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J.Pink: New York City is known for its secret Red Light Districts. For some reason politics and
prostitution seems to mix like sugar and water. What inspired you to use that for the basis of
this erotic tale?

Because this is such a historical election year, I’ve been paying close attention—or better yet—
I’ve been overdosing on politics. With so many political figures and scandalous stories coming out this
year, I wanted to try my hand at an erotic and political crime novel. So, I guess I was inspired by the
mayors, governors, their secret sex lives and their expensive-ass jump-offs! Lol!

J.Pink: Where did you get the ideas for the sexual interludes found in Red Light Special? Did
those sex scenes from imagination or experience?

Lol! This is the second time that I’ve been asked this question. The first time I was asked, I
said to the interviewer, “Are you trying to ask me if I’ma freak?!”

I’ll say that most of the scenes are from my imagination, but I try and use scenes, while they are edgy,
that we can actually contort ourselves into. Some of the sex scenes I’ve seen written, while they are
sexy as hell, they have my head spinning like, “This looks like something I’ma need surgery to get out
of.” So, I try to keep erotically thrilling, yet real, enjoyable, and easy to get out of – especially for those
who like to try my scenes at home.

J.Pink: How old were you when you first started reading erotica? At what point did you
decide to try your hand at it?

How old was I? Good question, because I don’t really remember, perhaps thirty, thirty one. I
was never a big fan of erotica because I didn’t understand it. I always thought it was fiction with tons of
sex and no plot. However once I started writing it and reading...

J.Pink: Monday Smith's husband has no qualms about paying good money to fulfill his sexual
desires? How do you feel about the exchange of money for pleasure in the real world?

I guess everybody has to get their freak on, but I’ll have to leave that kind of freak to the

J.Pink: If you could be one of your characters in either The Sweetest Taboo or Red Light
Special, who would you be? And why?

I have two answers for that question. First, I’d be Yuri in The Sweetest Taboo because I’d get
to do Britt as often as I wanted to. Then I’d be Collyn in Red Light Special because Bless would be my
baby daddy.

J.Pink: You built a solid female fan base with The Sweetest Taboo that carries over to Red
Light Special. What has been the response from your male fans?

I have had men tell me they love The Sweetest Taboo. One difference I have noticed in the
men and the women who enjoyed the book, is that the women love the emotions, the relationships, and
the fantastic sex that comes with it. But the men usually enjoy the sex scenes hands down.

J.Pink: Are there any scenes you left out of the book because you or your publisher thought
was too nasty?

Yes, I wrote a golden shower scene that was mutilated and left for dead in the editing phase.

J.Pink: What's next for Risque?

Only time will tell...

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