NATASHA: Thank you for the interview. Can you tell our readers about yourself and how 
you got
started as a writer?

Troy:  I was born in Hollywood, California, but grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas where I began my fling in a number of
artistic endeavors. I’ve been a guitarist in a band, sold artwork and freelanced for various photo publications.
After graduating from Texas Christian University, a lifetime love of travel began. Combining that desire with a
passion for photography, I sold photos to travel companies and sports magazines. All of these endeavors were
fun, but I made a living working as an investigator and a part-time tour guide. Writing is my current passion.

NATASHA: What genre do you write?

Troy: Life inspires me to write everything from humor to the erotic to the macabre, and I’m especially keen on
stories that transcend genre pigeonholing. Steven King is probably my biggest influencer as I enjoy the
mysterious and macabre, although erotic tales along with sweet memoirs come along now and then to maintain a
balance. Even with sex and violence, there is always redemption in the end of one kind or another, has to be.

NATASHA: How would you describe your style of writing?  And what can readers expect from your

Troy: Turning words into people and places is my main thrust without much consideration about style. Make-
believe can be a great healer. Sometimes it can even save us. I like to think of fiction as a mirror version of
reality set to a greater or lesser degree of distortion depending on what genre a story is cast. I want to move
you, jolt you with my stories. In short, give you part of myself to ponder through my characters.

NATASHA: Where do you get your ideas for your stories? And are you like any of the characters that
you write about?

Troy: Surprisingly, I get most of my ideas from overheard snippets of conversation. A shared experience or a
joke, after marinating in my noggin, often turns into something much more. My first three novels were based on a
place I lived and, for that reason, might be a bit autobiographical.

NATASHA: How often do you write? And what is your writing routine to get your creative juices

Troy: I’ve done this long enough to know that the mood has to hit me. When I get an idea, I jot it down and head
for the laptop the next morning. I keep going as long as time permits and the story continues to develop.   

NATASHA: What advice do you have to anyone wanting to become a writer either full-time or part-

Troy: It’s an old message, but still true. Write for yourself, and when done well enough, others will want to share
the experience. You are unique and therefore are the only person who can express ideas from your point of
view. And remember that it is never too late in life to start writing.

NATASHA: Can you share with us anything you are currently working on, and/or any new releases?

Always busy on a new project. Am finishing a paranormal novel about several women who are surviving in
the wake of Post-Civil War America. It has some scary stuff to accompany a bit of suspenseful romance. It will be
released by a Canadian publisher at under the name, Troy Seate

NATASHA: How can our readers learn more about you and your books?

Troy: Lane Pierce is a pseudonym for my racier tales. My novels and collections can be found on Amazon and
Barnes & Noble websites under the name of Troy Seate or J.T. Seate. My website is

Interviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief
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Author Interview with Troy Seate
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Inspired by Life, Troy Seate is a talented author. His interest include photography and art, but it is writing that
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