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20th Century

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98 minutes

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Cover is a very intense urban erotic thriller about
love, passion, infidelity, and betrayal.  The movie
stars an all-star cast which include such people as
Leon, Vivica Fox, and even Pattie Labelle. Don’t be
fooled by the names of the cast members in this
movie because the story speaks for itself.

This movie dealt with so many controversial issues
all serious and all important. Topics such as
homosexuality and even so called Christian beliefs
are challenged and discussed explicitly.  The story
is packed with sexual tension and mystery right from
the beginning.

Down low or “down low brother” is an urban term
used to describe men who portray themselves in the
public as heterosexual, but secretly live double lives
with other men sexually.  This topic is covered more
in depth in the movie as the leading character Robert
“Dutch” Maas, a successful psychiatrists  struggled
with this dilemma. To everyone, he was a husband,
father, son,  and a very loving family man.  It
appeared that he had everything going for himself.
But Robert had too many skeletons in his closet and
they were practically pouring out of his closet.

He was offered a job opportunity in Philadelphia (the
city of brotherly love)  the city where his old college
buddies resided. He moved his family from Atlanta to
Philadelphia to start a new life to make more money
and offer his family a better life.  He started hanging
out with his old college friends and soon the truth
about his life style was slowly revealed throughout
the story.

For the most part, the movie was centered around a
murder that happened and finding out who
committed the crime.  Cover appears to be a low
budget movie, but did a good job in discussing
controversial topics. The actress who played Robert’s
wife Valerie Maas
(Aunjanue Ellis) did an excellent
job in playing her role. I found her most convincing
out of all of the actors in the movie.

There was no nudity in this movie; it is a PG-13
movie. But it is still very much an erotic thriller.
There were a lot of sexual tension among the
characters, and unspoken sexual freeness that
occurred and also insinuated behind closed doors
among the characters.

What I admire most about this film is it’s openness
and frankness about topics that most people are
afraid to talk about. And the ending had an
unpredictable twist. This film is for those who are
very open minded and are not easily offended by
offensive or controversial topics. If you are not an
open minded person, than don't even bother with
this movie.

But, if you are looking for a film that offers suspense
with a touch of erotic tension, then this could be the
movie for you.

Four Stars out of Five!

Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief
Bare Back Magazine

Posted September 2009
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