Bare Back Mag:. Vonna I want to thank you for interviewing with Bare Back Magazine.
Can you tell us about your background and how you became a published erotic author

Vonna:  I love this question because it allows me to blame Kate Douglas, writer
incredible!  I've written in a number of genres and never thought about erotica, but I'd
recently been dropped by a long-time publisher because the genre I was writing had
died.  At a conference, Kate issued her challenge to me and I took her up on it.  

Bare Back Mag:. How long have you been writing erotica? And do you write full time?

Vonna:   I've been writing erotica for a little over three years, starting with Ellora's
Cave.  I've also written for Loose ID and Changeling and just signed my second
multi-book contract with Kensington Aphrodisia so, yes, I write full-time.  I can't keep
track of the number of books I've written but think it's over 50 so yes, I'm a full-time
writer because I no longer have any other marketable skills and LOVE what I do.  (No
pantyhose or commute)

Bare Back Mag:. What can readers expect from your stories and what makes your
stories stand out from other erotic authors.

Vonna:  Boy, I'm not sure I stand out from other erotica writers.  It's an intriguing
thought but I just try to make each story the best I'm capable of.  Kensington has
labeled me a BDSM and bondage writer and I admit that the theme fascinates me.  Why
and under what conditions would a woman give up control over her body?  There are
tremendous issues of risk and trust here.  I love to give my characters emotional
burdens so maybe that's my calling card--don't make anything easy for them.

Bare Back Mag:. Your stories are incredibly well written, creative and sexy. Are your
stories from experience, your imagination or a combination of   

Vonna: Oh my, yes, my erotica is all from my imagination.  My real life is so boring I
don't draw on it except for the emotional components.  I did a lot of research before
tackling BDSM and hope I present an honest portrayal of the lifestyle.  I must admit that
the thought of being a pirate's captive and sex slave makes for a delicious fantasy.  I
just don't want to live on a pirate ship in the real world.

Thank you for saying that my stories are well-written.  I've been writing for most of my
adult life so I'd better have figured out the basics of story telling, world building, and
character development.

Bare Back Mag: Tell us about your newest release Surrender, what inspired you to
write this story.

Vonna: Plain and simple, I jumped at the opportunity to feed the submissive fantasy
I've long harbored.  My Kensington editor provided me with the opportunity and my
imagination went crazy.  

Bare Back Mag: Do you have any new projects that you would like to tell the readers

Vonna:  I'm currently working on Night Fire for Kensington which blends BDSM, the
violent Aztec nation and fire opals in a time-travel.  It's due Dec. 1 but I don't have a
pub date, sometime in late 2007.  Then I'll be doing a novella for Kensington and so far
have a one paragraph outline.  To keep me out of the bars, I'm working with my agent
on a romantic suspense story with no erotica (well, only a little) in it.    

Bare Back Mag:. If I were to ask who is Vonna Harper what would you say about

Vonna:  Vonna Harper is a figment of this old broad's imagination.  Let's say she's my
wild child.

Bare Back Mag:  What else do you enjoy doing besides writing?

Vonna: Okay, I'm going to come clean.  I'm a grandma, five times over and they're the
light of my life.  All live within five miles of me so I'm very involved in their worlds.  I'm
also a baseball fanatic (damn those Yankees), a lover of the out-of-doors, and will go
to any and all lengths to avoid shopping.

Bare Back Mag:  What advise would you give anyone who wants to become an erotic

Vonna:  Being an erotic writer really is no different from writing any kind of fiction.  If
you truly want to succeed, write, write, and write.  Read, read, read.  Learn, learn,
learn.  There is no shortcut to success.  Approach writing as you would any other
career, by becoming as educated about its reality as possible.  Writing is equal parts
creativity and business.  I'm really rabid about this after more than 30 years in the
business: rose colored glasses have no place.

Bare Back Mag:  Why do you write erotica? Do you see yourself writing any other
genre of writing besides erotica?

Vonna:  I've written other genres in the past and as I mentioned, I'm trying my luck with
romantic suspense so yes, I write other genres.  I don't think I could stick with just one
genre, not even erotica which has allowed me to explore the human mind and body in
fascinating ways.  As for why I write erotica, much of that is because the publishers,
particularly the epublishers, allow writers to stretch and explore and experiment.

Bare Back Mag:  Where do you see yourself in terms of your career as a writer in the
next five to ten years?

Vonna: Continuing to do what I've done for many, many years, paying the bills with my
writing and giving my imagination all the room it craves.

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