A lot people can’t believe some of the stories that was
written in the book, and think the situations are exaggerated.  But you never know what might
happen when talking about cheating.  Many females who read A Cheater’s Promise, are looking
at their relationships, and thinking about the lies they heard, wondering if they were part of the
cheating game too.  So hopefully they will be a little wiser, and understand that anyone can be
cheated on male or female.  However, if you’re out there cheating, don’t be surprised if you’re
the one that get hurt, because karma’s a bitch.     

Bare Back Magazine: Is this your first novel? If not what kind of stories have you written

Maurice Derrick Geter -  Yes, A Cheater’s Promise is my first adult novel.  But it wasn’t my first
published work, in 2006 I came out with a children’s book called “My Friend Buddy” about a little
boy with an imaginary  friend that comes to life whenever the boy is having problems.

Bare Back Magazine: Your character Damien is like a lot of guys I know. Is Damien about your
life? Have you ever been in any of the situations that he's been in as a result of cheating?

Maurice Derrick Geter - No Damien isn’t about my life.  Although, I can recall being in some
situations like Damien, as a result of cheating when I was younger.

Bare Back Magazine: You've received mixed reviews for your book. Why do you think that is?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  Well you can’t please everyone, and I understand that.  I don’t think
they we’re ready for it.  Maybe the book was too explicit, vulgar, or violent for them, and they
wanted to read about the calm and gentle side of cheating. Some people won’t even talk about
the subject of cheating, because it hits too close to home for them.  A lot of my male friends that
brought the book, even told me that they couldn’t bring it home, because their wife or girlfriend
might flip out, or have a flashback after reading A Cheater’s Promise.  But cheating seems to be
part of today’s culture as shown on most T.V shows or in the news.

Bare Back Magazine: How does your family feel about you writing this story?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  My family was supportive of my writing and this story.  In fact, my
mother was one of the first ones to review the book.  She’s an avid reader of most genres, and I
knew she was going to tell me the truth.  I’m no angel, but she was able to separate the author,
from her son.

Bare Back Magazine: Do you plan to write any more adult novels in the future?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  Yes, I plan to write more adult novels in the future like, A Cheater’s
Promise 2 “Back to No Good,” due out this summer that will be just as explicit as the first.  I have
many story lines I am working on.  The other books might not be as explicit as A Cheater’s
Promise, but it will still be edgy.

Bare Back Magazine: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years in terms of your
writing career?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  I see myself writing more books, and being recognized as a talented
author.  I also hope to one day be on The New York Times Best Seller list.  Maybe even movie
scripts, I would love for my writing to be on the big screen.

Bare Back Magazine: Why do you think that some men like to cheat?

Maurice Derrick Geter -  I think some men like to cheat because it’s just physical, no
attachments, feelings, or responsibility, just sex.  Sometimes men like to do things to their
mistress, or side chick that they can’t do to their wife, or girlfriend.  Men understand the
difference between mental cheating, and physical cheating, but I don’t think women do.  
Females tend to get caught up on the emotional side of things, not knowing he only wants sex
and not love.  He’ll drop her like a bad habit if his girlfriend, or wife found out.  But it’s not only
men who are cheating, the number of women cheating has increased drastically.  So you never
know who’s really getting played.  

Read the book review of A CHEATER'S PROMISE
Bare Back Magazine's Interview with Maurice Derrick Geter,
author of
A Cheater's Promise...
At an early age, Maurice Derrick
Geter found a love for writing
through poetry. His motiivation
at the time was to woo the girls.
But, now his writing has become
his love and inspired him to
write a novel.

A Cheater's Promise is his first
adult novel about the ups and
downs of a cheater's life. Its
very graphic and its very raw.

Check out the interview to learn
more about Maurice and about
the book..
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