Movie Review
How Did It


Starz /
Anchor Bay

Movie Rating:
Not Rated

Run Time:
98 Minutes

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How Did it Feel is an independent film staring actor Blair
Underwood who plays a struggling playwright who is
married to a successful self-help scribe (Claire). Life for
them were suddenly changed when Clare's sister (Maggie)
moved in after failing to get much needed treatment for her
problem with alcohol and other related mental problems.

As Blair Underwood's character and his wife's relationship
fall apart his failures as a playwright and insecurities about
their marriage were brought to light. Claire seemed to have
a secret of her own that she was hiding. And Blair's
character found himself becoming more attracted to his
wife's crazy and deranged sister while she was away.

Claire's sister was not only crazy but was also very sneaky
and hateful. And so, her unwillingness to get help for her  
problems lead to an unfolding of temptation, seduction,
and family secrets coming to light.

This movie unfortunately, did not meet my expectations
because it was very predictable and sometimes even
boring despite its attempts to add some story twists.

This movie can be ordered on Amazon or rented on Netflix
or Blockbuster.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted February 2011