Peepshow stories by Pagan Moss:
A Seattle peep-show girl shares
stories of her customers and
adventures stemming from her
bare-it-all behavior on her blog.  
Also known as Pagan Moss, of
Sensual Liberation Army. Pagan
has been fortunate to have
some of her stories published by
The Mammoth Book of Sex
and also, Everything You
Know About Sex Is Wrong.
turns me on most about being a
peep show girl is knowing that I
gave 10 different guys an
orgasm in one day. " says Pagan.
The Interview:

Bare Back Mag: What inspired you to actually document your peep
show stories?

Early 2000, my boyfriend, Dr. Menlo, started one of the first sex blogs:
Sensual Liberation Army (  Later that year, I also
started blogging on SLA and shortly thereafter quit my daytime job to
explore work in the sex industry.  I started out working at the Lusty Lady
(peep show) and then went on to work at Champ Arcade (peep show),
Exotic Tan (lingerie showroom), and Fantasy Unltd. (peep show).  After
blogging on SLA, I decided to start my own blog to document my adult
business experience.  I was just having too many amazing experiences
to keep them all to myself.  I also knew that I wouldn't be working in the
sex industry forever and I  wanted something to look back on.  I didn't
want to forget.                    

Bare Back Mag: For someone who has not yet seen your blog, what
kind of stories can they expect to read? And where (website address)
could someone read your peep show stories?

I tried to write about all of the different places I worked at in the sex
industry.  Some of the stories are about the customers and some are
about the dancers I worked with.  The stories vary quite a bit-- some
sexy; some sad and depressing; some down right disturbing.  I guess
there's probably a little something for everyone.  All of my stories can be
read at  I've been fortunate to have some of
my stories published:  The Mammoth Book of Sex Diaries, edited by
Maxim Jakubowski and Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong,
edited by Russ Kick.

Bare Back Mag: How did you get into this business?

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon the Lusty Lady one night after a few
drinks downtown.  I had never been there before.  He opened his wallet
and peeled off a few dollars for me to get a show.  I went into a one-way
booth--the kind where you can see the girl, but she can't see you.  As
soon as the window opened, I saw three beautiful nude girls.  One of the
girls came up to my window and started dancing for me.  I could see
everything and it was all so beautiful.  A few minutes later, the window
closed and I sat there in the dark feeling all tingly and excited. I
wanted... needed to know more about those girls.  At the time,  I was
working at an insurance company . . . had been for the past eight years  
and was bored as hell.  Something in my brain sparked at the Lusty and
I felt I could really learn something there.  I felt alive.          
Bare Back Mag: How long have you actually worked as a peepshow girl
and how long do you see yourself in the profession?

I worked off and on as a peep show girl from 2000 to August, 2004.  
When I quit Fantasy in 2004, I was burnt out and needed a break.  I
went back to working a regular day job, doing work for a group of
psychologists.  Ironically, some of the doctors I work for do forensic work
in the field of sexual deviancy so I guess I still work in the sex industry in
a way.  It has been interesting going from one perspective to another . . .
although the doctors are not aware of my unique insight.

Bare Back Mag: Is there a difference from being a peep show girl and a
stripper/exotic dancer?

A stripper/exotic dancer usually works in a club with a number of other
dancers.  They dance on stage or do lap dances for money.  Peep show
girls work in a booth behind glass and do not have physical contact with
the customer.   They usually communicate via a telephone and offer a
variety of shows: basic nude, masturbation, toy, etc.  Most sex workers
work as independent contractors and are not employed.  There are a
few places like the Lusty Lady who employ their dancers.

Bare Back Mag: What does being a peep show girl mean to you? What
turns you on about being a peep show girl?

At its best, being a peep show girls means that you get a chance to help
people.  You might give an old guy a much overdue anatomy lesson, or
teach a young man how to get his girlfriend off . . .  or teach a girl how to
get herself off.  At its worst, you wonder if the guy that just walked out of
your booth really does have a 12-year-old niece.     What turns me on
most about being a peep show girl is knowing that I gave 10 different
guys an orgasm in one day.

Bare Back Mag: If someone were to ask you whether they should get
into the business, as opposed to how to get into it, what would you say?

I'd tell them that was a decision they'd have to decide for themselves.  I'd
fill them in on what to expect working there: what kind of customers
come in; what shows they might want;  what the other dancers can be
like; what the money's like.  I'd also ask them to think about things that
could happen and how they might react--like how would they handle
customers passing them by all day long and going to the other girl on
shift.  I'd want them to know that there are days when every single guy
walks past your booth and doesn't get a show.  I think this alone could
really fuck with some people.  Also, how are they going to react when a
customer's fantasy is watching his nine-year-old niece take a bath.  Or,
how are they going to react when a customer wants to buy a sack of
their shit because he really likes how it tastes.  Of course you can say
no but hearing this stuff day in and day out has a way of getting to you.  
We all have our limits and we all have had different experiences in our
lives that might make acting out certain scenarios out of the question.  
Overall, sex work has been a positive experience for me, but I don't think
sex work is for everyone.

Bare Back Mag: Have you ever stripped for your partner for fun? How
did he feel about you being in the adult entertainment business?

Yes, Dr. Menlo and I have been partners for the past five years.  He has
been very supportive of my work in the sex industry, which I'm sure
would be a challenge for a lot of men.  I used to strip and do shows for
him a lot when I worked at the peeps.  It was something both of us
enjoyed.  Unfortunately, I haven't done it for awhile.  Sorry, baby.  I think
men and woman should strip for each other on a regular basis.  I think
they should masturbate for each other, too.  I think most men would
rather have these experiences with someone they care about rather
than with a stranger behind a piece of glass.   

Bare Back Mag: What other interest, hobbies do you have?

I enjoy reading . . . although I tend to buy more books than I read these
days.  I also enjoy watching movies (of the Z-channel variety), cooking
vegan food, and walking around town and watching people.     

Bare Back Mag: What is your background?

I grew up in a small town not too far from where the show Twin Peaks
was shot.  After barely graduating from high school, going straight to
college was the last thing on my mind.  I left home instead and scored
my first real job working at an insurance company adjusting claims.   
Eight mind-numbing years later, I  realized I had made a terrible mistake.
Luckily, I saw the light one night in the form of a beautiful, young, nude
girl . . .  and I was saved.   

Bare Back Mag: What is one of your memorable peepshows stories that
you have written about and/or may have heard from other people in the

I think my most memorable shows are the ones that involve old people
or people who are physically or mentally disabled.  They're  the only
ones I really miss and think about still.  The freaks fade, believe it or not.
I worry about the special needs customers I had, wondering who's taking
care of them now and hoping they found someone patient and sweet.  
Sex work is a lot like social work, you know.
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