Bare Back Magazine:  Thank you for interviewing with me. Can you tell our readers about your

Donna Nadeau:
 I grew up in Kennebunkport, ME. I had no formal training in art in the traditional sense
I nude modeled for work study the 1 year I attended college then married my high school sweetheart &
moved to northern Maine to live in a tipi.

Bare Back Magazine:   At 18 you began modeling for artists that flourished into town. What
kind of modeling did you do, and were any of it erotic or nude?

Donna Nadeau:
 I rotated. We sold pots at fairs .My husband & I also nude modeled for local artists to
supplement our income . After a few years & a baby we mobed to a commune. It was a great place that
had a pottery & alternative school . When it was your day to make pots whoever was in the main house
watched all the younger children & cooked for everyone & jobs were

Bare Back Magazine:  At the time, how easy or difficult of a decision was it to become an
erotic dancer? And how would you describe the first time that you performed on stage as an
erotic dancer?

Donna Nadeau:
  One night we went to a strip club; it was a no brainer !!!! I already nude modeled & I
could dance & once I got a taste of the $$$$ there was no going back.

Bare Back Magazine:   Many of the images in your gallery very vividly show images of
strippers involved in very intimate acts with each other and with customers. Assuming that
the images were of real events that happened, how turned on were you by this when they
really happened, and did you ever participate in any of the images you've painted?

Donna Nadeau:
 As far as getting turned on it would be with another girl . My painting called, ' Who's
watching ' would be an example of that in the dressing room. The girl in background wasn't part of the
scenario but no one cared.... She was a new girl & didn't count.

Bare Back Magazine:  Are you working on any future projects and how can readers learn more
about your work?

Donna Nadeau:
 People can see my work at   I haven't painted in about 5 years. People
love the work but for some reason don't want them in their house . Ive even been denied by galleries and
had my work called ' offensive '

Also, my painting entitled, 'Who's watching ' was going to be used to promote an erotic art show by the
gallery except the newspaper said it was ' too erotic '

Basically Ive given up on the series & am doing pottery again at the moment.

Bare Back Magazine: Thank you very much Donna for the interview! And best of luck to you.

Interviewed by Natasha
© November 2009
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Bare Back Magazine's interview with artist and
former stripper Donna Nadeau
Donna Nadeau grew up in Kennebunkport, a picturesque little village which was a haven for artists to flourish and work in
the area. Donna decided to model at 18 and then strip a few years after to make money to support her family.  For the
most part, Donna was self-taught but was lucky enough to be taught art on occasions by area artists like DeWitt Hardy
who taught her to paint in exchange for modeling . Many of the paintings he did of her are now in museums.

Donna's love for art and stripping came to light in her work in that she began to paint the images that she saw as a
stripper in her art.

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