The Interview
by J.Pink - May 2009
Bare Back Magazine

J.Pink: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina: The
Weekend Part II?

P. Elaine Archie:
Well, this novel is the follow up to The Weekend. After the release of my first book, the
response from my readers led me to pen my second novel. Of course my personal experiences and those
of close friends inspired me to pen the first. I wanted to write a story that focused on a divorced woman, like
my self, struggling to get her own life back after a devastating break-up. I also wanted it to reflect that a
woman can still be successful and strong minded while still being sensual.

J.Pink: How did you get started writing erotica?

Well, I enjoy a good steamy book with a storyline that can also stimulate my mind and my body. To tell
you the truth, I did not plan on writing this specific genre. I just started writing, and the story developed itself.
I think the relationship problems I experienced in the past versus how I imagined a different outcome played
a part in writing this story. I look at Nina as what I wish could happen sometimes for myself.

J.Pink: What sets Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina apart from other erotica?

The believability of the characters to an everyday woman! Once I felt the story developing into the
erotica genre, I wanted to ensure the characters were real and easy to relate to for my readers. Most men
and women in today’s world can get lost in this story and probably pick out a specific scene that fits into
their own personal experiences.

J.Pink: There are a number of erotica authors write outside of their own sexual experience and
orientation. How do you prepare for that in your work?

Okay, well most writers do write about what they have experienced or issues they have spent
sometime researching. I really just pull from conversations with friends, co-workers or family members along
with wishful thinking. When I look at Nina, I think of a relationship in a perfect balanced world. Sometimes I
will search the net to help develop a thought for the storyline. But I try to pull from life experiences. I have
done and experienced so many exciting and wonderful things in my life. I try to convey those thoughts with a
sexual twist to my readers.

J.Pink: If you could be one of your characters, who would you be? And why?

I would be Nina. I can really relate to her story. She has become strong, confident, and very attuned to
her sexual needs. If she does not have a man when the urge hits her, she pulls out her old faithful friend
“Mr. Black.” She plays by her own rules.

Also, the issues Nina faces while struggling to achieve her individual success, the foundation she has with
her children, her on going search for sexual satisfaction, as well as the belief that true love is out there
somewhere for her is the same thing I feel at times I am searching for.

J.Pink: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina
getting out to the public?

Marketing is the key to success. If you don’t get the information out to the public, you will not sell any
books! There has to be a communication line open to be successful.

J.Pink: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish
Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina?

I just grab a Miami Vice to relax, look at the computer and think about my life! (LOL) I like to
incorporate the current issues into conversations with my characters. I also think about what I have heard in
the news and how I can relate those issues to them as well. Then I think about the different issues people
around me deal with. How I would react to their situations and how I can relate that to my characters.

It took me almost two years to start and complete the project. I really wanted to captivate my readers with
this second novel. I have learned so much since the first book, so I knew I had to develop more characters
and a strong sexual story line for Nina and Omar.

J.Pink: What's next for P. Elaine Archie?

Well, of course I have readers already asking for more of Nina and Omar. I promised them I will get
back to their saga as soon as I finish the next project. I have a topic that is less erotic and is a real issue in
the black community. I want to focus on the untapped subject of rape and incest which is more common
than people think.

I just want to keep writing interesting and stimulating stories that readers can relate to and will continue to
enjoy. I am always striving for new ways to reach the next level.
P. Elaine Archie
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