Bare Back Magazine: Ralph, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing
with Bare Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background?

Ralph Greco:
 Well, first of all, I am honored to be part of Bare Back and anything you guys do. I feel
your website and publications strive for and achieve a high degree of quality, so I am thrilled to be part
of it all. As related to writing, I have a BA degree in English lit and am an ASCAP licensed songwriter.
But mainly what I feel is pertinent to my ‘background’ in writing is the fact that I write and read all the
time and have been doing so since I can remember.

Bare Back Magazine:  How did you become interested in writing erotica?

Ralph Greco:
 I’ve always been interested in all forms of writing, but I actually got into the erotica
‘thang’ penning scripts for a 800/900# pre-recorded phone line, sometime in the late 80s. From there I
began writing for some specific fetish publications then I began to look for more publications to place
my work as wrote more and more erotica.

Bare Back Magazine: Many of the projects you've worked on are adult industry related.
What is it about the adult industry that appeals to your talents?

Ralph Greco:  It seems to be a free-er environment, not full of the many rules I find in the ‘straight’
world, where, say a magazine is very stringent on what they will accept. Granted, erotic publications
can have their restrictions, for instance if you write for a fetish magazine they’ll usually want the fiction
to be centered around that fetish, but I like the welcoming of cross-genres in erotica that I frankly don’t
see in other publications. And to be honest, I have found erotica pays and often times gets a lot of

Bare Back Magazine:  How did you get involved in writing pre-recorded phone sex scripts?

Ralph Greco:
 As I mentioned before, I began that work in the late 80’s when a friend of mine called
to say she was going to do some recording for a local guy and wanted me along for support, just to
make sure the guy was legit (which he was). When I got there, over the course of the evening and my
friend recording for him, we talked about scripts and this guy said, yes he could use a writer. That was
my first professional writing gig and quite a challenge actually, since the rules of an #800 phone script
are different then a 900# one, plus I had to be very quick in getting to the point, setting-up a sexual
scenario and doing so mainly all in dialogue.

Bare Back Magazine:  Your talents include producing instrumental music. Do you play any
musical instruments? And what type of music do you enjoy listening to?

Ralph Greco:
 I play acoustic guitar primarily, some keys, bass, and I sing. I have a number of
different musical projects I am involved in, with, I’m afraid, me always as the writer. I work primarily with
a small group of musicians who I respect and trust and record in only one studio with only one
producer/engineer who happens to run and own that studio (
fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=132100953) The older I get the more I seem to be tightening my
little creative world around me due to my monstrous ego and paranoia…only joking (slightly)

Bare Back Magazine:  Do you have any up and coming projects that you would like to tell
our readers about and what can we expect from any of those projects?

Ralph Greco:
 Just the usual small press anthos I hope to see the light of day, my continued work with
my partner on my adult copywriting business and various short stories of all types appearing on the
web and in small and major market (I hope). I work consistently reviewing music and the arts for a few
websites, and and have my Internet radio show I am
very proud of on It’s just the usual un-agented writer’s life, I guess.

Bare Back Magazine:  When it comes to working on a creative project, where do you get
your ideas from? Do you have a creative process that helps to inspire your creativity?

Ralph Greco:
 It comes from all over, at all different times and in all different ways. I wish I could be
one of those writers who gets up every morning, has his coffee or tea, sits down and writes; it just
doesn’t flow that way for me. Besides, I am not a full time writer, I have a day gig to keep me in beer in
skittles (I don’t drink, nor do I know what a skittle is really), so I just try to devote as much time to this
as I can. I really don’t see any creative pursuit as anything mystical or god given, I believe everyone
has a talent (or more then one) and I don’t believe one is any more important then another. Whatever
you do that you feel is your art, from attempting to be the best garbage man in the world to playing
classical piano, if you do that thing with a passion then it is your ‘art’, and nothing mystical, it just is, ya

Bare Back Magazine:  What kind of stories do you enjoy reading? And who are your favorite

Ralph Greco:
 Although I write primarily short stories, I like novelists and I read a lot of non-fiction and
true crime accounts. But my most fav writer is primarily a short story writer, Ray Bradbury.

Bare Back Magazine:  Your story, The Secret Picnic, is featured in Fairy Tales Can Come
True. Let's talk about how you came up with the concept for the story?

Ralph Greco:
 I have no idea, really. I’ve always liked the idea of alternate planes of reality, a place
existing at the same time as we go about our grind here on Earth. I liked the idea of the troubles a fairy
might have in her world, maybe the theme of prejudice existing even in her world (though I really don’t
think the story is about that) and adding a little human BDSM element into it. But as for where the idea
came from, I couldn’t say.

Bare Back Magazine:  How long did it take you to write The Secret Picnic?

Ralph Greco:
 I hardly ever write something straight through. I work on a few stories, plays, essays,
what-have-you all at a time, so I know I came back to it again and again….then revised it of course,
which is my most favorite part of the whole ‘process’. But TSP didn’t take a long time in total, maybe a
couple, 3 days if you logged the hours altogether

Bare Back Magazine:  How would you describe The Secret Picnic in a few words and what
can readers expect from the story?

Ralph Greco:
It’s just a fun (I hope) little slightly sexual romp in a fairy/troll fantastic setting. I just like
the ‘hide in plain sight’ idea, so I ran with it.

Bare Back Magazine:  What would you like to see for your career? Do you want to write any
other writing genres? Do you have any long term or short term goals either in writing or
other creative outlets that you would like to share?

Ralph Greco:
 I have no goals per say for the future, but I guess like anybody else there are things I
want to accomplish…if for not other reason then for my own edification. I just like to write stories,
essays, plays and music and want to continue doing so. I enjoy the working part of the work more then
the end result, which can be satisfying in itself (and hopefully make me a little cash for those beer and
skittles) but really I just like to write.

Bare Back Magazine: Thank you Ralph for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine!

Interviewed by Natasha
© February 2009
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Ralph Greco is a multi-talented freelance writer whose work has been published online,
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songwriter.  Ralph's passion for writing keeps him very busy. He owns his own adult
copyrighting business. When Ralph is not writing or working on his creative outlets, he tries
to keep his ever growing ego in check.

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