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Interview with Romance Author Pamela Downs
Bare Back Mag:  Fiction writers usually draw from
their own experiences. How much of what you write
is "autobiographical" and how much is inspired by
your "fantasies"?

Pamela Downs: Writing erotic romance as Pamela
Downs, I will draw some of my characterization and
settings from people I've met and places I've been,
but there isn't anything autobiographical about it.
Fantasies? not really. It's more that my
stories come from putting my characters together,
giving them a situation, and seeing how their
romance evolves.

Bare Back Mag: What would you consider to be the
most challenging aspect of writing erotic romance

Pamela Downs: My erotic romances, with one
exception, have all been short stories. Learning
how to condense a character arc into 8,000 to
10,000 words, creating a believable world and
plausible romance is a big challenge. I'm still new
at this genre, and I blush right along with my
heroines in the love making scenes. I try to write
what the market wants to buy, not what I crave (my

Bare Back Mag:  What authors had the biggest
influence on you and why? And what authors do you

Pamela Downs: Mainstream historical writer Claire
Delacroix inspired me to write my first erotic
romance, Son of a Preacher Man. Her books have
explicit love making. I am reading  Secrets Volume
10 anthology now, which I received at the Romance
Writers of America national conference last July. I
don't normally read erotic romance, but I'm really
enjoying the first story, Private Eyes by Dominique

Bare Back Mag:  What piece of advice would you give
aspiring erotic romance writers?

Pamela Downs: Vampires!  

Bare Back Mag:  Writing can be a time consuming
process. How long does it normally take for you to
develop your characters, and story line. And how do
you know when you have a story that is right for your

Pamela Downs: Once my mind conjures up the
characters, setting and dilemma, I can write a short
erotic romance in three days to a week.

Bare Back Mag:  You have a new release called "A
Town Called Night." Can you tell the readers alittle
about the book and what inspired you to write the it.

Pamela Downs: Vampire paramedics oh my!  When
I told my hunky firefighter hubby I wanted to write
a vampire story, he suggested making them
paramedics. I misunderstood a line in Avril
Lavigne's song, I'm With You. She sang "It's a damn
cold night." I thought she sang "It's a town called
night." It gave me the title, setting and mood for
my story.  I had never read a vampire book nor
watched a vampire movie. I asked a vampire writer
pal what the "rules" were (garlic, stake through the
heart, nighttime, etc.)  She told me there were no
rules. Make it up, make it plausible, make it
consistant and it will sell.  And sell it has. In it's
debut month, A Town Called Night is on the Venus
Press bestseller list.

Bare Back Mag:  Besides erotic romances, you also
write romantic mysteries under another pen name.
Which have you been writing longer and how would
you describe your writing styles for both

Pamela Downs: I first wrote novel length romantic
mysteries. After 200+ agent rejections, I finally
listened to my pals whispering "sex sells." I took a
work in progress that I was hopelessly stuck on,
added a specific act the erotic pubishers were
casting, and made it into a short story. I e-mailed
it to two publishers and the next morning, there
was a contract in my inbox for Son of a Preacher
Man. Sex sure does sell.

My romantic mysteries have a lot of me in them. I
take incidents from my real life, and use them as
leaping points. My characters say and do things I
would never dare. A whole lot of fun. I'm in edits
now for Hundred Dollar Bill, a romantic mystery
action adventure set in 1945. Franklin & Eleanor
Roosevelt and Harry Truman have supporting roles.

My erotic romances are written on a different level.
Pure fiction as dictated by my muse.

Bare Back Mag:  Are you working on any new projects
that you would like to share?

Pamela Downs: I'm writing the sequel to Hundred
Dollar Bill, working title Thousand Dollar Pharaoh.
My female secret service agent heroine from the
first book is deep undercover in 1945 Egypt,
chasing counterfeiters.

Bare Back Mag:  In your current relationship or past
have you lived out any of the fantasies that you have
written about?

Pamela Downs: No. Sorry, probably not what you
wanted me to answer. LOL

Bare Back Mag:  Do you feel that your writing hinders
or actually improves your relationship? How does
your partner feel about your career?

Pamela Downs: It encroaches on my time with my
family, so there are some resentment and guilt
issues. They try to be supportive, but until some
real money comes rolling in, they want their
mommy or wife around more.  I gave my first three
royalty checks to them, in age order. Just for
putting up with me.

Bare Back Mag:  How long have you been writing and
what inspired you to become a writer?

Pamela Downs: I began writing at the turn of the
century. I was active on a Bee Gees fans Yahoo
Group, and a screen writer fan encouraged me to
write, because of the flavor of my posts. I spent a
lot of time home alone with the kids in school and
hubby at work, and too much time at the computer.
Writing evolved for me naturally.

Bare Back Mag:  What do you see for yourself in the
future in terms of your writing. Is there a goal that
you want to reach?

Pamela Downs: I've put my erotic short stories on
hold for now, having written four this year. I'm
concentrating on my romantic mystery novels,
trying to build up a name and snag a top New York
literary agent. I'd like to make the NY Times, USA
Today and bestseller lists, multiple
times. I'd like to generate enough of a regular
income so that my husband can retire by age 50
while he's still healthy enough to pursue his

Pamela's last erotic romance this year with Venus
Press, Mistletoe & Magic, an anthology with Nix
Winter and Emy Naso, will be released at the end
of November 2005. Her story, Santa Jinn, is about a
couple of swinging jinns that Santa sends to help
put the magic back into a marriage.

Please visit her erotic romance website at for excerpts and
great covers.
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