Bare Back Magazine:   I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing with me. Can
you tell our readers about your background and how did you become an erotic author?

Sabrina Luna:
Oh, you’re welcome! I’m a creative coffee drinker, an author, certified life coach and
professional psychic reader.

I began writing erotica in the late 1990s, before the erotic romance genre had hit it big with readers. I
enjoyed (and still do) reading erotica and erotic romance. I began to write erotic poems, which led to short
stories and novellas.

Bare Back Magazine:  What was the name of the first story that you wrote and what was it about?

Sabrina Luna:
 Hmm …that’s a tough one. I remember the first story I submitted to an online contest. I
won first place in its category (erotic romance) and that’s when I decided to submit my writings for
publication. It was a story set in Egypt in the 1930s about a sexy archeologist and his smart assistant who
become erotically “enchanted” while digging up an ancient temple.

Bare Back Magazine:  How would you describe your writing style? And what can our readers
expect from your work?

Sabrina Luna:
 Well, I learn a lot about the craft of writing with each story I write, so I believe my style is
continuously changing and improving. I love stories which are adventurous, humorous and sexy. I hope
readers will enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them!

Bare Back Magazine:  What is it that you like about paranormal erotic romance as compared to
traditional erotic romance stories?

Sabrina Luna:
 To me, paranormal erotic romances bend the rules of traditional love stories and make the
ordinary extra-ordinary. I enjoy reading them as well as writing them!

Bare Back Magazine:  What projects are you currently working on?

Sabrina Luna:
 Well, I’ve currently submitted a short story for Halloween to one of my e-publishers, which
is a paranormal erotic romance. I’ve also been promoting and teaching classes in psychic development
based on my non-fiction book,
MAGICKAL INTUITION, which is currently available in ebook and print. And,
I’m busy plotting and planning my next round of writing projects.

Bare Back Magazine:  If you could be any of the characters you’ve wrote about so far which
would it be? And why?

Sabrina Luna:
 LOL! Well, let’s say I’d like to be any of my heroines (and a couple of heroes), because
the male leads in my stories are certainly wonderful, sexy men with hearts of gold!

Bare Back Magazine:   Do you imagine your characters first then write the story or write the
story first then let the characters flow?

Sabrina Luna:
 Oh, tough question! I usually start with (believe it or not) a title and genre, then it
progresses to a story idea. As the story idea grows, the right characters begin to appear …and then they
take over.

Bare Back Magazine:  I understand that besides being a best selling author you are also a
professional psychic reader and tarot reader. Do you believe that tarot reading helps you with
writing your characters? If so how?

Sabrina Luna:
 Definitely! The major cards of the Tarot deck are based on archetypes, which are the
building blocks of storytelling. The Tarot helps give me ideas on how to develop the basis of my
characters, and then creativity kicks in and helps to flesh out them out.

Bare Back Magazine:   When you’re not writing, what type of things do you like to do?

Sabrina Luna:
  I love to meet friends for coffee, haunt bookstores and watch entertaining movies & DVDs.
I also love attending Sci-Fi Fantasy conventions and meeting others who share similar interests.

Bare Back Magazine:  You are a full time author living in the Carolinas. Are you from the area? If
not, why have you made the Carolinas your home?

Sabrina Luna:
 I’m a Carolina gal –born and raised.

Bare Back Magazine:  Where would you like to see your writing career in the next five years or

Sabrina Luna:
In the next five years, I plan to explore a few more genres in fiction, plus continue to write
and teach in areas like psychic development. So, yes, I plan to stay busy!

For more info: read more about Sabrina Luna on her website.
North Carolina native Sabrina Luna began writing erotica in the
late 1990s, before the erotic romance genre hit it big with readers.
Sabina's writing is always changing and improving. She writes all
kinds of stories but has found much success writing paranormal
erotic romance.

You can find her stories on such publishers' websites as Whiskey
Creek,  Phaze,  Aspen Mountain Press ,  Amira Press and also
various other e-publishers online.

Sabrina enjoys honing her craft and testing the limits to her
imagination. When I asked about her writing paranormal erotic
romance she explained what she likes the most about this kind of
writing is being able to bend the rules of traditional love stories and
make the ordinary extra-ordinary. Fortunately for her readers she
does this very well.
Besides being a full time author, Sabrina is also a professional
psychic reader and certified life coach.

Sabrina currently lives in North Carolina. When she's not writing
you can find her in bookstores, or watching entertaining movies &
DVDs. She also boast of being a creative coffee drinker who loves
to meet her friends for coffee.

Sabrina's latest book is called, They Call Me Trouble  on Sugar
and Spice Press.

Check out the interview below to learn more about her...
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