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J.Pink:   Can you tell us about your background and how did you become a published author?
Trista Russell:
 Writing has always been the one thing that made me feel like I was making a
difference, it makes me feel alive. I started writing in grade school. I started writing poems, short stories
and entered many writing contest, I didn’t win them all, but they encouraged me to keep writing. I was
first published in 2005, by Urban Books, after shopping my manuscript for several months. It was truly a
dream come true!

J.Pink:   Do any of the characters in your novels have any similarity to your own personality.
And do you ever get turned on when writing or reading your novels' sexual encounters?

Trista Russell:  
 Wow! If I don’t get turned on when I write a sex scene then I delete it and start over.
Because I want my readers to get their money’s worth, they have to feel what I feel or it’s not worth it. I
feel that Thalia’s personality, in some ways, is similar to mine but we react to things differently.

J.Pink:   How did you get the idea for Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit?

Trista Russell:
I was watching television and started jumping from channel to channel. I happened
upon a church service the choir was amazing so I put the remote control down. Then, after about 20
minutes of the preacher’s sermon I realized that I wasn’t saying “amen” to what he was saying, I was in
awe of his body, his gorgeous face, and sexy lips… it was such a sin! Right then and there the Rev.
Flack Isaac was born in my mind.

J.Pink:   Thalia's sexcapades are too realistic to be purely fiction. From being drunk and
losing control during fellatio to walking in on her best friend using a strap-on on another
friend, Thalia's experiences are not that far-fetched. Where did you get the inspiration for
some of the situations found in Forbidden Fruit? Are you drawing from personal

Trista Russell:
 A percentage of my inspirations for Thalia’s “sexcapades” are honestly drawn from my
single days (shh), some stories from my close girlfriends, and the rest of it is my imagination. I am not
specifying the percentage allotments (winks).

J.Pink:   In my review of Forbidden Fruit, I mentioned that this book is Christian Erotica.
Reverend Flack is a full-time Christian, not just a hustler hiding behind a cross. Once the
Reverend got married to Thalia, his appetites for pleasure are just as libidinous as any
erotica on the market. How would your categorize this novel if you had to put it in a box?

Trista Russell:
  Honestly, I don’t like categorizing my work. I think readers should open up a book and
just be surprised by where it takes them… just buckle your seat belt if it is written by me (smiles).

J.Pink:   If the roles were reversed, Thalia would be the older, established inamorata. Isaac
would be the young suitor. Both would be in their sexual primes as told by society. When
coming up with the storyline, did you consider flipping the roles in this manner? Do you
think Forbidden Fruit would have the same sexual energy if it was written this way?

Trista Russell:
  Well, my book Fly on the Wall is the reverse of Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit.
Paige is the thirty-something high school teacher who tries to fight off her 18 year old high school
basketball star student. Fly on the Wall has even more sexual energy; you’ll need to keep a cold glass
of water nearby for that one.

J.Pink:  I didn't understand Andre Teasdale's character. He and Thalia went from lust to love
and then quickly to hate. I tried to re-read certain parts to see where the love changed into
hate. What was the inspiration behind Andre's twisted attitudes and behaviors?

Trista Russell:
  Simply put… Andre’s character was based on a real life jerk that was easy to hate.

J.Pink:   So, what future projects do you have coming up?

Trista Russell:
 My next book Bedroom Bully will be out this summer.

Thanks Trista for the interview!

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