Bare Back Magazine:       I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing with Bare
Back Magazine. Can you tell us about your background?

Robert Lubrican I was born in the midwest and raised in the fifties, hitting my teenage years in the
sixties.  My family moved around quite a bit, but stayed within the Missouri, Kansas, Okalahoma
region.  After college I joined the Army, which happened to be during the drawdown from the Viet
Nam war, when there were big cultural changes going on in the military and country.  I spent twenty
years in the Army and saw much of the world during that time.  After getting out I sought a job
involving manual labor just to stay in shape.  

Bare Back Magazine:       How did you become interested in writing erotica? And how long have
you been writing erotica?

Robert Lubrican  Being away from home so much while I was in the military and not being a
cheating kind of guy, I had to rely on fantasy and ... um ... calisthenics ... to tend to certain needs.  
I ended up with a collection of written erotica which, back then, were simply called "fuck books."  
After I retired from the Army and became aware of erotica on the internet, I read quite a bit of it
and found most of it to be lacking, for the most part, at least in terms of my own interests.  But it
was much cheaper than buying books and, for purposes of keeping in my own private library, could
be revised to match those interests I mentioned.  Before long it became obvious that it was taking
as much time to revise someone else's work as it would to just write my own stuff.  That's when I
started writing original stories.  I did that for two years and then in 2005, on a whim, posted a few
stories at  The response was good, and I began having more fun than I thought
possible, communicating with some very astute and intelligent readers.  So I kept writing.  
Synchronicity brought me together with my editor, whom I call "Peaches," and the technical
expertise and ideas she's brought to the endeavor has made it even more fun.  I've been offering
my work to the public for about five years now.

Bare Back Magazine:        How would you describe your stories?

Robert Lubrican:  I'm a sucker for a happy ending.  I like women and I like sex to be a
partnership.  My philosophy about sex is summed up this way:  Casual, meaningless sex is nothing
more than complicated masturbation.  As such, most of what I write is pretty lighthearted, with a
tendency toward romantic involvement.  We all face challenges in real life, and no small measure of
failure.  A fictional world lets us meet those challenges with success.  It's nice to be in a place, for a
few minutes, where everything works out.  That's really what I write about most of the time.
Since just about every plot idea has already been written hundreds of times, the challenge is to get
the reader interested in the characters in the story.  One of my favorite things is to take an unlikely
or implausible plot idea and then distract the reader from that by creating characters they want to
get to know and who they hope will succeed, despite the implausibility of their goals or

I have a self-admitted fetish about pregnancy, which appears in most of my work in one form or
another.  I think pregnant women are among the most beautiful in the world.  It is something that
seems to be taken for granted by most societies, even though the survival of every society
depends on procreation.  In a reality filled with abortion, child abuse, and children whose parents
have abandoned them, the fantasy in my stories always finds a way to welcome a pregnancy and
the resulting child.

Bare Back Magazine:       Tell us about your story, The Queen's Protector. How did you come up
with the concept for the story?

Robert Lubrican:  It all started when I heard the song "Duke of Earl" on the radio as I was driving
along one day.  It brought back memories, because I was a teenager when that song hit the
airwaves way back when.  I had never thought about why someone might invoke the aristocratic
form of address used in the song and, since I filter just about everything through an erotic author's
point of view these days, I came up with a reason.  That's a good example of taking a ridiculous
idea and trying to distract the reader from it by seducing them into the story.

Bare Back Magazine:       Do you write any other genres besides erotica?

Robert Lubrican:  All of my work has erotic sections in it, primarily because I post it on erotic
literature sites, and the readers generally expect there to be some sex.  In many of my longer
books, though, there is a very long buildup to those parts, and the plot isn't about the sex so much
as sex is just a natural element within the character's lives.  I have written westerns, adventure
novels, satire, humor, detective novels and fairy tales.

