Movie Review:
~Lie With Me~
I applaud the writers and director for making such a bold movie. My
expectations for the movie were neutral upon purchasing the movie.
However, I found the movie thought provoking and very enjoyable.

The movie, starts by focusing on the female lead, Leila (Lauren Lee
Smith, The L Word) as she explores her sexuality as an expression
of her need to gain control of her life. Leila comes from a broken
home and seems to use sex as her tool to deal with the difficulties
in her life. Her  character, despite being very sexual appears to feel
very empty. Leila admittedly expressed that she had never been in
love and never really foresees herself in a loving relationship, so as
a result having casual sex was her norm.

The movie shows how the two main characters meet at a party. The
male lead, later watches Leila engage in a sexual encounter with
another guy she met at the same party outside. The situation sparks
the male lead, David (Eric Balfour, Six Feet Under) interest while he
himself watches like a voyeur with his date from a parked car.  David
as a result, has ambitions of perhaps becoming more closer to her
sexually as well.

The two lead characters are trapped in a sex drama with each other
as their feelings for each other become more intense  The strange
thing is Leila doesn't realize that she fell in love until its too late.  
Every encounter that she had in the movie with other men was a
battle for her to gain control sexually and even emotionally. While her
experiences with David were more of the opposite.  Every moment
throughout the movie was filled with meaning that gradually added
more depth to the characters emotions and feelings for each other.
This movie is definitely more than about two people who become
sexual with each other; its about two people who fall in love and the
other outside struggles that include their inner perceptions of what
love  really is and other outside influences which include problems
with their families that interfere with them finding true happiness.

The movie, offered eroticism that was very extreme but also offered
symbolism that showed how two people can connect from a series
of sexual encounters and actually fall in love .  This movie brings an
interesting philosophical question:  "
How do you know when you
meet the one that you can't live your life without?"

The cinematography in the film was excellent and offered realistic
sex scenes that were a pleasure to look at. I especially enjoyed
watching the beauty of nudity between the characters because it
wasn't too explicit but was rather tastefully done and enough to
entice the audience.  This was an excellent movie!


Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted February 2009
Lie With

Virgo, &


Clément Virgo,
Damon D'Oliveira,
Hartley Gorenstein,
Julia Rosenberg

Velocity /

Movie Rating:

Run Time:
93 minutes
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Starring:   Lauren Lee Smith, Eric
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