Movie Review:
~The Voyeur~
I've never been one to watch movies with subtitles. But, I
can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed
The Voyeur.
The Voyeur is an Italian movie based on the erotic novel
L'uomo che guarda (which also means voyeur).

I only wish that the video was in English, but perhaps in
doing so, it would take away from the quality of the movie
content. The movie, once you get into it is amazing! The
cinematography was beautifully done. The visual nudity,
and sex scenes involved were not offensive but instead,
highly erotic.  

I was intrigued by how sex and the human nude body was
so deliciously and tastefully displayed as an artistic tool of
sexuality through film rather than as cheap porn eliciting
cheap thrills.

The story is about Eduardo "Dodo," who by day is a
professor and at night is a voyeur of sorts. In fact, he
becomes so fascinated with watching others in intimate
acts that it soon consumes his life shortly after his wife
Silvia moves out of the house for unknown reasons.
Hence, "Dodo" searches out for the reason his wife left
the house that he, his wife and his father shared. At the
end, he realizes the reason, as it would become a break
through in his life that lead him to question very important
issues in his life and also his relationships with others.

This is the first time I've seen a movie from Italian erotic
film maker Tinto Brass. This film was tastefully done and
did not hold back in showing the nudity and sexuality of
each encounter, and in fact, it portrayed nudity in its most
beautiful form throughout the movie. There were no limits
to showing the sexual act between the actors
and even
showed up close visuals of the penis and vagina,
again it was done in such as tasteful manner (I promise).

"Public bush" was celebrated and admired by "Dodo" and
the men who "watched" the women throughout the movie.  
The male penis was tastefully shown as art rather than
just a sex tool.

There were so many erotic scenes, and too many to write
about in this review, but my favorite scence was when the
protagonist, "Dodo" who in a bath scene caressed his
penis thinking about his estranged wife until he was able
to have a full erection. The cinematography of that scene
made the act seem more beautiful than offensive.

After watching the movie, I felt like a "voyeur" having
watched the most intimate and sexy film that I've seen in a
very long time.

I look forward to watching more films by Tinto Brass. I
throughly enjoyed the story line as well as the beauty of
the film itself.  I have truly become a fan of his work.

Five stars out of five.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted October 2008
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