Bare Back Magazine:        Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

Robert Lubrican:  That's a short question with a long answer.  I've read extensively ever since I
got permission to check books out from the library when I was in the fourth grade.  I started with
Frank L. Baum's entire Oz series and was hooked from there.  I think what skill I have as an author
came from absorbing and analyzing the works of authors who captivated me.  Among them are
Isaac Asimov, Clive Cussler, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Mary Stewart, John Grisham, Louis
L'Amour, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Ludlum, J.K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien and a host of others.  
Those authors paint vivid word pictures in most of their work, letting the reader fill in tiny details so
the words come visually alive in the imagination.  I strive to do that in my work as well.  I also read a
lot of "trash," such as Mack Bolan's exploits in Don Pendleton's Executioner series and Murphy
and Sappir's Destroyer books.  Those books were just fun to read, even if the reader couldn't
suspend disbelief at times.  I suspect there may even be the influence of the Hardy Boys and
Nancy Drew in some of my work.  I think an author can learn from almost any other author

Bare Back Magazine:       In your bio, you’ve stated that you’ve written over one hundred and fifty
pieces of erotica, from short to full length novels. What is your most favorite piece so far? And why?

Robert Lubrican:  Choosing a favorite in my own work is difficult.  They're all my 'children' and,
even if some have been a little disappointing, I still love them.  Three special ones come to mind,
though, in a free association kind of way.  They are:

"The Last Wish Blues," which is about a girl with inoperable cancer whose last wish is to go on a
trail ride that is more than just plodding along for an hour.  In the pursuit of her last wish, the
relationship that builds with a bereaved rancher brings them much more than either could have
hoped for.

"The Orphanage Blues," which is about a young man who runs afoul of an evil orphanage
administrator who intends to send the boy to the hell of all orphanages.  Because of a bureaucratic
error, he ends up in a private orphanage run by five women who are only supposed to be assigned
younger children.  He pretends to be mute, to convince everyone that he's simple minded and
maximize the benefits he can wring from the system, but his ruse ends him up in a situation most
young men could only dream of.

"Mistrusting a Memory," which is about a detective, who in the process of investigating a rape
complaint, befriends the victim, who has been abandoned by her husband and friends.  She is later
involved in the explosion that kills her rapist, resulting in amnesia on her part.  The detective finds
himself in love with a woman who may have avenged a rape she no longer remembers, by
committing a murder she has no memory of, and has to choose between ignoring circumstantial
evidence of her guilt and trying to help preserve her mental well being.
The reason I like these three is that while they incorporate common everyday problems into their
plots, the solutions are anything but ordinary.  There is something in each of these stories that
every human being has gone through at one time or another and can empa
thize with.  

Bare Back Magazine:       How do you find the time to write considering you have another career
that is not related to erotica?

Robert Lubrican: My kids are grown and gone.  I find most television mind numbing.  Writing is
the hobby that has replaced, for the most part, other hobbies that have filled my free time in the

Bare Back Magazine:        You’ve also noted that you have traveled to various places around the
world. What is your most favorite place to have traveled to and why?

Robert Lubrican:  Hong Kong, without a doubt, was the most interesting and fun place I've been.  
The exchange rate turned a hundred bucks into over six hundred Hong Kong dollars and prices
were a steal even if they'd been in U.S. currency.  The sights and smells were fascinating as well.  
Senegal had the happiest, most carefree people I met, even if they were among the most poor.  
Germany had the best food and Switzerland had the best Volksmarches.  I didn't lose anything in
Pakistan, Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, France, or any of the former U.S.S.R territories, so I'm not
planning on going back to look for it.

Bare Back Magazine:        How long to you see yourself writing erotica? And where would you like
to see your writing career in the next five years or so?

Robert Lubrican:  I rather suspect I'll have books half written when medical students start finding
out about how a human works by dissecting my body.  Between now and then, getting by on a
military pension and Social Security probably won't be much fun, and I'd love to be able to
supplement my income with book sales.  If that could begin taking place in the next five years I'd be
the picture of elation.

Interviewed by Natasha
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Robert Lubrican spent over twenty years in the military and during that time has traveled all around the world.  
He discovered his passion for erotica during his time in the military as a way to unleash his fantasies. Before
long it became obvious that he had a talent for writing. Robert's stories are pretty lighthearted, with a tendency
toward romantic involvement; his fantasies and fetishes often influence his writing in one form or another.
Several of his stories are posted on various erotic literature sites on the web.  

Now retired from the military, Robert hopes to pursue writing more seriously and perhaps supplement his
income with book sales.

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