Forbidden is highly erotic from the very beginning with
naked women galore at the bachelor party and all the way
to the twisted ending. The story is about forbidden sex
which turns into love. Jason had sex with and fell in love
with a woman named Nikki (Renee Rea) who he met at his
own bachelor party.  Despite several years, his memory of
Nikki and the time that they shared briefly remained in his
fantasies even while he had sex with his own wife. Unable
to shake his memories Jason accepts his life with his wife
but continues to fantasize about his chance encounter
with Nikki.

Several years later, Jason's best friend Andy invites Jason
and Lisa (Tracy Ryan) to a mini vacation at his family
vacation home. To Jason's surprise Andy's fiancée turns
out to be the woman that Jason can't seem to get out of
his mind; the same woman he had sex with on the night of
his bachelor party.

Jason continues to struggle with his desire to make love to
Nikki (who is now going by the name Monique) despite him
now being married and she engaged to his best friend.
Throughout the movie several forbidden secrets are
revealed. (Jason is not the only one who has a secret
affair)). Jason finds himself in a dilemma. Does he stay
with his wife or does he take a chance on love and start a
life with Nikki?

This film is a soft porn movie (This movie is a true T&A
movie). The acting in the film is okay. The film receives it's
high marks for the NUMEROUS sex scenes throughout the
movie. This movie is geared more towards men, primarily
due to the vast amount of nudity of females throughout
the movie. However, I did find this movie extremely erotic
and easy on the eyes.

If you're looking for a soft porn movie with lots of T&A
along with an interesting yet predictable plot, than this
might be the film for you. But if your looking for a little
more depth in terms of story line, and overall acting skills,
than this might not be the movie for you.  

Four stars out of five.   

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted May 2009
Movie Review



Steve Adaire


Movie Rating:
Not Rated

Run Time:
83 minutes
Starring: Renee Rea, Tracy Ryan
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